Introducing Statusbrew's Listening Feature

Jun 6, 2018 3 min read

As a technology company with a mission to help people make connections that they care about, in the year 2018 we strive to build a complete product that solves your evolving needs to meet newer challenges that the dynamic social media brings about. As a consequence, we commenced the newness of the year with the rollout of 'Video Publishing' feature and also a 'Social Inbox.' Making progress with the expanding integrations for Bitly and Slack. What's more, we guaranteed to deliver more to empower users in managing all their favorite social networks from a single unified dashboard.

Today, we are taking one more step in delivering a complete social media experience to our customers. We’re pleased to announce Statusbrew's Listening feature! Statusbrew's Listening feature is available as a premium add-on to the Truly Essential, Business and Enterprise plans.?

Why Statusbrew is Introducing Listening

"Social listening is the process of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and industry online."

Over the last month we have continuously received requests from our dedicated users to facilitate 'Social Listening' with the Statusbrew's 'Social Monitoring Inbox - Engage' that allows teams to follow conversations from all Social Networks on one platform. Considering the importance of social listening, today we've opened a whole new world of Listening, which again gets us one step closer to providing you with A Truly Unified Solution For Everything Social!


Social media is a great medium for improving customer service because it connects companies with its customers in real time and with social media monitoring you can become part of the conversation as soon as it happens. By leveraging the right monitoring tool, marketing professionals can easily search for keywords, hashtags, brands, industries and multimedia content to analyze sentiment, find topic correlations and uncover trends, assess them and then respond quickly in real time.

Statusbrew's engage inbox can be easily connected to the new listening feature. Use it as an all-in-one system to catch conversations about your topics, keywords, key phrases, and jump into an active conversation the moment it happens. The end goal of social media monitoring for customer service is to increase brand loyalty and visibility, as well as exceed customer expectations by creating delight.

Statusbrew's Listening for Elevating Your Marketing Strategy

Statusbrew's Listening feature facilitate real-time and ongoing analysis of any topic, hashtag, brand, industry and more on Twitter. You can uncover not just what people are saying, but also how they feel and any related context.

The Statusbrew's Listening experience starts from creating the keyword categories under the listening section in Engage. Here you can easily create up to 25 basic and advanced queries even without knowledge of complex boolean operators. With a real-time previewer that supports dynamic, in-line refinements, you can ensure you’re focused on the most relevant results before committing to tracking the conversations around the keyword you entered.

You can listen more efficiently by using keywords with operators. Learn More

From the current dashboard, you can easily access your query results. Open the conversations act on them and once you extracted the required information, close the conversation.

Teamwork made easier
It’s perfect for the teams! Without having to go through any trouble of handling the conversations yourself you can assign it to your team members. You can send an internal message to the assigned team member through notes in order to inform them on how to handle the conversation. It will make coordinating within your team much easier.

It is Just a Beginning!

Statusbrew’s vision is to help people make connections that matter and forge stronger relationships. This is an ongoing process that we continuously strive hard to build innovative solutions for. By no means, we are going to slow down. We have lot many exciting features waiting to be rolled out just so that you always have an edge in the dynamic social world.

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