Twitter Testing Voice Recordings in DMs

Feb 18, 2021 1 min read

Twitter is now doing a live test of voice clips within DMs (direct messages). Users in India, Brazil & Japan would be able to record and send audio clips in DMs.

Twitter also did a test run of Voice Tweets a few months back, but it appears to have died out due to lack of user interest.

However, voice recordings in DMs could serve a real purpose and become a valuable accessibility option. It adds more ways for vision-impaired users to engage with Tweet content.

Audio DMs can also help to reduce language barriers in multi-lingual regions as well, as it can sometimes be more comfortable to speak a language than it is to write it.

Audio content is on the rise right now, thanks to the rising audio, social network Clubhouse.

Audio DMs might be able to tap into this hype though it serves a practical use for various users.

For brands & businesses that provide customer service via Twitter, audio clips can be pre-recorded and then shared to answer user queries.

Voice recordings in DMs can be up to 140-seconds long, the same as voice tweets.

It's currently only available on iOS & will be coming to Android and the web later this year.

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