A Tip To Toe Guide For Facebook Touch In 2024

Jul 9, 2023 9 min read

With nearly 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is hands down the world's largest social media network. The platform is always working to give its users the most advanced and up-to-date versions to increase and enhance their experience to simply access and interact with their friends.

In 2009, H5 applications (now known as Lighthouse) introduced Facebook Touch, the most complex & dynamic app for browsing Facebook. It was designed primarily for users who were searching for a better Facebook user experience. Only users of touch screens, smartphones, & iPads were given access to Facebook Touch.

This guide will take you through all the important information you need to know about the Facebook Touch and answer some of the most critical questions about it. Let's start!

What Is Facebook Touch?

Facebook Touch is a third-party app created specifically for touchscreen phones by H5. It has a user-friendly interface & several features that can help improve your experience within the Facebook app. It runs faster, uses less data, and has a better display and graphics.

Facebook Touch is basically a web page in terms of functionality, but in terms of structure, it is an app.

What Is Facebook Touch

Is Using Facebook Touch Worth It?

After knowing all of Facebook Touch's features, there is no question that it is worthwhile to use. Several people find it more helpful than the standard Facebook app, while others still prefer to use the official Facebook app. People with limited software resources can use it without worrying about running out of space.

Furthermore, Facebook Touch does not harm the mobile device compared to the standard Facebook app. Touch is designed to improve the quality of images & videos on smartphones. Touch is more secure than the official Facebook app as it runs on the smartphone using a third-party web browser.

Do I Need to Use Facebook Touch If I Have A Touchscreen Device?

No, it's not necessary that if you have a touchscreen device, you have to use Facebook Touch.

The app is designed to simplify the user experience of Facebook by reducing the number of menus & options that a user has to navigate.

Also, Facebook Touch optimizes the layout of the News Feed & profile pages for touchscreens. This makes it easier to scroll through content & find the information that you are looking for.

You can benefit from using Facebook Touch only if its features attract you.

Difference Between Facebook & Facebook Touch

The main difference between Facebook & Facebook Touch is that the latter offers a better user interface for Facebook users. In terms of its touch version, you may call it a competitor to the official Facebook app. The issue has arisen as to why this alternative even exists.

When you enter Facebook Touch URL, you will immediately notice the images being of a higher quality & the display being more enhanced. It has an overall advanced functionality compared to the official Facebook app, which constitutes lower quality imaging and display and less data.

Facebook Facebook Touch
Lacks navigation in it's user interface Better user interface
Lower image quality with less data Higher image quality even with less data

Difference Between Facebook Mobile App & Facebook Touch

Facebook Touch is different from the normal Facebook App in a few ways.


The way you access the Facebook app and the Facebook Touch app differ. Instead of downloading the Facebook Touch app as you would for any other app, you need to go to your phone's browser & add the shortcut to your home screen.

The second option saves space on your device, so you don't have to download anything extra.


The touch version cuts down on the number of options & menus that you have to go through to find what you are looking for. This can be helpful if you want to get to your News Feed quickly.

Difference Between Facebook Mobile App & Facebook Touch

Look & Feel

The touch version has been designed specifically for touchscreen devices. Hence the layout of the app is also optimized for scrolling & tapping. The evident differences between Facebook and Facebook Touch say it all.

Here's an apples to apples comparison:

Facebook App Facebook Touch
The web address for Facebook is http://facebook.com The web address for Facebook Touch is http://touch.facebook.com
It has less data & lower-quality pictures The pictures & displays are of higher quality
Less evolved overall functionality than Facebook Touch Has more advanced overall functionality
The resolution drops when used on a smartphone It is a mobile-friendly version of Facebook

Features Of Facebook Touch

It's the features of Facebook Touch that sets it apart from the official Facebook app. The user's attention is drawn to the seamless & enhanced user experience with several valuable features. Not only this, but there are several other features as well that make it clear for you whether to consider using Facebook Touch or continue with the regular mobile app for Facebook. The features in which new users will be interested are:

1. User-Friendliness

This is what users look for in any app that they use or invest their time or energy in. If an app is user-friendly, it attracts a huge user base. To make it more friendly for touchscreen or for any mobile device users, the Facebook Touch version was launched.

Facebook Touch is not a lot different from the official Facebook app & almost similar to the website in terms of its appearance. The main advantage that people experience is that it is browser-based, making Facebook Touch a bit faster.

Features Of Facebook Touch

2. Battery & Space Consumption

No mobile device user wants an app to consume a lot of their device's space or battery. So, if you have a lot of apps installed on your device, eating up a lot of battery and space, and if you have only a few spaces left on your device to install any more apps, ditch the dedicated Facebook app and install Facebook Touch.

Facebook Touch is worth using as it ensures less energy consumption. Undoubtedly, this is a piece of good news for touchscreen users. Also, the differences between the standard Facebook mobile app & the touch version are too small to be noticed; hence, one point for FB Touch.

3. Short Loading Speed

One of the nicest things about Facebook Touch is that its mobile website & applications are much easier to use for individuals with sluggish Internet connections in comparison to the regular Facebook app. H5 has developed photographs, movies, and other material in a way that will not only load quicker into a browser but will also use less data resulting in Touch's touch screen optimization.

4. Availability Of Features

Almost all the important features are there on both the standard app and the touch version. Both have their own limitations, but the main point here is you can avail yourself of most of the features on both of them.

If you are looking for faster performance, good audiovisuals, and lower phone or application crashing, then Facebook Touch is ideal for you.

5. High Quality Of Audiovisuals

Subsequently, smooth & glitch-free performance of apps often comes at the cost of the image, video, & sound quality. The standard Facebook app might also adjust its power distribution to maintain this balance for different devices. Using a browser on mobile takes some energy, but not nearly as much as web browsers do. This means that audiovisuals can be of a higher quality on Facebook Touch than on the standard Facebook app.

6. High-quality Videos

Mobile apps need a lot of energy to produce good quality videos. Whenever your internet connection was weak, you could have noticed that the videos on the Facebook app did not load properly. But with Facebook Touch no need to compromise with image, video, or sound quality. You can expect smooth & glitch-free performance by Facebook Touch.

Features Of Facebook Touch

Facebook Touch not just runs at a decreased Internet requirements as compared to the mobile website, but it can load more material with the same internet speed. It brings better copies of films, images, & other material rather than the grainy & pixelated mess you occasionally see due to less internet availability. But remember that the quality of the materials can't be improved beyond that which was initially released.

Here are some other useful features of Facebook Touch that sets it apart from the standard FB app:

  • Available in both an app and a web version.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to use.
  • The enhanced interface for displaying content keeps the user's interest for a long time, thus encouraging them to stay online.
  • Content can be viewed & uploaded in high resolution.
  • Displays the most relevant & applicable information according to users' activities & interests.
  • Provides a seamless Facebook user experience.
  • No lag experienced even due to a weak internet connection.
  • Has its own extensive chat section.
  • Does not require much storage on the device to run. Hence, it can be used even on low-RAM devices.

How To Log In To Facebook Touch?

If the above information about Facebook Touch made you excited enough to give it a try, follow the below steps to log in to Facebook Touch on your mobile or any other touchscreen device:

Step 1: Go to Facebook Touch
Step 2: Enter the email address or mobile number linked to your Facebook account.
Step 3: Enter your password
Step 4: Tap Log in

How To Log In To Facebook Touch

How To Log Out Of Facebook Touch?

To log out of Facebook Touch, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Facebook Touch
Step 2: Click on the menu button on the upper-right corner

How To Log Out Of Facebook Touch Step 2

Step 3: Scroll down and click on the last option Log Out

How To Log Out Of Facebook Touch Step 3

This will take you to the login screen, where you can enter your email address & password to again sign in. You can also tap on the "Forgot Password?" button if you need some help logging in.

Facebook Mobile Touch Messaging

Direct texting is available on Facebook Mobile Touch through the Messenger app. You must first download Messenger to send a message to anyone.

You can download the Messenger software from the App Store or Play Store and use it on your Android, iOS, Apple Watch, or other devices to send messages through Facebook mobile touch. Messenger even allows you to send attachments like pictures, movies, and GIFs, and you can also send stickers and emojis.


Facebook Touch requires less power & uses fewer mobile resources. It's one of the most innovative methods to discover Facebook's most advanced features. If you want to get rid of the Facebook app & make it more data-friendly, go ahead & download the touch version to experience the same or even more features of Facebook.

Overall, Facebook Touch provides a streamlined & convenient way to stay connected with friends & family on the go.

We hope you found this article helpful!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about Facebook Touch:

Is Facebook touch safe?

Facebook Touch is entirely safe to use. It simplifies the Facebook experience on touch screen devices by reducing the number of menus and options users have to navigate.

How to add Facebook Touch shortcut to the home screen?

Open the web browser of your choice and enter Facebook Touch's URL in the URL address bar. Hit the search icon. Tap on the Menu button and on the 'Add to Home Screen' option from the options.

How to turn off Facebook Touch notifications?

Open settings in your device. Tap on Apps -> Notifications -> Facebook Touch. Tap on the notifications option. Select the notification type you want to disable or disable all the notifications from the app.

What are Facebook Touch limitations?

  • Facebook Touch falls short of adding extra security features.
  • Facebook Touch's desktop version may not be accurate compared to the regular version.
  • It's only helpful for small smartphones as it's incompatible with larger displays.

The limitations of Facebook Touch are fewer in comparison to the benefits, so it's not a bad decision to utilize it.

Is M Facebook different than Facebook?

The traffic from m.facebook.com is the Facebook traffic itself. The prefix m indicates the device from which the official Facebook website is accessed (mobile).

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