How To Get Verified On Instagram Without Being Famous

Mar 27, 2023 14 min read

To get verified on Instagram is one of the most prestigious honors a brand can receive. Fortunately, Instagram has made it a bit easier to get that blue tick as it lets absolutely anyone apply for Instagram verification.

But there's a twist in the tail here. Unless you are a public figure or a global brand, it's pretty hard to get an Instagram verification badge. That's why we have broken down all you need to know to get verified on Instagram in this post. Let's get started!

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What Does It Mean To Get Verified On Instagram?

Simply put, Instagram verification means you have a blue tick next to your username, either on your personal page or your brand page. This blue checkmark shows the Instagram audience that the platform essentially confirms that they have verified who you are & that you are who you say you are.


Why Get Verified On Instagram?

Many people see getting that blue tick next to their Instagram username as a symbol of status. As if the Instagram verification badge is something that will tell other users that you have "made it."

If Instagram verifies a particular account, it means they took the time to ensure that the account owner is who they assert to be. Instagram verification badge also helps other users to inquire about the original user account they are trying to find rather than a fan or fake account. Apart from these, here are some added benefits to get verified on Instagram:

#1: Be The First One To Try New Instagram Features

Once you get verified on Instagram, you will also get a touch of unique treatment from Instagram. Users with the blue tick are often the primary ones to undertake and test new features before they are extended to the remaining Instagram users.

#2: Avoid Brand Theft & Increase Trust In Your Account

With more than 150 million fake accounts on the platform, anyone can copy your exact strategy & steal your brand name. This can lead to confusion among your fans and customers about which one is the original brand's account.

Along with giving a real competitive edge & strengthening your brand power, the Instagram verification badge also helps distinguish your account from a pool of fake & spam accounts.

#3: Adds An Element Of Exclusivity

It's not easy to get an Instagram verification badge. So the accounts that get verified on Instagram belong to an exclusive group. Not being able to acquire it easily makes the blue tick more valuable to any account that receives it.

#4: Become A Thought Leader

When users see an account with an Instagram verification badge, they automatically trust the content posted on the account as an original one. Even if other accounts have put out the same kind of content without providing credits, yours is considered to be the primary source of that piece of information.

On top of that, you are also sure to see a rise in followers & engagement on your account once you get verified on Instagram.

#5: Increase Your Account's Visibility

Accounts with Instagram verification badges show up higher in search results and on explore pages. So when somebody's searching on Instagram, and your account matches the search criteria, it will appear at the very top, leaving other duplicate and fan accounts lower on the list.

You might have also observed that the recommended pages by Instagram are often the ones that are verified. A high indication here is that the Instagram algorithm also likes and favors accounts with a blue tick.

#6: Get Better Partnership Offers

Most prominent brands use Instagram as their central marketing channel. And as a verified account yourself, you are likely to drive better partnership offers from big brands (that are already Instagram verified) looking to collaborate with other well-known brands.

Instagram Verification Requirements

Instagram takes a number of factors into consideration when evaluating if an account meets the verification criteria. Apart from following Instagram's Terms of Use & Community Guidelines, your account should have the following characteristics to get Instagram blue checkmark:

  • Authenticity: Your account should represent a real person or registered business.

  • Uniqueness: A person or a brand should hold only one account since the platform can confirm the authenticity of only one account corresponding to an individual or brand. The exception does exist for multilingual accounts. The entity should also represent the same person, business, or brand that dominates most of the account posts. Accounts with general interests are refused.

  • Completeness: Your account should be a public one and not a private one that contains a bio and profile photo. You should also maintain an active account while applying to get verified on Instagram.

  • Notability: Your account should represent a public figure or brand that is well-known to the audience and is highly searched. Instagram uses popular news websites to see if your name/brand name has been featured and does not consider any paid or sponsored media content as source for review.

It is important to note that all the information you provide during the Instagram verification process should be truthful. Otherwise, it will leave you without a blue tick and might also lead to your account deletion in the worst cases.

Another important point here is that possessing a blue checkmark on Facebook does not guarantee your Instagram account approval automatically. It is necessary to start the process from the very beginning again on IG and enhance your account to be the one with a high likelihood of being impersonated.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Get Verified On Instagram?

Instagram does not give a minimum number of followers requirement to get the blue tick.

The follower count does not play any role, and there is no requirement that users should collect a certain follower number to get verified on Instagram.

However, once an Instagram account has obtained the blue tick, it does have high chances of growing its following quickly enough and beating the threshold of the millions in a much lesser time. And that is the reason why everyone wants to get Instagram verified. Even the newly registered users with a minimum number of followers are not an exception to obtaining the Instagram verification badge.

There is no criteria on the number of followers to get verified on Instagram.

How To Get Verified On Instagram?

Unlike several other services, Instagram does not offer the blue tick to any users till they do not claim this checkmark themselves. Everyone who wishes to get an Instagram verification badge should request it by filling out an application form. When you complete this process, your application gets delivered to the Instagram verification team. Its representatives can then review your application and either approve or deny it. Here are the steps to apply for your blue tick on Instagram:

Step 1: Make sure you're logged in to the account you're requesting a verification badge for.

Step 2: Go to your profile & tap Settings -> Account -> Request Verification.

Step 3: Enter your full name & provide the required form for Instagram identification. Once done, hit Send.


What Happens After You Apply For Instagram Verification?

After you have sent your request, Instagram will review your request. You will receive a notification in the "Activity" section of your account up to 30 days after applying to let you know if your account has been verified or not.

You might receive a similar kind of notification if your accounts get verified.


Image Source: Alex Tooby

The notification you might receive if your accounts do not get verified.


If your request gets denied, you can submit a new request again in 30 days. But note that applying for an Instagram verification badge multiple times before receiving a decision will cancel your application.

A few things to keep in mind after submitting your request to get verified on Instagram are:

  1. Instagram will not reject your verification request based on a specific follower count only.
  2. Instagram does not provide specific reasons for denying your verification requests.
  3. There is no way to manually submit the news articles in which you or your brand has been featured.
  4. You will not receive an email from Instagram asking you to apply for verification.

In case you find any of these happening with you, consider it as a case of falsehood.

How Long Does It Take To Get Verified On Instagram?

There is no exact period of time for how long does it take to get verified on Instagram. Sometimes accounts get the blue tick in a couple of days only, but experts recommend that you start checking your IG notifications 3 to 4 days after sending a request.

If your request gets denied, don't get disheartened because this was not your one and only chance. You can send your application again in the next 30 days. But the next time you apply to get verified on Instagram, make sure you have worked on your account thoroughly to meet the requirements as accurately as possible.

Getting The Blue Tick Is Not The End Of The Story; Try Maintaining It

Also, remember that Instagram can remove your blue tick at any time & may take away your Instagram verification badge or even disable your account if you do the following after you get verified on Instagram:

  1. Try to advertise, transfer or sell your verification badge.
  2. Use your profile picture, bio, or name section to promote any such services or activities that violate Instagram's Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.
  3. Try to verify your account through a third party.
  4. Switch your account from public to private several times.

Myths About Instagram Verification

There are a lot of myths and rumors with the verification process since many myths, or a part of them might have appeared to be true sometimes due to certain exceptions. The most ambiguous of them look like the following:

#1: It Is Possible To Get Verified On Instagram By Paying A Hefty Amount

It might seem suspicious that the blue tick usually appears next to profiles of public & prosperous people. That leads several people to suppose that these users could have purchased it for hefty real money.

However, it remains a common truth that IG does not charge a single dollar for the verification process. It is an absolutely free procedure that everyone and anyone can apply.

#2: Another Person Or Company Can Verify Your Account

Naturally, representatives of the black market or digital agencies charge just for getting your account verified on Instagram. But the platform does not have an option to apply for verification for a different account. The field of username is uneditable. Hence only an account holder can apply to get verified on Instagram from their account and provide all the necessary confirmations to pass through it.

#3: Only If You Have Popularity Like A Celebrity, You Can Claim The Instagram Verification Badge

The truth is even if you are a true influencer, you are not guaranteed a blue tick.

It has been observed that Instagram seems to lean towards approving people who have a robust web presence than just the Instagram presence itself. Some major Instagram influencers have remained un-verified. On the other hand, lawyer and media blogger Rachel Sklar, who only has a few thousand followers (at the time of writing), is verified.


While Sklar does not have an influencer style following on Instagram, she is very Google-able and has been featured in countless national publications. She ranks high on overall internet notability. Not to forget, Rachel Sklar is Twitter verified & has been followed by prominent figures such as Barack Obama on Twitter.

#4: You Get No Benefit Apart From A Blue Tick

Some people have a viewpoint that Instagram verification does not provide any benefit apart from a small blue checkmark. However, users develop a number of pros for themselves and their brand (knowingly or unknowingly) apart from getting the Instagram verification badge:

  • The level of trust in your account and personality grows significantly.
  • There is an increase in brand awareness.
  • The account attracts more attention and encourages more people to follow it.

How To Get Verified On Instagram Tricks

While there exists no perfect strategy for acquiring the Instagram verification badge, there are a couple of tips and tricks which will improve your chances of getting Instagram verified.

#1: Complete Your Profile & Bio

Your profile should be in excellent shape if you wish to get verified on Instagram. Here's a checklist you can refer to for the same:

  • Have a link in your bio that sends users to a shoppable gallery or your official website.

  • If you use your verified Facebook or Twitter link on your bio link, remove it, as this might not help get you verified.

  • Have at least one phone number or email address publicly published on your website, which would provide a way for your audience to contact you other than Instagram itself.

  • Your bio should explain who you are and what you do.

Take time to get your profile and bio in prime shape before applying.

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#2: Personalize Your Posts

Try to distinguish your content from what other accounts of similar interest post. This will add more personality to your account. It will also help to personalize your brand & make it more relatable for other users.


While making the perfect content for Instagram, don't forget about consistency. A content calendar can help you here to maintain consistency and look at the quality of posts all at once. If you are an SMB, Statusbrew's Planner is one such calendar that will let you compose & schedule posts for several accounts from one dashboard.


#3: Grow Your Followers & Engagement Right

Now, you know that the number of followers you have does not play any role in your Instagram verification process. One thing to know here is that your follower count never equals your posts' engagement. Hence focus on building such a quality following that is interested in your post & you are sure to receive a good amount of engagement with whatever follower you have.


One foolproof method to increase engagement on Instagram is to use popular hashtags. You can also take it one step further & build a hashtag for your brand. The more you get people to use your brand hashtag, the more visibility you will get on Instagram. If your brand hashtag has got a good amount of posts & following, you can include it in your bio as well.

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#4: Be An Active User Of The Platform

One of the significant similarities you can observe among accounts that get verified on Instagram is that the accounts are highly active. Not only do they post consistently, but they also engage with their followers actively. You would observe that each of their posts is quite power-packed.

Hence Instagram also takes the side of active users while giving the blue tick because there are more chances that the audience believes in this account holder. Therefore, it is best to start adding content frequently and put effort into engaging and interacting with your followers more actively if you want to get verified on Instagram.

If you don't find time to open your Instagram very frequently & still wish to maintain an active profile, take the help of Statusbrew's unified inbox that collates all your conversation in one dashboard. As an SMB, this will save a lot of your time by avoiding the hassle of checking your account every now and then to see if you received any comments & you can simply reply from Statusbrew's dashboard as well.


Statusbrew's Engage allows you to build a dependable response system effectively.

When you manage your Instagram account with a team, Statusbrew makes team collaboration much simpler & more manageable with it’s detailed features such as slack integration.


Integrate Statusbrew with Slack to receive instant notifications for configured activities performed in Publish and Engage Section.

#5: Tackle The Spammy Comments

As your following increases on Instagram, you would also notice a proportional increase in the spam, trolls, and bot comments under your post. It would be hard for you to keep a check on comments of all the posts & remove each spammy comment manually.

While you can always turn off comments on Instagram, this would also prevent your genuine followers from engaging with you. But you can't let the spammy comments stay in your comments section as they work very quickly to destroy your brand's reputation online & might even prevent you to get verified on Instagram.

Hence, it would be best to have a tool that can automatically ban spam, bots & trolls. Statusbrew helps you increase the impact of your post by moderating comments on your social profiles. You can auto-hide comments, disable comments altogether, or create customized automation rules.

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#6: Build Up A Presence Outside Instagram

You are more likely to get an Instagram verification badge if you already have a longtime presence or an enormous following on another platform, such as your blog or other social media site. Getting verified on other platforms does not guarantee your Instagram blue checkmark, but it does increase your likelihood.

This is because one of the Instagram verification requirements is being mentioned in the media & news. Instagram will certainly check on the internet for any content associated with your brand. And having a Facebook or Twitter account verified for the same brand name confirms your authenticity & uniqueness to Instagram during the review process.


#7: Report Any Imposter Accounts

If you have ever searched for a big brand or famous figures such as Nike, you will likely have noticed an awful lot of duplicate accounts. People also make "fan" accounts with the same brand name but it isn't a replacement of the original brand's account. A meme page or a fan account usually (in most cases) does not get verified by Instagram.

To increase the visibility of your account both for Instagram & for your fans, report any accounts that claim to be authentic and pretend to be you or try to copy-paste your content without giving credits. This doesn't mean you should report everyone with the same brand name as there can be overlap. That is where your profile pic, which contains your brand's logo, would distinguish you. This will help prevent confusion when you apply to get verified on Instagram.

#8: Keep In Mind The Analytics

To get verified on Instagram the correct way, you need to grow your account, simply put. Savvy brands use Instagram analytics to reach new fans and grow their audience base faster than ever before.


Understanding your account analytics and knowing which metrics to track is vital to growing your followers and post engagement. Statusbrew offers a full analytics suite that is much more customizable & detailed than the basic offerings from Instagram Insights. With several ready to use templates, you can optimize the best times and days to schedule your Instagram posts so that it goes out at the right time.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to get verified on Instagram for free?

Getting verified on Instagram is completely free as long as your account is authentic, unique, complete, and notable enough, and you follow Instagram's community guidelines.

How to get your business verified on Instagram?

Ensure your account is set up as a business account & is complete, with a profile picture, bio, and website. Request verification by going to your profile Settings -> Account -> Request Verification.

How much does it cost to get verified on Instagram?

It does not cost anything to apply for verification on Instagram. The Instagram verification process is managed by the platform, and there is no official way to pay for verification.

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