12 Months, 12 Updates To Your Favourite Social Media Manager

Feb 19, 2019 6 min read

Since 2018, until now, the Statusbrew app has changed a lot and for the better. From introducing new features to updating and perfecting the existing ones, we've tried to make the app smarter and deliver the best experience possible. Here's a recap to everything we added and everything we improved.

Reports βeta [January '18]

We released the Beta version of Reports in December 2017 and developed the feature from there on. Mid-January 2018, the feature was developed completely and rolled out to all our users.

With the release of a brand new Reporting section, the idea was to enable our users to analyze every aspect of their social media activity and track ROI.
Statusbrew - Reports

Since then, we’ve made a number of improvements to the feature such as the ability to add more filters to view your data in various visual formats such as Bar, Line, Area, and Table.

Engage [February '18]

February marks our birthday, and so we had 2 significant updates during this month.

The Engage Section -- is a real-time Social Media Monitoring solution for tracking your social activity across multiple networks from a single Dashboard. This makes it easier to collaborate with your team and never miss out on any conversation and turn your customers into brand loyalists & advocates.

Statusbrew - Engage

We made the Engage feature more powerful by developing a rule engine that helps you assign specific triggers for the nature of conversations such as DMs, mentions, and keywords. You can also assign these conversations to specific team members using the rule engine.

Improvements To CSV Uploads [February '18]

The CSV uploads made life easy for so many social media managers out there. Our power users were now able to upload days, weeks and even months worth of posts in advance and schedule them for a specific time. CSV upload also enabled everyone to add media such as images and links to their posts.

In the next set of improvements, we made sure to scale efficiency of these operations by introducing multiple selections of posts with 1 click that let you clear your Scheduled, Paused or Failed posts.

Account editors could now quickly approve all posts with a single click!

Video Publishing βeta [March '18]

Added functionality to simply upload videos and post them to your preferred connected networks. Choose to publish the videos immediately, save as drafts or schedule them for a later time.

Measure your post-performance with the help of in-built analytics that helps you understand how your social audience reacts to your video content and compare your social media marketing efforts!

Statusbrew - Video Publishing

Slack Integration [April '18]

Slack integration was one of the most popular requests we received at that time. We launched the Slack Integration for Businesses and Agencies. For teams already on Slack, this integration changed the way they communicate and collaborate for Social Publishing and Brand Monitoring.

With Statusbrew's Slack Integration,

  • Make your approval workflows a breeze
  • Enable instant alerts for your team
  • Helps you get social converstaions around your brand right in your channel
  • Keep your team in sync with Statusbrew updates
  • Notify your team about important leads
Statusbrew - Slack Integration

Bitly Integration [May '18]

We introduced custom branded short domain using bit.ly for our Business and Enterprise users. If you own a BSD, connect it to Statusbrew and create your own branded links across all the social channels. Measure the click-rate, engagement metrics and further define your audience segment.

This works great when your client or brand already has a custom domain and would help you maintain their identity and recognition.

Statusbrew - bit.ly integration

Social Listening [June '18]

The listening feature was rolled out to all our users. Our listening feature enabled everyone to discover a new set of potential leads for their product, brand or simply monitor a favorite topic beyond social feeds.

The Listening feature helps you keep a close eye out for social conversations that interests you, provide you with Sentiment Analysis of the conversations and understand how people talk about your brand or service.

The Listening feature also enables you to add multiple search operators to help you maximize the efficiency of your social Listening process.

Statusbrew - listening feature

Content Pool [July '18]

Content Pool was launched specifically for our Enterprise users. With Content Pool, we changed the way media and design assets were managed.

Users were enabled to store, retrieve and manage all the digital assets from one unified dashboard. This made it easier for teams to coordinate and use design elements hassle-free.

Statusbrew - Content Pool

A Brand New Composer [August '18]

We revamped the post composer completely to deliver a whole new richer experience that lets you curate content for multiple profiles more seamlessly.

Select multiple accounts, add the media type you want from your local files, Content Pool or search on Unsplash/Pixabay from within the Statusbrew app. Add tags to your post send for approval, scheduled for later or save your posts as drafts. The new composer also shows you a preview of how your post would look on every social media channel.

Statusbrew - Create-post

Improved Support For Team Member Permissions [October '18]

As we were working on introducing a bunch of new features such as Engage, Content Pool, Listening and integrations, making updates to Team Member management was a need of the hour. The significant updates made to Team Member support are that you can now assign access to specific users for specific features and can completely hide the features that you don't want certain team members to see.

You could easily give a Team Member full access by checking the 'Mark user as ADMIN' or go ahead with selecting and assigning specific access rights to features and even Groups.
Amazing, right?.

Statusbrew - Permissions

Introducing Twitter Mentions in Post [November '18]

With Statusbrew you can quickly mention Twitter profiles when creating a post. Just type @ and few characters, it will automatically list you all the Twitter handles matching the search.

Statusbrew - Twitter Mentions

Introduced Google My Business Reviews [January '19]

Statusbrew now allows you to monitor Google Reviews for your business in your Engage Inbox. Just connect your Google My Business profile to Statusbrew account and reply to the users' reviews directly from Inbox.

Measure results and track performance with the built-in analytics features for your GMB account.

We also published a comprehensive blog detailing how you can get a Google My Business account and make the most of it.


All New Planner [February '19]

We unveiled the new Planner last week. Now, you can see the days you don't have a post scheduled, so you can quickly create one and keep your conversations going! The new planner is a cleaner, more functional and helps you prioritize your tasks by showing you the posts that need your immediate attention (such as approval) on top, followed by all other scheduled posts!

Statusbrew - Planner

Found these updates interesting? We'd love to have you try Statusbrew for your brand or even for your personal use. Just head on to www.statusbrew.com and select the plan of your choice to start a 14-day trial. Reach out to us on Twitter @Statusbrew for an extended trial!

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