Drive More Product Sales Via Facebook Dynamic Ads

Feb 15, 2021 2 min read

For eCommerce merchants & retailers, Facebook Dynamic Ads are among the most successful if not the most successful ad format.

Instead of creating an ad for each product, Facebook Dynamic Ads are generated for your entire inventory based on a dynamic template.

This means you only create one ad. Facebook then automatically draws the relevant information (e.g., titles, prices, and availabilities) from your product data feed to dynamically serve ads to specific audiences.

If you're just getting started with Facebook Dynamic Ads, we have a detailed step by step guide on creating dynamic Ads. Check it out.

How To Create Facebook Dynamic Ads?

In this post, we'll look at some of the tips you can follow to generate more product sales via Dynamic Ads.

The First Image Matters

If you're using Facebook dynamic ads or carousel ads to showcase your products, the first image is crucial.

 Facebook Dynamic Ads

When users come across your ad, the first image is what they initially see, and it is detrimental to whether they interact with the ad or not.

Facebook gives you the option to choose your image or video, so we recommend selecting the content that best represents your brand.

Provide Product Details

Dynamic Ads serve people the variants they are most likely to interact with based on their platform activity.

While creating dynamic ads for your product, we recommend adding relevant catalog information into the standard copy you've made for these ads.

To include catalog information, click on the '+' button next to each next feed. You can now add dynamic details such as brand, price, description, etc. This data is pulled from your data feed for each product shown.

 Add Dynamic Info To Facebook Ad

Image source: Social Media Examiner

Localize Language & Pricing For A Global Audience

If you're targetting a global audience via Facebook dynamic ads, we recommend localizing language and pricing.

A person in France might understand an ad in English, but if they saw an advertisement in French with the Euro sign, they'll most likely interact with the ad.

Facebook does offer native translation, but we recommend serving ads to the user in their native language, so no details are lost in auto-translation.

Stay On Top Of Dynamic Ad comments

We often see Facebook ads filled with spam, negative, and comments that've just been not responded to.

This is a bummer and can push away potential customers.

Facebook gives you the options to hide, delete & reply to these comments, but its practically impossible to do it at scale.

With Statusbrew, dynamic ad comments effortlessly show up in a single unified inbox.

You can easily hide, delete & respond to these comments, and even set up rules to automate the process.

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