7 Ways To Use Customer Reviews To Grow Your Business

Oct 15, 2022 9 min read

Did you know that customer reviews can help you grow your business online? Customer reviews can help you attract new clients, increase sales, and improve your online reputation. It also helps build client trust and confidence in your brand.

If you’re not using customer reviews to your advantage, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to grow your business. That’s why it’s crucial to make the most of your reviews and use them for your gain.

But what are the optimal ways to leverage customer reviews for your benefit? This blog post will outline the seven most effective ways to employ customer reviews to grow your business online. Let’s get started!

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Use Customer Reviews To Build Social Proof

Over the last few years, social proof has become increasingly essential in the world of online marketing. Put simply, social proof is the concept that consumers are more likely to avail something if they witness that other people are doing it.

There are various ways to build social proof, but customer reviews are the most effective. Client feedback provides potential buyers with an unbiased look at what it's actually like to use a product or service. They can also build trust and credibility, two crucial ingredients for any successful business. According to experts, there are numerous types of social proof. Here are some of them:

User Testimonials

Testimonials are social proof that organizations can showcase on their website or social media pages. They provide prospective clients with first-hand accounts of other people’s experiences with a product. For example, Slack, a messaging software, has a Twitter account with customer testimonials highlighting the company’s service.

Use Customer Reviews To Build Social Proof

Wisdom Of The Crowd

Meanwhile, wisdom of the crowd refers to a brand’s popularity across a vast customer base. When clients see that other people are happy with a product, they’re more likely to purchase it themselves. For example, Amazon is an excellent example of the wisdom of the crowd social proof. On every merchandise page, you can see ratings, reviews, and how many people have purchased the item.

While most companies post these reviews on their website or social media, social proof software such as ProveSource can help you showcase positive customer testimonials. The tool also allows you to boost conversions by presenting to web visitors what consumers are buying and what’s their opinion about the item or service they availed.



In contrast, certification comes from an independent third party and shows that the product meets standards. It’s similar to getting a stamp of approval from an expert or authority figure, such as the blue checkmark you see on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Create Targeted Content Based On Customer Reviews

Businesses can use customer reviews to create targeted content relevant to their customers' needs and interests. Producing articles, blog posts, or social media posts addressing the topics vital to clients shows that you understand their needs and commit to providing valuable information.

It’s likewise helpful to post customer feedback discussing product benefits. Showcase reviews where clients explain how they benefited from your service or product. This will enable you to attract new customers and grow your business. It’ll also establish your company as an authority in your industry.

Today countless platforms or social media publishing tools such as Statusbrew can aid you in smoothly carrying out your content strategy. This solution will allow you to schedule and publish social posts on multiple platforms with live previews. However, if you can’t naturally incorporate the review in your content, you can add an exclusive review section at the bottom or corner of the article.



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Develop Targeted Marketing Campaigns From Reviews

Besides content, customer reviews can be a valuable source of information when it comes to creating targeted marketing campaigns. If you see that a specific demographic is particularly impressed with your brand, target them with future marketing efforts.

Similarly, user feedback can identify areas where your marketing messages aren’t resonating with consumers. Thus, you can enhance or change your marketing strategy to appeal to your target audience better. Finally, pay attention to customer sentiment in reviews, whether positive or negative. It can give you the perfect idea of how clients perceive your brand.

With this in mind, you can use testimonials to develop new marketing campaigns that address the demands of your customers. Make sure to include positive quotes from reviewers with common interests or needs as your target market.

Popular software such as HubSpot Marketing can assist you in accomplishing your marketing efforts with features like personalized landing pages, marketing automation, and an allocated CRM. To study the tool, you can read this HubSpot Marketing review and see if it fits your needs.


Alternatively, you can use Pardot, lead management, and marketing automation solutions. This platform enables users to organize, mobilize, and manage online campaigns. In addition, it allows for lifecycle reporting, smooth sales alignment, and in-depth ROI reporting.


Add User Reviews In Email Marketing Campaigns

A study estimates the American email marketing market is expected to grow from $2 billion in 2020 to $17.9 billion by 2027. That's to say, email marketing is still enormously strong.

Including customer reviews in your email marketing campaigns can significantly increase open and click-through rates. This is because clients will more likely read an email that includes positive feedback from another customer than one that doesn't.

In the same way, adding reviews to your email campaigns can also help build trust with possible clients. You can increase the likelihood of potential customers willing to try your business by highlighting the fact that other consumers have positive experiences with your brand.

Remember, when adding testimonials to your email campaigns, make sure to include a link to the client’s original review. Doing so will give prospective customer's the ability to read the feedback in its entirety and decide whether your brand is right for them.

Currently, several robust email solutions can effectively help you execute your email campaigns. One of these well-known platforms is MailChimp. The software allows users to review click-through and success figures, monitor emails, and the entire email marketing effort. In addition, creating engaging emails with this tool is a breeze since the platform can suggest how to make copies, images, and structures more compelling.


Another popular software is Sendinblue, an all-in-one marketing platform. This affordable solution lets users sort contact lists into varied target groups and demographic segments.

In addition, the tool features a send time optimization, wherein it assesses the best time to send emails and automatically delivers them during those hours. It also has an email editor that allows you to drag and drop designs to your sign-up forms and then insert them on your landing page.


Nonetheless, if your business also requires clients to book appointments, you can browse these online scheduling tools.

Include Product Reviews In Paid Advertising Campaigns

As a business, it’s crucial to consider customer reviews when planning your advertising strategy. You can use reviews in your paid advertising campaigns, such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. Paid campaigns with user feedback can be highly effective in swaying prospective clients. People trust the insights of other customers, and seeing positive reviews can give them the confidence they need to make a purchase.

In contrast, negative feedback can dissuade consumers from doing transactions with a company. For this reason, it’s vital for organizations to carefully curate the reviews they’ll include in their advertising campaigns. While a few negative feedback can add authenticity, too many can be off-putting for possible clients. The best customer reviews are those that are representative of the overall experience people have with a product or service.

A quick search of the internet will show you various advertising software that can aid your campaigns. For example, Statusbrew has a user-friendly social media advertising tool that increases brand awareness. Additionally, the platform lets you schedule ads, set a budget, view your campaign timeline, and generate a detailed ads performance report.


In addition, it allows you to specify campaign objectives that will best fit your business requirements. Moreover, you'll be able to select who'll view your ads by setting audiences based on gender, age, interests, location, and more.

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Use Testimonials To Increase SEO Ranking

Another way companies can use feedback is to employ it to increase search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. For example, clients leave testimonials that often include keywords and phrases relating to your business. This aids potential customers in finding your company more quickly when they search for those keywords.

User reviews can also provide valuable keyword-rich content that can help boost your ranking. In addition, feedback can help build trust and confidence with possible clients, leading to more web visitors and higher conversion rates. Given the numerous benefits of customer testimonials, it’s well worth taking the time to encourage clients to drop positive reviews of your business online.

Because of this, one of the top software that can assist with your SEO strategy is Semrush. It’s a leading online visibility management platform with an intuitive interface. The tool provides modules for keyword and backlinks research and traffic analytics reports, among others. In addition, Semrush lets you perform keyword searches using its updated database. Doing so will allow you to access relevant and detailed data for your research.


Furthermore, the tool enables you to determine how visible your content and product are online. The platform lets you view your keywords and traffic compared to your competitors. Also, you can see other keywords you can compete for across various channels.

Meanwhile, SE Ranking is likewise an excellent SEO tool alternative. With the platform's help, you can obtain an SEO-optimized web page using its keyword suggestion, grouping, and analysis. It likewise features competitor analysis, web ranking, and SEO audit. Implementing the tool can simply evaluate your site concerning every essential SEO parameter. In this way, you wouldn't leave out any crucial mistakes.

SE Ranking

Otherwise, you can also use Ahrefs, an all-in-one SEO toolset that aids web pages to rank higher and boost online traffic. The platform lets users perform site audits and keyword searches and track keyword rankings. It likewise allows businesses to assess competitor websites and evaluate high-ranking content.

In addition, the tool can immediately go over SEO issues that impair your site ranking. It’ll flag the problems it discovers and suggest solutions to optimize the web page.


Identify New Products Inspired By Reviews

Finally, customer reviews can be a goldmine for companies looking to develop brand-new products. Your clients can be a valuable source of inspiration for new service or product ideas. Organizations can clearly understand what consumers want in a brand by analyzing user feedback. You can then use this information to develop new products that fulfill customer needs.

Additionally, take note of trends in the reviews, such as several people mentioning the exact requirements not present in your current offerings. You must consider those feedback and address their needs. Therefore, use reviews to enhance your existing products, making them more customer-centric and responsive to client demands.

Businesses must use testimonials to drive product development in today's competitive market. Doing so ensures their brand always aligns with client needs and desires.

Grow Your Online Business Using Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a priceless resource for businesses of all sizes. It provides companies with a wealth of information they can use to reinforce marketing strategies and increase sales. In addition, reviews help you build social proof, create targeted content, develop marketing campaigns, and more. For small organizations especially, it’s crucial to make the most of user reviews by using them in as many ways as possible.

The seven ways we’ve outlined above are just the beginning. You can still carry out plenty of things with client reviews to increase traffic, leads, and sales. Remember, when it comes to testimonials, businesses have a lot of opportunities to leverage customer feedback and grow their company.

Lastly, take advantage of customer reviews to improve your bottom line while delivering an enhanced client experience. In today’s competitive market, that’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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