Examples Of Twitter Customer Service Done Right

Feb 12, 2021 2 min read

Twitter presents some unique & challenging social care opportunities.

It's instant & fast-paced environment has become a go-to place for the consumers to voice out their concerns, praises & call out for help from brands.

Simply measured did a study which revealed that 99% of brands are on Twitter, and 30% of them have a dedicated customer service handle.

The average response time is 5.1 hours, with more 10% of companies answering user queries within an hour and 93% of companies answering within 48 hours.

In the post, we'll take a look at some companies with exceptional customer service on Twitter.

Following these brands can help you set up your social care strategy.


Nike Service is often accredited as one of the best support handles. But what makes it so good at it?

Nike has tons of Twitter handles for specific sports & store locations, but @Nikeservice is dedicated solely to help customers.

The company is quick to resolve all user queries and makes it a point to respond to each customer quickly.

 Nike Customer Service Twitter


Unlike the brand's main account, which shares news, game launches, etc., Xbox has a dedicated support account that only responds to customer tweets.

The company gets tons of user queries each day but is quick to respond to each of them.

 Xbox Customer Service Twitter


Dominos is another such brand that is known for providing excellent customer service on Twitter.

The company usually requires additional information such as the user's name, phone number, and email address to access order info.

Their support directs users who contact them on the platform to send the information via a Twitter DM (direct message).

 Dominos Customer Service Twitter

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