Top 6 Methods To Download Videos From Instagram

Jan 21, 2023 7 min read

Let's admit it! Instagram is one of the most happening places in the online world, with over 1 billion monthly active users. Video content has risen in popularity as it now makes up 16.3% of all the content on Instagram. Users spend over 80% more time watching videos on Instagram today than they did five years ago.

Video content on Instagram is available in the form of Stories, Reels, in-feed posts, IG Live, and IG TV. To maximize your reach and engagement, publishing more video content is indispensable.

Whether you've accidentally deleted your own videos from the media library or want to repost videos from another account with due permission, downloading Instagram videos has always been a challenge for most IG users.

By downloading videos, you can create a compilation of clips from several videos and create a dedicated post. Or, if you are running a business, you can download videos your customers share and use them as your customer reviews.

The native app doesn't allow downloading videos directly from it. However, there are ways to download videos from Instagram that not many IG users know about. Let's explore them in this blog.

6 Methods To Download Videos From Instagram

1. Using Web Tools

2. Using Chrome Extension

Note: All the apps have been tested to ensure that there is no security breach while writing this guide. All the apps use features that Instagram provided in the first place. Also, it is highly recommended not to use someone else’s video without their permission. Let’s keep the internet a safe place to learn and connect.

1. Inflact


Inflact is one of a kind website that you can use to download videos from Instagram. The tool has made social media marketers' work easy by enabling them to download free content from various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

To download a video through Inflact, here are the following steps you may follow:

Step 1: Copy the URL of the post you want to download
Step 2: Head over to and Downloader for Instagram
Step 3: Paste the URL in the box and click Download Video
Step 4: You’ll see the video that you of the URL. Click the Download button next to it.

With this, your video will be downloaded.

Inflact also allows you to download all the videos from a profile. Simply copy the URL of the profile, paste it into the section and click on Download Full Profile.

A grid of all the posts will appear, which you can start downloading on the go.

2. Repost


Repost is a great web tool, especially if you plan to use someone else's content. Normally, you would have to separately tag the video with their brand before posting, which would take up a lot of time.

And since you are not the original content creator of the video, you can’t use it directly.

To overcome this long and tedious process, you can Repost. Simply paste the URL, and you will be taken to the edit page.

Here, a brand watermark is added on the top of the video on the bottom left side. Now, if you would like to move it around or change the way it looks - you’ll need to go for the pro plan.

But even if you decide to go for the free plan, you’ll have a branded Instagram video all set to post online.



IGram is among the top websites that will help you download IG videos even on your desktop. If you're running a business online, you might need to download your customers' review videos.

And since you might be using a PC, using a website would be much more efficient. So, log into your Instagram account on your PC, head over to the video post you would like to download, click on Options and copy the post link.

Now go to, and paste your link with the box shared on the screen. Here, click on the download, confirm the video and click on the download .mp4.

The website works perfectly and has been trusted by many users as an easy and quick method to download IG videos.

The only hurdle in the user flow is that one extra confirmation step. But if you are collecting many videos from Instagram, this “extra step” would act as a confirmation stage.



Snapinsta is another great website that you can use to download IG videos on your computer. Compared to IGRAM, Snap Insta feels much more “snapper.” It feels quick to load and makes downloading much quicker.

To download your video with Snap Insta, log into your IG account and head over to the video post you want to download.

Copy the URL, paste it into Snap Insta, click on download and then confirm the video you are downloading by clicking on the download button again in the next step.

The only thing that annoys me a little is the access ads that need interaction to close.

5. Downloader for Instagram

(Chrome Extension)


Downloader for Instagram is a Chrome extension that makes downloading IG videos easy and quick.

If you are a person who downloads a lot of videos from IG, adding this will ease your work with great margins.

How? When you install the extension and hover over a post on your Instagram, it shows a download button on the top left corner of the post.

All you need to do is click on it, and the video will be downloaded. No ads and no sign-up is required.

This feature and ease of use make Downloader For Instagram among the best methods to download videos from Instagram.

6. Save & Repost for Instagram

(Chrome Extension)


Save & Repost for Instagram is a Chrome extension created to make life much easier. As we know, in most cases, we download our IG videos to post them again.

This surely has too many steps. You first have to download the video and save it in your gallery. Then, go back to Instagram and post it from your account.

Don’t you think reposting would be a great option here? Well, you are thinking right.

This Chrome extension allows you to download videos and repost them with just one click.

To access these features, install the extension and open the post that you would like to save or repost.

At this stage, you will find two options in the lower left of the post. One to download and another to repost. If you choose the first, the video will download as normal. And if you choose later, a dialogue box will appear to write your caption.

Now to repost, just click share.

All these features and functionalities save a lot of time and storage if the goal is to only repost.

One must also note that the feature of reposting only works with videos and pictures for now. Reels can be remixed and uploaded right away—without a need to download.

To Sum It Up!

Sure, many tools can help you download your IG video, but there are a few things that you must consider.

Today, Instagram has become a daily communication channel, a way to build your brand and build trust with your customer. Nonetheless, it holds very sensitive data of yours.

And when that’s the case, the last thing you want is to use a harmful app, website, or Chrome extension. The tools and methods shared above are among the safest and, at the same time, trusted by thousands and millions of users.

This ensures that you can get what you need without compromising your online identity. Make sure you stay digitally safe and keep your private information private.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I download the Instagram video directly?

Instagram does not allow you to download videos and images directly through the app. That is why one may use third-party apps and websites to download IG videos. For every post, be it a photo or a video, Instagram has a post link. To download the video,
Step 1: Copy the link and paste it into the third-party IG video downloader. From here on, the app and the website will show you the download button.
Step 2: Click on it and the video will start downloading.

Can I download Instagram Videos from a private account?

Downloading Instagram videos from a private account is not possible. You only can download videos from open accounts using third-party apps and websites. Instagram takes security very seriously, which is why until and unless you log in to your own account on third-party apps, you can’t download IG videos from any private account that you follow.

What are some best Chrome extensions to download IG videos?

Two of the best Chrome extensions to download videos from Instagram on PC are Downloader for Instagram and Save & Repost for Instagram. They both work with recent IG updates, whereas most other top Chrome extensions do not support them anymore.

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