6 Tips For Accelerating Your Agency Growth

Oct 13, 2022 10 min read

There were many changes after 2021, especially in the work culture. Zoom became the meeting space for webinars, and work-from-home became more prominent. The most significant change, however, was when social media replaced other channels as the go-to place for education, job possibilities, and brand development. It just serves to emphasize the value of social media marketing.

Every business deserves a faithful clientele with an ever-increasing level of rivalry in social presence and marketing. But to do that, you must find a way to accelerate your agency's growth. Keep reading to find the best ways to grow your agency and gain more clients.

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6 Tips For Accelerating Your Agency Growth

The essential component for long-term survival is growth. It enables you to bring in new clients, broaden the selection of products and services you provide your clients, and increase sales. The process of running a digital marketing agency has changed. Voice search, mobile use, and artificial intelligence are commonplace.

According to Abode, 76% of individuals believe social marketing has changed more in the last two years than in the previous fifty. And unsurprisingly, it plays a pivotal role in the agency's growth.

Check out these six tips to accelerate your agency's growth.

Focus On Client Retention

Offer A 360 Degree Service

Offering your clients a 360-degree social media service can minimize the risk of losing clients. When providing a one-stop solution for all your client's social media needs, chances of client retention are high. This will enable you to use social media effectively to provide more significant results without using limited resources.

It's a comprehensive strategy for using social media that puts your target market at the heart of your initiatives. The goal is to use social media effectively for your clients and eliminate unnecessary work. To increase reaction and minimize work, each attempt is correctly tailored for each platform.

Creating a 360-degree social media marketing strategy for your clients ultimately requires balancing channels and content. You want broad content that can be tailored to the target of each platform you choose for your clients.

To accelerate your agency's growth by offering 360 social media services, ensure you provide the following services to your clients.

  • Social posting
  • Content marketing
  • Website services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Integrate social media into customer service
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing campaigns
  • Paid social media

To create a compelling 360 campaign, cross-reference your client's existing analytics to meet them where they are. Then, promote your message across the virtual channels.

From an analytics standpoint, choosing only the most pertinent mediums and channels for your clients' 360-degree marketing campaign will help you precisely calculate the return on investment and ultimately measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Create The Best Social Media Team

Businesses can connect with potential clients on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. Brands need a solid social media presence and strategy to stand out from the competition. This is where the clients expect the best social media team to work in their favor.

As an agency, you will already have a team working for you. However, rather than a predetermined template, the team structure, and job descriptions should be determined by the total number of clients you have and the possible prospect leads you will generate monthly.

The following are the most fundamental roles you might require to build the best social team for your agency:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Social Media Executive
  • Social Media Intern

A good agency only remains good when it employs and supports good people. A key accelerating gr agency is concentrating on the hiring process and candidates. Some helpful hiring tips are:

Create an internal training rule: As a result of it, you'll be able to hire and train your service employees for less money.

Have employment contracts: By doing this, you can retaliate against employees who decide to join rival agencies.

Have a great work environment: Being in a friendly office is beneficial. However, ensuring that employees enjoy working will result in improved performance. Additionally, staff members who want their jobs will recommend more capable individuals to work for you.

Hire The Experts

Experts in social media are known as such for a reason. These professionals have experience working with various businesses in multiple industries. They know what works and what doesn't for clients across verticals. They are also well aware of the best social media management software. Your agency can benefit from their knowledge and expertise to increase your client's reputation, sales, and brand image by developing the ideal strategies that work the best.

Concentrate On Growth Marketing

Clients are the main forces behind growth marketing. Offering clients value is the primary goal of growth marketing, and that is what makes it successful. They should feel valued to the extent that they are eager to continue doing business with you and refer you to their circle.

Concentrate On Growth Marketing

It is good to help your clients generate new leads and build their brand image; simultaneously, you should also concentrate on building your agency’s brand image and generating new prospects.

Growth marketing for your agency will analyze the data gathered from recently acquired prospects to identify the details of what attracted your clients through the funnel. The marketing strategy can then be modified in light of the new information to resonate better with the target market.

Benefits of growth marketing for your social media agency:

  • Attract new clients and prospects
  • Boost campaigns
  • Generate qualified leads
  • A better understanding of the target audience
  • Brand awareness and image

Accelerating your agency's growth requires ongoing monitoring and data analysis but with innovation and flexibility. To be a growth marketer, one must conduct market research and stay current on new developments. As marketing strategies develop and become increasingly digital, it is easy to monitor current trends and success. It will help you come up with new ideas.

Conduct A Lot Of Experiments

Experiment with a lot of new ideas. We never know which works best for you or your clients. Social media experiments are neither scientific nor ideal. Many things are beyond your control, including organic reach, because different social media algorithms frequently influence it.

Conducting social media experiments might be challenging if you don't know where to begin or where to go. It can sometimes be risky. However, it doesn't mean you can't provide helpful social media outcomes and insights.

Before you start conducting social media experiments for your clients or even for your own social pages, make sure you have a goal for the experiment. What exactly are you trying to do at the end of the experiment? It can be any of the following

  • Increase organic impressions
  • Increase the reach of your profile or a post
  • Increase engagements like comments, shares, saves, and likes
  • Increase your profile visits
  • Increase your web traffic via social media
  • Generate valid leads
  • Reach potential prospects and clients

A/B Testing

While many significant firms invest millions in social media advertising, some achieve great success on a small budget. No matter how much money you must spend, it's crucial to use it carefully. Before running the A/B tests, make sure to identify your target audience.

Copy Testing

Testing your messaging and copy are one of the simplest things to do, depending on the social media platform. It may be time to experiment if your messaging and copy produce the same outcomes.

Split Testing

One of the best strategies for increasing social media ROI is to optimize your strategy for each channel by split-testing your messaging and copy. You'd be astonished at how even the slightest modifications to your wording, tone, or message may result in drastically different outcomes.

Content Testing

Be brave and venture outside your comfort zone to express your brand's voice.

The amount of engagement your posts acquire can be significantly affected by developing a distinctive voice and sharing information on the appropriate platform with a message intended for the right audience.

Facebook is frequently the best medium for sharing in-depth tales about your audience or brand. On the other hand, Twitter is an excellent platform for showcasing the wit of your business with concise Tweets, photographs, or videos. The most popular medium for posting captivating visual content is still Instagram.

Be Client-Centric

You can't force client-centricity upon your agency. You cannot easily incorporate this procedure or instrument into your business's operations. Agencies frequently have a mercenary atmosphere. There isn't much opportunity to establish connections that result in genuine satisfaction and accomplishment.

Be Client-Centric

Instead, it's a mindset and a set of principles. Clients, not products, services, marketing, or operations, are the focus of client-centric businesses. All other factors should be subordinated to the needs and growth of the client.

Here are some tips to become a client-centric agency

  • Understand your client's culture and needs
  • Be honest and transparent with your clients
  • Develop a long-term relationship and strategy
  • Organize your process
  • Rework your values

In part, client-centricity is difficult to establish because it is consistent and specialized. Regardless of the client's size or industry, a client-centric organization provides consistent service across projects and departments. On the other hand, client-centered agencies aren't afraid to step in and make adjustments as necessary to provide personalized service.

Develop A Transparent And Honest Work Culture

Fostering a transparent and honest workplace culture has many advantages, from a sharp rise in client engagement to a significant improvement in goodwill with clients.

Develop An Approval Workflow

Establishing the goal and position of your social media approval procedure inside your marketing strategy is the first step in the planning process.

The objectives for a particular piece of social media content will be discussed and established by your social media team and clients. Your aim could get off course because many team members will be working on one piece of the social media content. As a result, the approver must make sure that the goal of the content piece is upheld throughout the content development phase.

With the help of the social media management applications like Statusbrew, you can schedule posts while ensuring that your client's team has a solid social media approval system. The many steps of content generation, reporting, and approvals can be easily handled using Statusbrew.

An Approval Workflow

Statusbrew creates ideal social media approval procedures with advanced permissions and a flexible approval structure for your clients to submit and approve.

In a nutshell, Statusbrew ensures that there is an open and transparent work approval process that increases the satisfaction of your clients.

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Review Your Analytics

Prepare a plan for how you want to track conversions for your clients and keep an eye on the results of your marketing strategy. Check your metrics regularly, depending on the platform, and send reports to the person in charge from your client's side. Never wait for them to ask. Make sure you are regular in sending the campaign reports.

You can determine if your audience research was successful by periodically reviewing the data to see if their demands have changed. Flexibility is essential as you adjust your strategy in response to new trends and information.

Based on your evaluation, decide if you will have to invest more in the same strategies or work on entirely different ones.

Accelerate Your Agency Growth Using Statusbrew

In a nutshell, the most daily tasks within a social media marketing business are planning, creating, and scheduling content for publication across multiple channels.

Statusbrew is a social media management tool that can help your agency reach its full potential.

Social Media Automation

With Statusbrew, you have more control over your social network platforms. You can post content precisely and regularly, even when you are not at your desk, without forgetting to include anything important. Statusbrew helps automate social media participation, content scheduling, and comment moderation, among many other things.

Automate Social Media Scheduling & Publishing

Automate Social Media Scheduling & Publishing

Statusbrew's scheduling feature is an excellent tool for publishing your content on social networking sites. Using Statusbrew Planner, you can streamline and expedite your social media publishing. You may manage specific posts and campaigns with Statusbrew's Planner and view an entire chronology of all your scheduled or published content.

Automate Social Media Scheduling & Publishing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do agencies fail?

Most social media agencies fail majorly because of five elements: lack of proper planning and objectives, inadequate data tracking, underutilized staff, underuse of social media software, and poor financial flow.

What makes a successful agency?

A strong agency should be an extension of your client's internal team, which means you should collaborate, be involved in developing and implementing the strategy, and share accountability for the outcomes.

What do clients want from social media agencies?

Due to the inevitable growth of social media, every client is looking for a one-stop solution for their social media marketing needs. Make sure to provide your clients with a 360-degree social media service to increase their retention rate.

Why does an agency lose its clients?

Allowing the level of care, inventiveness, and attention deterioration can make clients feel as though they aren't as important as they once were, making them dissatisfied with the finished product and eventually switching to another agency.

What is scalable growth in social media?

Your social growth without sponsored advertising is scalable. It's possible by accomplishing your social media objectives through your behavior, such as consistently connecting with your audience and creating a community.

Abi Ramamoorthy

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