How To Boost Your Agency-Client Relationship Using Social Media

Sep 22, 2022 6 min read

While some agencies can establish a consistent client base that grows over time, others experience ups and downs and ultimately have to shut their doors. What's the difference? Relationships with clients. A higher reputation for your agency, loyal clients that stick with you, and new client referrals are the benefits of having strong client connections.

Businesses just beginning to collaborate with an agency may believe that all it takes to achieve marketing success is to "give over the keys." However, cooperation between the partners is essential for a successful agency-client relationship. ?

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Why Should You Improve Your Agency-Client Relationship?

If you take it easy after acquiring new clients and pay no attention to your relationship with them, it's time to rethink your actions. For longing relations, trust, and a feeling of security in your customers, your business ought to build strong client-agency relationships.

Clients are more inclined to do business with a company again if they have a fruitful long-term relationship. Moreover, pleased clients might refer your business, item, or service to a colleague, resulting in new business.

Positive, long-lasting client connections enable businesses to grow their customer base and execute more complex projects.

Every agency aspires to develop a robust and lasting bond with its clients. Additionally, each client seeks a strong agency partnership. Let's dive into three ways of boosting your agency-client relationship using social media.

3 Ways to Boost Your Agency-Client Relationship Using Social Media

Understanding Client's Expectations

The first step is asking what the client wants as the outcome of the marketing effort. You should review the client's objectives and KPIs on the roadmap at the initial meetings. Confirm that the client understands what they can expect from the agency side, and create a timeline followed by a social content calendar.


The client-agency relationship works both ways - a product acts as an agency's source of inspiration for developing fresh content. The client must be satisfied with the performance of the marketing strategy created for their brand and product(s). The process should approach the target market and convince potential clients while distinguishing itself from the competitors.

You'll be able to create better and come up with more relevant concepts by researching the market, the rivals, and the positioning of your client's product and brand.

You must be aware of your client's objectives from the start. Before beginning any project:

  1. Collaborate to set expectations and an agreed vision for the outcome.
  2. Set realistic expectations.
  3. Outline clear metrics for evaluating results and frequently communicate to verify you're still moving in the right direction.

You can keep an eye on online discussions about themes related to the client's sector using Statusbrew's social media monitoring and try to determine how others feel about similar products. Before using time-consuming surveys and focus groups, this is a quick way to conduct market research.


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Start An Approval Workflow Process

After all, whether it's an advertising campaign, a monthly update to an e-commerce website, or an editorial strategy for social media, the client and the agency share the same common goal: to provide excellent content and reach potential customers.

You have to concentrate on developing the basis of the ideal content review process now that you've understood the client's goals and objectives. It is better when you don't use a lot of channels to get approval.

Your content travels down the following channel for the approval process.
Concept → Creation → Evaluation → Approval → Publishing

Post and content approvals are a straightforward yet effective step in any social networking service. At their worst, they can require a lot of follow-ups, which wastes both of your time. But when they work well, they can increase client loyalty. The Approval Workflow process strengthens client and agency relationships by ensuring trust and transparency.

The objective is to ensure that the client is informed and is looking forward to future work. Keep them informed and minimize surprises by scheduling frequent catch-ups. Social media collaboration tools could reduce most of your manual work and follow-ups, saving you a lot of time.


Always Keep Your Clients In The Loop

A successful communication strategy builds trust, which is essential for any organization to survive. As obvious as it may appear, you have to strive for it right away. How close are you to the initial target that you and your client decided on? You should show results through reporting to demonstrate the effectiveness of a particular keyword or the social campaigns you just ran.


If your working time were successful, your clients would be delighted with your services. The problem emerges when you are not on the same page with your client regarding what success implies. Clients must always believe that their demands are being fulfilled and that their concerns are being comprehended.

By being open and honest about how and when communication will take place, clients have the channels they need to express their concerns, and an agency has the time it needs to move forward.

Although objectives and strategies can fluctuate during a project, your team must maintain regular touch with the client's team. Here are a few ways to always keep your clients in the loop.

Take the initiative: Deal with any problems and inquiries they may have head-on by anticipating them.

Be truthful: This could be challenging, mainly if anything has gone wrong. But always consider being honest with your client.

Be Transparent: Budget is consistently one of the main issues for clients. Show them where their money is spent and your effort to fulfill their requests.

Be open-minded: When you've worked hard on something, it might be difficult to hear criticism.

If you've shown that you can offer what the client wants, it is more likely to strengthen your agency/client relationship. Set KPIs to show the campaign's effectiveness based on your client's objectives. The KPIs that you ought to track are:

Brand Awareness: Impressions, audience expansion, and reach

Engagement: Sent responses, incoming messages, Reactions, Clicks and social media traffic

Web Traffic: Website visits and clicks

Sales and Leads: Tracking URLs for website visits and clicks

Brand advocacy: Tracking, reporting, reach, and clicks

Other metrics: Customer Retention Rate, Average Resolution Time, and Cost per conversation.


Automate Reports

Let technology do the heavy lifting for you because reporting is crucial to maintaining a trustworthy relationship with clients. For this, you have access to some excellent report automation tools.

For instance, Statusbrew enables you to produce automated reports that can deliver information to clients regularly. You can also provide reports by monitoring social media and web conversations on your client's brands.

To organize and manage a group of users with specific roles, activities, and workflows, you can build user groups in Statusbrew. Adding a new user automatically grants access to all the established settings for that user group, making it much easier to onboard new users.


Although keeping client relationships might be complicated, you can help them grow by working with them. Put yourself in your client's shoes and take the time to understand and listen to them genuinely.

Consider this: you have several clients, yet you are their only agency. So, if you want to develop a long-term connection, treat them as partners, not just providers.

Build Better Relationships With Your Clients

Clients must know they can rely on you. That means when you declare you'll finish a task, you are responsible for following through on that promise. Being dependable is one of the most essential traits to keep a client's business in the long run.

Statusbrew gives you the flexibility and security to handle many clients from a single Statusbrew account. If you're an agency managing multiple clients and have difficulty keeping your clients' data, Statusbrew's tools would be of great help.

Boost your relationship with clients using social media management tools. The social tools from Statusbrew can manage each stage of the process in a single integrated system. By registering for a free trial now, you can create your approval workflow and discover other ways that Statusbrew can help you with your clientele.

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