4 Tips To Boost Engagement On Your LinkedIn Business Page

Mar 25, 2021 2 min read

Growing followers for your LinkedIn business page is one of the most valuable marketing objectives on the platform. Increasing followers can lead to greater organic reach and more robust audience insights.

It's a critical step towards building space for your brand on LinkedIn. If you're wondering how to work towards this goal, you are at the right place.

Below, you will find tips for brands that want to take their pages to the next engagement level.

Tip 1. Boost SEO For Your Brand's LinkedIn Page

Google is the key source of inbound traffic for most brands. There are approximately 3.5 billion searches each day on Google.

Brands can expand their search footprint by enhancing the SEO impact of the LinkedIn page. First things first: Identify and use relevant keywords.

You can use several tools for keyword research, like Google Search Console/Keyword Planner or SEMRush.

Where to incorporate keywords in your LinkedIn page?

Include relevant keywords at the very beginning of your brand tagline, helping the search engine and its users quickly understand what the brand is about.

Here is a straightforward example from the Biesse group.


Tip 2. Respond To Every Comment On Your Post (When Warranted)

Every comment needs a response, but it's most crucial to reply to every question or thoughtful comment on your page's post.

Not only does this drive higher feed visibility and engagement for the posts, but users are more likely to follow the page that actively engages with them.

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Tip 3. Share Industry Relevant Content

Brands need to focus on LinkedIn's connections to reach clients that might be interested in working with them. It's a professional business platform, and as a result, it's the obvious choice for B2B companies to incorporate into their marketing efforts.

A common mistake brands make while trying to boost engagement on their LinkedIn company page is only sharing promotional content rather than sharing content and news relevant to the industry they're in.

By posting relevant content, a brand can establish itself as thoughtful, giving users (and hopefully potential clients) a reason to visit the page.

Tip 4. Engage Your Employees

Your employees will be your strongest allies in growing the page followers. Encourage them to spread the word with their connections who are interested in what you do. When employees share the benefits of following your page with their contacts, it can boost your LinkedIn page's engagement.

Also, be sure your employees are correctly mapped to your brand's page. So every time your employee makes a new connection on LinkedIn, the new connection will get a prompt to follow your brand's page.

A LinkedIn business page is the key to communication with your clients looking to be enlightened by and learn as much as possible about your brand. By implementing these tips into your brand's social media strategy, you can effectively grow your follower base, ultimately leading to an increase in engagement for your brand overall.

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