How Statusbrew Helped Creator Mill Master Multi-Creator Management

Jan 6, 2024 5 min read

At Statusbrew, we are constantly finding new ways to improve the impact of social media management for our clients.

One of our recent success stories revolves around our collaboration with Creator Mill, a content creation agency specializing in helping creators generate a new income stream and audience, particularly YouTubers.

Recently, Tushar Mahajan (C.E.O Statusbrew) had a chat with Gonçalo Santos, Creator Partnership Manager at Creator Mill, to learn how his team uses Statusbrew to support all stages of the content creation journey for YouTubers and other video creators. They have got some smart ways to save time and spread videos far and wide.

We have tidied up our chat a bit to make it easy to read and get the main points quickly.


Q: Can you tell us a bit about Creator Mill and the services you provide?

Gonçalo: "I'm Goncalo, the creator partnership manager at Creator Mill. We specialize in helping content creators, particularly YouTubers, expand their audiences across various social media platforms.

We do the heavy lifting of editing and reformatting videos to fit each social platform's unique style and requirements so that creators can focus on what they do best – creating amazing content! Our goal is to save time for creators while making sure their videos get the attention they deserve."

Q: What are some of the main challenges that YouTubers face?

Gonçalo: "Content creators have a lot on their plates. They need to constantly come up with new video ideas, shoot them, handle editing, manage their content, and look for ways to expand their audience. One significant challenge is spreading their content across multiple social media platforms, which is quite time-consuming and requires specific editing skills to meet each platform's requirements."

Q: How does Creator Mill help YouTubers overcome these challenges?

Gonçalo: "We assist YouTubers by editing their existing videos to suit different platforms like Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube Shorts. Our team restructures content to meet the unique requirements of each social platform, helping creators grow their presence on multiple social media channels."

Q: What was the process like before you started working with Statusbrew?

Gonçalo: "Before Statusbrew, our process was tedious. It involved multiple steps of downloading the videos, reviewing them, sending them back for edits, and manually uploading videos on social media. This process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. It would lead to delays in getting videos published and an increased workload, which made it inefficient for both our team and our creators.

Also, the native social media reporting tools lacked the flexibility to create customized reports that aligned with our specific requirements. We were unable to filter and present data in a way that provided their clients with a clear understanding of their social media performance."

Q: How has Statusbrew improved your workflow?

Gonçalo: "Statusbrew streamlined our entire workflow. Editors upload videos directly to Statusbrew, where our team reviews them. If a video needs changes, we leave comments directly on the platform. Once approved, the videos are automatically scheduled for publication. This process saves time and reduces errors and the need for back-and-forth communication.

Statusbrew's Asset Library is a centralized repository for all your brand assets. You can store your brand's digital assets in text, image, link, or video format to maintain your brand's visual identity. You can even organize your assets using tags campaigns and quickly choose the stored content and schedule it with a click of a button. "

Statusbrew's Asset Library

Q: What unique features of Statusbrew have been particularly beneficial?

Gonçalo: "One of the features that we absolutely needed but were unable to find in other solutions was the ability to create custom publishing schedules. This flexibility allowed us to tailor publishing times for different content types so that each format reached its intended audience at the best times. Statusbrew was the sole platform catering to this specific need to optimize our content delivery.

You can set up Publish Rules in Statusbrew for an advanced level of control and optimization in content delivery. This way, you can ensure that content not only goes out at the best times but also meets your predefined standards and criteria. Different content types can have different rules associated with them for approval and scheduling.

Statusbrew: Publish Rules

In fact, you can also automate the approval process. You can also create a rule to receive automatic notifications for all post updates in your desired Slack channel.

Statusbrew supports video post creation, publishing, customization, and performance tracking for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can even create and add thumbnails and add captions to your video without leaving the platform."

"If there is any feature that we need or if there is any issue, they (Statusbrew team) have always been glad to help us, and they have always introduced those features whenever we need them."

Gonçalo Santos
Creator Partnership Manager, Creator Mill

Q: Did you face any challenges when you initially signed up with Statusbrew?

Gonçalo: "Initially, the platform didn't support Facebook Reels, which was a critical feature for us. However, after discussing our needs, Statusbrew quickly integrated this feature.

We also faced issues with upload times for longer videos, but the Statusbrew team resolved it in just 2 days.

Statusbrew gives you the flexibility to schedule your Facebook and Instagram Reels at the best times for maximum engagement, check previews, and add custom thumbnails."

Statusbrew: Facebook and Instagram Reels Publishing

"I remember at the time, I reached out to Statusbrew, and in a matter of 2 days, they fixed it. So everything has been great, the support from Statusbrew has been great, and I don’t think that any of the other social media management platforms would offer this kind of support and closely work like Statusbrew has been doing."

Gonçalo Santos
Creator Partnership Manager, Creator Mill

Q: How has Statusbrew's custom report feature helped your business?

Gonçalo: "Initially, we would create social media reports within Statusbrew, copy report URLs, and send them to our creators for monthly review. This process felt cumbersome and lacked efficiency. We wanted a solution to embed reports directly onto their website.

Recognizing this need, Statusbrew brought a white-labeling feature that allowed us to embed reports directly onto our website. This not only improved the user experience for our clients but also eliminated the need for external links while also maintaining brand consistency.

Statusbrew's reports provide unmatched metrics, customization, and sharing features. You can create tailored reports according to your client's needs, choose which metrics you want to highlight from our comprehensive list of 238 metrics, customize the report layout, and focus on the data that matters most to your clients.

You can easily share external live report links with your team members, clients, and stakeholders in or outside your organization."

Our responsive support team is always ready to cater to your unique needs. Request a free demo of Statusbrew today to make your social media team more productive.

Rushali Das

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