How Statusbrew Amplified Multilingual Community Management For Vivid Money

Dec 16, 2023 5 min read

At Statusbrew, we understand the challenges that come with managing multilingual online communities, especially for businesses aiming to expand their global reach. This becomes evident to us in our collaboration with Vivid Money, a leading neo-bank.

Recently, Tushar Mahajan (C.E.O Statusbrew) had an interesting chat with Vladimir Trofimov, Community Manager at Vivid Money. In this talk, we learned a lot about how Statusbrew makes it easier for them to connect with their customers, no matter what language they speak.

Our chat with Vladimir was insightful, packed with practical tips, and yes, edited down to give you the clearest and most engaging takeaways.

Q: Can you tell us about Vivid Money? What does it offer?

Vivid Money is a neo-bank offering a range of financial services through its app. It's an online bank providing financial tools, investment options, crypto services, daily banking, and a rewards system. Our multilingual app and localized support cater to the diverse European market, currently operating in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Austria.

Vivid Money

Q: What was your role at Vivid Money?

Vladimir: I am a Community Manager at Vivid Money, part of the social media team. My primary responsibility is to manage online communities and drive traffic to our social media content.

Q: How did Vivid Money scale its operations, and what role did community management play?

Vladimir: As Vivid was scaling and hiring more people, the focus on organic publishing increased, and so did the investment in community management. I led the initiative to improve our online presence and organic engagement.

Q: What was the main objective of using Statusbrew in your operations?

Vladimir: The primary goal was to engage with our customers. Statusbrew provided a comprehensive view of all our engagements in a unified dashboard. This allowed us to respond to all incoming interactions from social media, be there for the customers, and handle any mentions of our company across different platforms.

Inbox Tools

Q: How was the community management team structured at Vivid Money?

Vladimir: We had a team of 10 members managing the community through Statusbrew for different markets. Each team member focused on conversations in specific languages like English, French, German, and Spanish, which helped us have a better overview of activities in each market.

Q: Q: Can you describe a unique use case of Statusbrew at Vivid Money?

Vladimir: A notable use case was managing multi-language teams. Statusbrew helped us to separate conversations by language automatically and allowed for team collaboration across different languages. This feature is something not offered by other tools.

Statusbrew provides support for multiple languages, so you can use the platform in your own language and connect with audiences worldwide.

If you get a comment or message in a language you or your team don't speak, the Engage inbox in Statusbrew allows you to translate these messages into either English or Japanese right within the Engage inbox. The user interface of Statusbrew is currently available in English & Japanese.

Q: What were some of the challenges in moderating conversations, and how did Statusbrew help?

Vladimir: As a fintech company, moderating conversations was important for us to protect our customers and maintain the integrity of our online presence. We had to deal with a lot of spam and fraudulent comments that asked our customers to share personal data. Statusbrew helped us set up rules and filters to automatically label and segregate suspicious conversations, which we would have done manually otherwise.

Statusbrew's Moderation feature

Statusbrew's Moderation feature is a smart guard for your social media profiles to keep out spam. You can set up automatic rules to filter out unwanted noise and ensure your conversations are clean and professional.

  • Block Bad Language: Set up a rule to automatically remove offensive conversations from comments under your organic and dynamic posts. Statusbrew even has a ready-to-use list of swear words to help you start.
  • Customize Your Filters: Different social networks have different types of spam. You can make specific rules for each network. For example, get rid of those "quick money" schemes on Twitter or unwanted loan offers on Facebook.
  • Monitor and Measure: Track how well you are fighting spam by tagging suspicious comments. Analyze them in reports to fine-tune your strategy.
  • Keep Your Inbox Clean: Automatically close conversations that are just spam to keep your inbox focused on real interactions.

Let Statusbrew help you create a spam-free zone where your audience can really connect with what you have to offer.

Q: How did Statusbrew help in team collaboration?

Vladimir: Statusbrew eliminated the need for us to give access to each team member manually. Its role-based access feature ensured that each team member could access only the data they needed for their specific role.

Statusbrew's role-based access feature eases your teamwork without losing control. When you set up your social media profiles and group them, you get to decide who in your team can do what for each profile. For example, you can give some team members full access to engage with all customers, manage conversations, and even jot down internal notes. Other team members, like interns, might have access to view these conversations.

Role-Based Access Control

Statusbrew also offered tools for internal collaboration, such as the ability to leave notes, assign tasks, and share feedback directly within the platform to improve communication and task management among the team members.

You can leave internal notes for your team members about any conversation. The good thing here is that you can add notes and have internal conversations with your team on every comment you receive in a thread.

These internal notes support @mentions. So you can direct a note towards any users or user groups. The mentioned users will also get notified about the internal note immediately.

Collaborative Tools

Q: How did Statusbrew's reporting tools assist in managing team performance?

Vladimir: Statusbrew's reporting tools provide metrics to monitor the average response time of our team members, which is an important metric for measuring customer service efficiency.

Statusbrew's team engagement metrics provide a detailed view of how well your brand and team handle social media conversations. These metrics help to understand the volume of customer interactions, your team's performance, and how quickly they respond to incoming conversations and identify ways to improve workflow management for better social care.

Response Time Tracking

Statusbrew’s advanced reports provided data about the volume and patterns of incoming engagement. It helped us understand peak engagement periods and plan our resource allocation accordingly.

Statusbrew strongly emphasizes compliance and data security, which is particularly important for finance organizations like Vivid Money.

We secure your data by keeping track of all team activity logs for accountability and transparency, providing Single Sign-On (SSO), SOC2, and GDPR Compliance.

If you also want to manage your multilanguage community on social media & combat spam comments, request a free demo of Statusbrew today!

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