10 Expert Tips To Optimize Customer Experience (CX) With Social Media

Jun 3, 2023 7 min read

Social media sparked a revolution in communication. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have transformed how we interact with businesses and how they operate.

Thanks to social media, companies can connect with customers easily, send messages and receive answers within minutes. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, with a higher likelihood of recommending the company to others.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Businesses that fail to answer promptly or share inadequate responses can quickly damage their reputation and lose clients.

Here are 10 pro tips on how to provide exceptional customer experience on social media – no matter the company size.

10 Expert Tips On How To Boost Your Social Media CX

  1. Be Responsive
  2. Take Advantages Of Technologies
  3. Keep Up With Trends
  4. Be Authentic
  5. Personalize Your Responses
  6. Offer Proactive Support
  7. Use Eye-Catching Visuals
  8. Leverage User-Generated Content
  9. Monitor Your Competition
  10. Measure Your Results

1. Be Responsive

Did you know that clients who receive a response within the first hour are six times more likely to become a lead than those who receive a response within the first two hours?

Did you know that 35% of customers who complain on social media expect a response within 2 hours?

This means you don't have too much time to address their concerns and provide a positive customer experience. It's crucial to have a dedicated team that monitors your social media channels and promptly responds to clients' inquiries and comments. A quick and helpful response shows that you value your customers' time and feedback.

By being responsive, you also demonstrate that you are willing to take ownership of any issues that arise and work towards resolving them.

2. Take Advantages Of Technologies

Talking about responsiveness, we know that keeping track of all the chatter about your brand with the sheer volume of online conversations can be tricky.

This is where social media listening tools come in. Using them lets you maintain a close check on social media talks about your business, allowing you to respond quickly to any favorable or bad feedback. This strategy will enable you to increase client happiness and loyalty.

Social media listening tools also let you identify new chances to engage with customers. It can help you stay ahead of the competition and create a customer-centric approach that sets you apart.

Another piece of tech to keep an eye on is cloud-based VoIP call center software. While not directly connected to social media, VoIP software improves customer experience, as well as expands your business' reach. How?

It streamlines your team's communication channels, allowing them to work more efficiently and provide personalized customer support.

Furthermore, it gives your team access to many tools like international phone numbers, enabling them to expand your country's coverage and cater to a broader audience.

Social media exists in a world of constant changes. Platforms come and go, new features are added, and trends emerge seemingly overnight.

To stay ahead of the game, you need to be willing to adapt and evolve. This means keeping up with the latest trends, like TikTok and BeReal.

But it's not just about jumping on the latest bandwagon - the point here is to provide the best possible customer experience. By staying up-to-date on the latest trends, you can engage with your customers in new and exciting ways.

However, following trends doesn't mean constantly changing your strategy. It's essential to remain true to your brand and values, even when adapting to the enchanted waters of new platforms.

So, to sum up: if you want to succeed on social media, remember to stay agile, stay true to your brand, and, above all, focus on providing exceptional customer experiences.

4. Be Authentic

Let's talk about authenticity some more! If there's one thing customers crave, it's realness. They want to feel like they are connecting with actual people, not just a faceless brand.

So, how can you be more authentic in your social media communications?

The first step is to be honest and transparent. Don't try to hide behind a veil of perfection - customers will see right through it. Instead, be open about your successes and your failures.

Another way to show your authenticity is to engage with your audience genuinely. When responding to comments and messages, show your personality.

By prioritizing authenticity in your social media communications, you'll set yourself apart from the competition and build stronger customer relationships.

So go ahead, be real - your customers will appreciate it!

5. Personalize Your Responses

In today's world, consumers seek more than just a transactional relationship with brands. They want to feel valued and heard, and personalized interactions can help achieve that.

By personalizing your social media responses, you can build stronger customer relationships. To do this, address customers by name and use language and tone close to their hearts. You can also use data from previous interactions to provide relevant offers and recommendations.

Doing so shows that you understand their preferences and are invested in creating a positive customer experience.

To streamline and enhance your social media engagement, Statusbrew offers a unified inbox that helps you to manage all your social media conversations in one place. Within the inbox, you can personalize your responses, track customer interactions, and collaborate with your team so that no customer conversation goes unanswered.

6. Offer Proactive Support

Imagine you're walking down the street, and someone offers to carry your bags before you even ask them for help. How good does that feel?

The same applies to customer service on social media. Offering proactive support can go a long way in building strong customer relationships.

By being attentive to client's needs and assisting them before they ask for it, you demonstrate a level of care that will leave a lasting impression. For example, responding to customer inquiries with helpful information and suggestions for related products or services builds trust and loyalty.

7. Use Eye-Catching Visuals

If you want your social media strategy to stand out, incorporating eye-catching visuals is a must. Images and videos are more likely to grab people's attention than plain text.

And they can leave a lasting impression on your audience.

To showcase your offerings and bring your brand to life, use visual content like product demos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or user-generated posts. This will help your brand story resonate better with your audience and create a deeper connection with them.

Plus, getting creative with visual content and experimenting with different styles and formats can be a lot of fun!

8. Leverage User-generated Content

Have you ever wondered why some brands have such loyal followers?

It may be because they've mastered the art of user-generated content (UGC). UGC is any unique content your customers create that showcases their experiences with your products or services.

Why is UGC so influential?
Well, it's simple - people trust users more than they trust brands. After all, brands' main interest is to sell, right? When your audience sees that other customers genuinely enjoy your products or services, they will more likely engage with your brand.

So, how can you encourage UGC?
One great way is to ask your audience to share their stories, photos, and videos related to your brand. Then, make sure to reshare that content on your social media platforms. Besides supporting engagement, it also creates a sense of community. Plus, who knows - you might even create some brand advocates in the process!

9. Monitor Your Competition

Keeping an eye on your competition is critical in business. Moreover, with social media, it's easier than ever to keep up with what your competitors are up to.

You can discover trends, understand competitors' processes, and remain ahead by watching their social media outlets. For example, you can examine their content strategy, engagement rate, and follower growth.

But don't just mindlessly replicate competitors' strategies; instead, utilize them as inspiration to build something unique and better. Take note of your audience's reactions and generate material that speaks to them.

Learn more about competitor reporting with this guide.
How To Perform A Social Media Competitive Analysis

With social media, it's easier than ever to keep up with what your competitors are up to. But how can you get this? Statusbrew's competitor reporting is here to help.

Statusbrew's competitor reporting helps you gain insights into your competitors' social media strategies to uncover trends, analyze their content performance, and understand their audience engagement.

10. Measure Your Results

In social media, simply posting content and hoping for the best isn't enough. You need to track your metrics to understand what's working and what's not.

By monitoring your social media metrics, you can better understand what your audience is responding to. Are they engaging with your posts? Are they following your account? Are they clicking through to your website?

If you notice that specific metrics are low, it may be time to adjust your strategy. For example, if your engagement rate is down, you may need to change your content strategy or increase engagement efforts.

But tracking your social media metrics isn't just about fixing problems - it's also about identifying opportunities. If you notice that a particular type of content is performing exceptionally well, you can double down on it.

In short, tracking your metrics is crucial for understanding your audience, refining your strategy, and improving your overall social media presence.

To measure your social media efforts and track your performance, social media analytics tools like Statusbrew provide invaluable assistance. With Statusbrew, you can effectively track key metrics, gain insights into audience engagement, and evaluate the response time of each team member. This comprehensive report allows you to identify any gaps in your social media customer service and make data-driven improvements.


Social media has changed how businesses communicate with their customers. Thus, providing exceptional customer experience on these platforms is essential.

Businesses must be responsive, continuously improve, use helpful tools, offer proactive support, empower their teams, and incorporate eye-catching visuals. Furthermore, remember to stay agile and true to your brand. And have fun! Get as creative with your content as possible.

After all, social media is a platform that allows companies to showcase their personalities and connect with customers on a more personal level.

Embrace the power of social media tips to revolutionize your customer experience, unlock endless possibilities, and soar to new heights in the digital landscape.

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