Case Study: Timely, Japan

May 1, 2018 2 min read

Timely Ltd. was established in 2009 as a small Media Advertising company in Osaka, Japan. Fast forward to 2018, now they’re an Enterprise level Social Media Marketing Agency with the head branch office in Tokyo, besides regional branches in Osaka, Fukuoka, Kagawa, Kagoshima and Miyagi prefecture.
Their ARR for 2017-18 was 19 Billion Yen.


Timely’s Aims

Timely had a clear aim to increase their ROI through:

  • Increased Impressions of their social posts
  • Cut down the cost of training for both their team and clients

For this, they were looking for a unified solution that could help them manage all of their clients’ social profiles, while hitting their aims at the same time.
Saving time in educating their team to get familiar with a Social Media Management tool was an essential focus. Also, they needed an easier way to display the results to their clients and prove their ROI. They had tried some other tool in the past to track their progress, till they discovered Statusbrew in 2016.

Statusbrew’s Solutions

The prime reason for why Timely opted for Statusbrew was our user-friendly interface for their team to learn and work with, and at the same time our Analytical Reports and Insights were what their team was looking in for a visual display for their progress.

These Insights helped the Timely team to reduce their time in educating their customers and providing them with the Visual Reports that they could understand and see the ROI.

From the beginning, the Timely team worked closely with Statusbrew team to help them build a proven social media strategy. Then, according to the plan, they started targeting clients which were mostly Food Chains which were popular on social media.

Food chains SNS profiles already had a nice ration of ‘Likes’, so they naturally got high impressions from our very beginning of their social campaigns which fulfilled their aim.

Each of Timely’s client has on a average of 10+ social profiles, which was otherwise difficult to manage. With Statusbrew’s Groups, they were easily able to sort the profiles client-wise and also give each client a view only access to just their set of profiles. Hence, Timely’s 6 social media managers were able to manage all the content publishing and generate analytics for all their clients, from a single dashboard, without any confusion.

Lastly, Timely loves Statusbrew’s Content Pool UI which helps the social media managers to collaborate with their clients where they upload their images regularly for Timely to use and curate new posts for them.

Mika Suzuki

Japan Head @Statusbrew

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