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Oct 3, 2017 2 min read

In accordance with the recent changes in Twitter's Developer Agreement and Policy and Automation Rules, we have been asked by Twitter to update the support for some of the features in our application. Three of our features in the Audience section for Twitter will be altered according to the same. These changes will be observed with effect from 12th October 2017.

From the beginning, Twitter has empowered people and their businesses to build meaningful connections and provide value to its community. But, with time, Twitter observed that this liberty of being able to connect with everyone was being abused by a certain ratio of people by doing aggressive follow/unfollow actions and spam messaging.

We developed Statusbrew with the prime motive of allowing users to grow their businesses in the most authentic way. Being a whitelisted application by Twitter, we respect the values that it wants the users to have.

Hence, to comply with these updates, we are changing the following features:

  • Copy Followers

To prevent indiscriminate follow actions to profiles that did not add any value to one’s Twitter community, we’ve decided to remove the Copy Followers feature.

  • Fast Follow/Unfollow

Having introduced this feature with the best intentions, Twitter informed us that it was being abused by certain users. Because of this many users started having their Twitter accounts blocked. Therefore, we would be removing the Fast Follow/Unfollow feature to comply with Twitter rules. Refer:

  • Welcome DMs and Tweets

The Auto Welcome DMs and Tweets are no longer allowed by Twitter for any third-party application. As a result, we can no longer provide this feature for Twitter. Refer:

  • Twitter Rules

You are no longer able to send DMs and Tweets with Rules Feature on Follow, Retweets, List Add events. Refer:

Note: The other features will be working as usual. Certain other features are facing outage due to the changes we’re making in the system and we would require your cooperation till 12th October.

Other than the changes in these features, everything else will remain the same for Twitter and for all the other social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Please note that these features will be changed for all the users, premium and free.

What’s new after the Twitter Policy Update?

All of our efforts are constantly aimed at providing you with the ultimate convenience in Social Media Management. We want your efforts to be minimized to a maximum of few minutes. The new features will give you a brilliant and intuitive experience with Social Media Management.

We will be introducing integration which will let you track the Click Through Rate for the links that you post on your social profiles. We have started to roll out powerful analytics that will let you make smarter decisions and deliver the very best results on Social Media while having the ability to link these with Google Analytics for precise and powerful understanding, to make the right decisions.

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to stay up to date with the videos of the new features that we will be releasing. For support and queries do write to us and we will ensure all the issues are resolved.

Tushar Mahajan

CEO Statusbrew

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