5 Easy Ways To Get Editor's Choice App Badge On Google Play Store

Nov 7, 2022 4 min read

There are apps in the Google Play Store that promise something but do not fulfill them. But, the tag of Editor's Choice ensures the app's quality.

Editor's Choice is the best in-category app selected by Google Play Store's editors.

The advantage of using an Editor's Choice app for the user is that it's UI/UX is of top-notch quality and an easy-to-use application.

There is no doubt that getting the Editor's Choice badge on your app will increase your app downloads and conversion rate. So, let's learn how an app can actually get the Editor's Choice badge from the Google Play Store.

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What Does Editor's Choice Mean On Google Play?

Editor's Choice is a selection of apps recommended to you by the Google Play Store based on your activity.

What Does Editor's Choice Mean On Google Play

Editor's Choice is a mark that indicates the app is certified by the editors of the Google Play Store. If an app has the Editor's Choice mark, it's also considered the best app in that category that fulfills the purpose of that category.

When you open an app that has been selected as the Editor's Choice, you will see three reasons why an app is bestowed with the coveted Editor's Choice award inside the app listing itself and below the screenshots. So, it now becomes much easier to know why an app was selected for the Editor's Choice badge.

What Does Editor's Choice Mean On Google Play

5 Easy Ways To Get Editor's Choice App Badge On Google Play Store

Make Your App Bug Free

Resolving bugs and errors in your app will ensure that our app runs smoothly on all Android devices and keep your users engaged with the application. An app with a lot of bugs and errors will push users to uninstall it.

Support High Resolution

Ensure that your app supports high resolution. It needs to be presented in at least 720p. Avoid enlarging your app graphics, as they don't appear crisp and clear.

Ask For Minimal Permissions

Apps should have minimal permissions requirements and only ask for the required ones from your users. If your app requires any permission that allows developers to bill users without their awareness, such as changing wi-fi settings, reading or writing information from the user's contacts and calendars, or sending and receiving SMS messages, then they aren't likely to get the Editor's Choice app badge.

Ask For Minimal Permissions

Make Your App Reliable

In order to ensure that your app is reliable, test it on as many Android devices as possible. This is because as the hardware differs between different models, bugs are reported on different Android devices. For paid apps, ensure that the in-app payment is secure, use Google as a payment provider, your user's data is not breached, and you even deliver the content your users are paying for.

Localize Your App

Localize your app in as many languages as possible to increase its discoverability. It will also ensure that your app appears appealing to varying regional or cultural preferences.

What Not To Do To Get Editor's Choice App Badge On Google Play Store?

Here are the top 3 ways to ensure that your app does NOT get the Editor's Choice app badge on the Google Play Store at all costs.

  • Using a payment provider other than Google.
  • Your app asks users to download other apps. Google Play is not a place for you to distribute your own app store.
  • Bribing customers with rewards for five-star reviews. With that being said, you are allowed to ask for and incentivize user feedback for your app, but you can't set conditions for your users to demand positive reviews and ratings.

Go Grab The Editor's Choice!

Getting the Editor's Choice app badge by Google Play Store.

Google Play Store focuses on performance, meaning that each of the tips in our guide won't just help increase your chances of getting the Editor's Choice app badge but will also increase your downloads and installs.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about Editor's Choice app badge:

How do I rank higher in Google Play?

Here are the top ways to boost your app ranking in the Google Play Store:

  • Understand your target market and competition
  • Pick the right set of keywords
  • Choose a suitable app title
  • Pay attention to app ratings and reviews

How do you become an Editor's Choice?

Follow these five tips to make your app of an Editor's Choice in the Google Play Store:

  • Make your app bug free
  • Support high resolution
  • Ask for minimal permissions
  • Make your app reliable
  • Localize your app

How do I find Editor's Choice on the App Store?

If you search in the App Store for "Editor's choice," you will get a list of all the apps Apple has marked as the Editor's Choice.

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