12 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools In 2024

Jan 23, 2024 15 min read

If you manage social media accounts, you must be aware of how much time it takes to handle multiple accounts.

Now, you don't need to jump back and forth between different platforms and browser tabs to do your work. A social media scheduling tool brings everything together in one place to save you loads of time and effort.

In this article, we are going to highlight 12 of the top social media scheduling tools available to help you pick the right one for your business.

What Is A Social Media Scheduling Tool?

Social media scheduling is known as organizing your social media content calendar to publish your posts at specific times. Using these tools allows you to schedule posts at any time and date. Ideally, marketers use social media scheduling to publish at the best time.

As someone who manages social media, how do the following points feel?

  • Without switching between sites, you can customize your posts for each platform.
  • You can avoid creating frequent real-time posts by timing your postings to encourage interaction.
  • Aim to garner as much engagement as possible for each post by avoiding using the same content.

Amazing, right?

A tool that helps you schedule posts across multiple social media accounts is a social media scheduling tool. It also comes with a unified team calendar that social media managers can use to complete many daily tasks. The tasks include planning and publishing content across numerous channels and keeping track of social media analytics.

Initially, people used to create a comprehensive timetable with the help of Microsoft Excel by analyzing social data to pinpoint periods of high interaction. Then, post each piece of content at that time under a specific username or profile manually.

Now, you can make your life much easier with social media scheduling tools. It not only allows you to schedule your social media posts but also to keep your team organized, save time, optimize workflows, and improve results.

Top 12 Social Media Scheduling Tools For 2024

There are literally more than 100 social media tools on the market that can help you with scheduling posts online, so choosing one would be challenging. We have taken the liberty of analyzing the social media scheduling tools and getting you the top 12 to help you make the best choice.

[Social Media Scheduling Tools Comparison List of 2024]

1. Statusbrew

Best for SMBs, Agencies, Mid-Size Businesses and Enterprise

Statusbrew is a social media management tool designed to simplify the scheduling and publishing process of posts across various social media channels. Catering to small, medium, and large businesses and agencies, Statusbrew aims to make social media management as effortless and as affordable as possible.


With Statusbrew, you can automate the process of post submissions, approving, rejecting, and sending notifications for both content and media.

Statubrew's best market pricing for agencies and small businesses, along with its user-friendly design and superior features, help with your social media productivity and content strategy. It also has features to moderate Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

We also offer trustworthy 24/7 customer care via live chat, email, and social media platforms.

Key Features

  • Schedule content in advance across multiple platforms and let Statusbrew handle the rest.
  • Upload and schedule 6 months of social posts at once
  • Receive custom recommendations on the best time to post based on your audience data and historical performance
  • Craft and schedule multi-part Twitter threads
  • Plan and publish Instagram Stories, Facebook & Instagram Reels, Instagram Carousels & video content without any push notifications
  • Organize your content calendar in a list or switch to a calendar view for a timeline-based overview
  • Build automation for approval, rejections and alerts
  • Store and reuse brand assets from a centralized library
  • Assign team members specific roles and access levels to manage posts and profiles
  • Visualize how your posts will appear on the social platform before even they are published using live previews
  • Add media directly from your Google Drive, Box & Dropbox
  • Create stunning visuals with Canva right from the dashboard
  • Choose images from our integrated royalty free stock libraries
  • Schedule and publish posts on your Google My Business listings with images & button links

Here’s what our customers have to say about us:

I’ve found value in the way this tool handles approvals for scheduling posts. I frequently collaborate with my team and clients. The scheduling process is now more of a collaborative effort rather than a bottleneck, making it easier to get the right messages out there.


  • Lite: $69 per month
  • Standard: $129 per month
  • Premium: $229 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Take a spin at Statusbrew with our 14-day FREE trial period!

2. Sendible

Best for Agencies, SMBs and Mid-Size Businesses


Sendible tool is designed for managing social media and can help you handle multiple clients at once. Sendible works well with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google My Business.

What makes Sendible stand out are features like sentiment analysis and advanced automation.

Key Features

  • Schedule posts individually or in bulk across multiple platforms
  • Visually manage your social media calendar and see scheduled posts
  • View and respond to all social media mentions and messages in one place
  • Store and reuse social media assets like images and videos
  • Automate repetitive tasks like approvals and publishing
  • Create detailed reports tailored to your needs
  • Email reports directly to your clients and set them to be sent out daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Set alerts to receive notifications and emails that match your specified criteria


  • Creator: $29 per month
  • Traction: $89 per month
  • White label+: $750 per month

3. Hootsuite

Best for Agencies, Mid-Size Businesses and Enterprise


Hootsuite is a social media scheduling tool often used by large businesses and enterprises. It is a bit more complex compared to other tools in the same category. Having been around for many years, it has a large user base.

Hootsuite helps businesses plan, create, and schedule social media posts. It also helps manage content and ad campaigns across various platforms from one central dashboard.

Key Features

  • Hootsuite integrates with over 200 apps in their directory
  • Schedule hundreds of posts in advance across multiple platforms
  • Organize and view content from different social channels in one place
  • Draft, edit, and schedule posts with visual previews
  • Collaborate with team members on content creation and scheduling
  • Track engagement and measure the performance of your posts


  • Professional: $99 per month
  • Team: $249 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

4. Buffer

Best for SMBs, Agencies and Mid-Size Businesses


If you are new to social media scheduling tools, Buffer is an excellent starting point. They have a free plan that's ideal if you are not sure how often you will use it, and it's really user-friendly.

Buffer's free plan has some great features. You can manage up to three different social media profiles, organize and post your content easily, design a landing page for your brand, and get help from an AI Assistant tool.

However, like most free plans, Buffer has some limitations. The main one is that it doesn't offer analytics or reports. Also, while you can schedule regular Instagram posts, you can't prepare and schedule Instagram Stories with the free plan.

Key Features

  • Buffer's dashboard is clear and simple
  • Schedule posts on various platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Free plan comes with a landing page builder
  • Easily create and schedule posts with a focus on visual content
  • Build stunning graphics and design social media images within Buffer with Canva integration
  • Schedule posts for specific times or automatically within time slots
  • Invite team members to collaborate on content and scheduling


  • Free: $0 per month
  • Essentials: $6 per month
  • Team: $12 per month

5. CoSchedule

Best for SMBs, Agencies and Mid-Size Businesses


As a social media scheduling platform with a publishing focus, CoSchedule is well-known for its content calendar. You can manage your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr with CoSchedule.

CoSchedule integrates with WordPress and Hubspot, so you can plan and publish your blogs directly from your CoSchedule account. Its re-queue feature allows you to share your top-performing content again.

Key Features

  • A content calendar that shows all the planned social and blog content for your social channels
  • Includes all the essential features for scheduling your content.
  • RSS feed integration and ReQueue to get a steady stream of content.
  • CoSchedule provides separate dashboards for different clients.
  • Create and reuse task templates
  • Social approval and custom reports
  • Suggests the best publishing times


  • Free
  • Social Calendar: $19 per month

6. Zoho Social

Best for SMBs, Agencies and Mid-Size Businesses

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is used to manage social media that helps businesses grow and strengthen their online presence. Zoho is particularly useful for businesses that are expanding and need cost-effective tools for the management of their social media accounts. It supports platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

Key Features

  • SmartQ feature predicts the best times to post for your business
  • Social Listening helps you understand your audience to improve engagement
  • CRM Integration for finding potential leads
  • Create reports to share with clients and include team members with personalized messages
  • Built-in content calendar
  • zShare browser extension that allows you to collect articles as you come across them


  • Standard: $10.89 per month
  • Professional: $29.04 per month
  • Premium: $45.98 per month
  • Agency: $229.89 per month
  • Agency Plus: $333.95 per month

7. Hopper HQ

Best for Influencers and Agencies


Hopper HQ offers fully automated posting, a calendar and grid planner for organizing lots of content at once, detailed analytics, comprehensive image editing, and the option to post captions and the first comment automatically. To really get the most out of your content, Hopper HQ focuses on tracking and finding the best hashtags.

Key Features

  • Suggests optimal times to post based on your audience's activity and content performance
  • Automatically republish evergreen content at regular intervals
  • Plan and schedule multi-image Carousels with individual captions and editing options
  • Visually plan Instagram Stories and schedule their publication
  • Schedule your first comment alongside your post to spark discussion immediately
  • Schedule TikTok videos to be posted on Instagram


  • $16 per month

8. Meta Business Suite

Best for: Individual users, SMBs and Mid Size-Businesses

Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite is a totally free tool for those who focus on posting on Facebook and Instagram. It offers a bunch of great features for improving your content, like smart cropping, automatic captions, video creation, and managing hashtags. But remember, it's mainly for Facebook and Instagram, so it might not meet all your social media needs.

Meta Business Suite

Key Features

  • Post as much as you like on Facebook and Instagram
  • Inspiration Hub is a great place for coming up with new ideas and getting inspired for your content
  • You can schedule and publish several posts at once
  • Test out different types of posts to see what your audience likes best
  • Get detailed analytics to see how your posts and campaigns are doing
  • Create and manage your ad campaigns right in the same tool


  • Free

9. TweetDeck

Best for Individual users, SMBs and Mid Size-Businesses


TweetDeck is your social media scheduling tool if Twitter (now X) is your go-to social media platform. All Twitter premium users have access to this application, which can be used to manage your Twitter conversations and schedule tweets in advance.

If you frequently tweet, maintaining your feed and responding to comments and messages becomes challenging for you to keep up with. With TweetDeck, you can manage your messages and popular hashtags. It organizes your feed into various timelines to make the platform easier to use.

Key Features

  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Easily schedule tweets
  • The scheduled column allows you to keep track of all the scheduled tweets.
  • View multiple timelines
  • View specific content, topics, or hashtags in one interface using Tweetdeck columns.


  • Premium: $8 per month

10. Loomly

Best for Agencies, Mid-Size Businesses and Enterprise


If you are running low on content ideas, Loomly can help by providing custom post suggestions for inspiration. You can also use its central library to store digital assets like links and videos for future use.

Loomly is particularly useful for getting into social media advertising. Along with automated posting for most social networks, it also automates ad management for Instagram and Facebook Ads through the Loomly Ads Manager.

Loomly offers a 15-day free trial, and you don't even have to give your credit card details. This trial gives you enough time to explore the platform and see if it suits your needs.

Key Features

  • Check how your posts will look before they go live using post previews
  • Get unique content ideas
  • Receive advice on how to improve engagement
  • Use an approval process and a commenting system for working with your team
  • Visually schedule posts and plan your social media strategy using a drag-and-drop calendar
  • Save post drafts and collaborate with team members on content
  • Build a visual content calendar with different types of content
  • Monitor brand mentions and conversations across social media
  • Get recommended hashtags to improve your reach
  • Track key metrics and generate reports on your social media performance


  • Base: $42 per month
  • Standard: $85 per month
  • Advanced: $175 per month
  • Premium: $369 per month

11. Pallyy

Best for Individual users, SMBs and Agencies


Pallyy, a new player in the social media management field, has quickly gained attention. Its free-forever plan lets you manage one social profile on each platform, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, Pinterest, and TikTok. It has a user-friendly interface that's great for visually focused content, particularly on Instagram.

The free plan comes with some usage limits, but it still includes all the key features.

Key Features

  • Manage profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, Pinterest, and TikTok
  • Schedule up to 15 posts every month
  • Tailor the tool to fit your needs
  • Set up posts to go live automatically on TikTok
  • Find out the best times to post your content
  • Keep track of your audience and how your posts perform over a 30-day period
  • Watch what your competitors are doing
  • Get up to five AI-created captions each month
  • Use images, captions, and create custom posts
  • Receive 30 weekly credits to improve your hashtag strategy


  • Free
  • Premium - $18 per month

12. Plann

Best for: Influencers and Agencies


Key Features

Plann is a tool for planning and scheduling social media content. It lets users organize and set up their posts for different platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  • Visually plan your Instagram feed and Stories weeks in advance with a drag-and-drop interface
  • See how your Instagram feed will look with scheduled posts
  • Schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Plan and schedule Instagram Stories with features like stickers, text, and music


  • Power User: $12.5 per month
  • Built: $25 per month
  • Grow: $62.5 per month

Why Are Social Media Scheduling Tools Important For SMBs & Agencies?

Small business owners and social media managers can automate publishing to various social media platforms using social media scheduling tools.

One of the most asked questions is how scheduling from one dashboard saves you so much time.

Start by producing additional content or honing your editing and copywriting skills, for example, with that extra time. Most social media management tools frequently do much more than schedule and publish posts. They also include a variety of helpful features for analytics and tracking.

The major reasons why small businesses and agencies should use a social media scheduling tool are:


To Keep A Regular Publishing Schedule

Usually, any social media manager would plan the social content for 30 days. It takes time to envision and post all the content on time manually. It would help if you had a calendar to understand your schedule and take time to work on the other content. Another important point is when you look at the publishing schedule, you will know if you have covered gaps and have the necessary windows for festivals and campaigns.

To Post At The Perfect Time

Every social media post that goes out involves a lot of thought and effort. All the efforts will pay only when it reaches the expected outcome, like repeatedly occurring on the target market's newsfeed.

When your post is randomly posted without a specific timing, there is a high chance of the content not appearing on top in your followers' newsfeeds.

Scheduling in advance helps to publish at the right time and reach the right audience.

To Plan Your Content In One Place

How difficult is it to plan your content for multiple social media platforms in different places?

With the help of a social media content calendar that supports all the social platforms, you can identify what you need and collect the appropriate content and Statusbrew captions, links, hashtags, and ad strategy.

To Have Cross-Functional Visibility

A social scheduling tool helps a lot in cross-functional visibility. Cross-functional visibility means bringing your social team’s talents, from post creators to approvers, to work together. Tools with approval workflow help you to organize and understand the social media schedule.

A separate calendar for each client works wonders for your agency, as the clients can be aware of what is happening.

To Analyze The Performance

Analyzing the performance of your existing posts is the main method to know whether all your hard work has paid off. It is a complete reflection of your strategy and efforts

● What worked well?
● What posts didn't work as much as you expected them to?
● What type of content reached the maximum engagement?
● Which social media platform works best for you?
● Which copy worked well?

Social media scheduling tools also help develop a multi-channel social media strategy. For instance, if you want a post to go out only on Instagram and Pinterest, whereas a different update only on LinkedIn and Twitter at once, it can be easily organized via the calendar in advance. According to a survey, consistency increases conversions by 33%.

How To Choose the Best Social Media Scheduling Tool?

Many options are available for social media schedulers, so you must pick one with the most features your business needs.

It would be helpful if you looked for the following features in a social media scheduling tool:


Multi-Platform Compatibility

Most businesses want to keep an active presence on at least two or three of the major social media platforms. If this applies to you, ensure the choosen scheduling tool will allow you to manage your social media publishing from a single, central content calendar.

You can easily schedule social media posts using the bulk schedule features of the apps on this list for various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

Content Calendar and Media Handling

You should be able to quickly see what is scheduled to go live when scheduling your social media posts in advance. You can visualize your planned social media campaigns using tools in this list. They all include an intuitive content calendar that you can use to keep a check on schedule and make adjustments as needed.


Features For Collaboration And Curation

Creating content takes just as much time as releasing it if you work with a team. When selecting a social media scheduling tool, think about using one that allows you to interact with coworkers and clients smoothly via one central content calendar and curate new and exciting content.


Additional Features For Managing Social Media

An all-in-one solution with publishing and scheduling tools is an excellent choice if you need a complete social media management platform. Tools like Statusbrew, for instance, offer a social media inbox, a content schedule, publishing features, listening and analytics tools, and more, along with content scheduling.

Tips To Make Social Media Scheduling Easier

Social media scheduling tools can help a lot. However, you can still go above and above to simplify your life and make the most of technology. Here are some of the tips that can make your scheduling journey easy.

Save hashtags: Keep a list of your most valuable hashtags close at hand when you're planning and scheduling social media content.

Enhance your social strategy: Include both best-performing and experimental content in your social media strategy. Since many social schedulers allow for evergreen content recycling, it makes sense to queue up both with fresh, topical pieces.

Track the effectiveness of your content: You need more than just scheduling social media posts and letting them go. You must gather helpful information about your target audience, including their engagement levels, interests, and activity details, to continue producing and distributing high-quality, engaging content to your audience.

Choose The Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

There are a ton of social media tools available, but choosing the best that suits your needs is the hard part. We suggest you to schedule a demo, understand the tools and analyze it with your needs.

Statusbrew is an all-in-one social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

Sounds interesting? Book a FREE demo today ?

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about the best social media scheduling tools:

Why use social media scheduling tools?

There are several benefits to using social media scheduling tools, especially for small businesses: saving time and effort, staying consistent, optimizing for engagement, analyzing performance, and collaborating with team members.

Which is the best social media scheduler for small businesses?

The best social media scheduler for small businesses is Statusbrew. It helps small businesses and agencies to create, plan, customize easily, and schedule posts for multiple social media accounts from one dashboard.

Is there a free way to schedule social media posts?

Yes, you can schedule Facebook and Instagram posts for free using Meta Business Suite and even use TweetDeck to schedule tweets.

Is Hootsuite a free tool?

The short answer is no! Hootsuite had a free plan that allowed users to manage one social media account and schedule up to 5 posts per month. But they discontinued the plan on March 31st, 2023.

What are the top social media scheduling tools for small businesses?

The top social media scheduling tools for small businesses are Statusbrew, Later, Buffer Sendible, & Agorapulse.

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