New Messenger API For Instagram Is Here! A Game Changer For Businesses

Jun 3, 2021 2 min read

Statusbrew users will soon be able to reply to Instagram DMs & Story Mentions directly from the Engage Inbox.

At the F8 Refresh virtual conference, Facebook has opened up the availability for the Messenger API for Instagram.

"When developers have access to the right tools, they can build things that create value for everyone, whether that's social experiences that bring people joy or new ways for businesses to stay afloat during a crisis" - Zuckerberg.

What Does This Mean For Your Business

Facebook today announced that all businesses will now have access to the Messenger API for messaging on Instagram.

This update makes it easier for your businesses to manage & automate direct message (DM) communication with users and do much more.

This new API will let you manage all your Instagram direct communication at scale from a platform like Statusbrew.

This means you can now:

  • Improve your average response time on Instagram
  • Save hours each day on customer support
  • Engage with customers in real-time
  • Manage Instagram communication as a team
  • Get more leads & improve conversion rate

Statusbrews syncs all your conversations across social in a single unified inbox.

Access To The New Instagram Messenger API

The access to the new Instagram Messenger API will be happening in three phases. Here's the expected phased global rollout for the new API:

  • Phase 1 (current): Instagram business accounts with more than 10K followers and less than 100K followers can connect to the API.

  • Phase 2 (July 2021): Instagram accounts with between 1K and 100K followers will be able to connect to the API.

  • Phase 3 (end of Q3): Remaining accounts will be able to connect to the API.

Check out the Facebook for developers page for more details.

Stay tuned for further updates!

What This Means For Statusbrew Users

Our most requested features from the last few years have always been the support for Instagram Direct Publishing & Instagram Direct Messages.

While the former went live early this year, Instagram Direct Messages are now coming to your favorite social media management platform very soon.

With the new Messenger API for Instagram, Statusbrew users can reply to 1:1 Instagram interactions directly from the Engage Inbox.

All your direct communication on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can now be managed from one single place.

With Engage Inbox, you'll now be able to:

And do much more!

The new Messenger API opens up a new way for your brand to interact with customers on Instagram & we're ready to bring it to you.

We'll keep you posted on what's coming up. Stay tuned!

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