11 Brand Monitoring Tools You Need In 2024

May 9, 2024 7 min read

Brand monitoring is essential for any size of business that wants to stay in tune with audience sentiment and industry perception. Regular monitoring helps you understand what your audience is saying about your products and services online, enabling you to plan your online reputation management strategy accordingly.

Brand monitoring tools streamline this entire process, offering detailed analytics without the hassle of doing it manually. Based on my experience and after testing each tool, I have curated a list of the 10 best ones that might suit your business requirements in 2024.

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Statusbrew enables you to monitor and interact with conversations across multiple networks from a unified inbox. You can organize mentions, messages, comments, and reviews in separate views to prioritize the most important ones.


Our automation builder allows you to set rules based on conditions such as sentiment, keywords, UTM, and campaigns to auto-hide or delete any inappropriate comments on Facebook and Instagram. These automations will protect your brand from unwanted spam, trolls, and hate speech when your team is not around.


On top of that, you can receive alerts via email, mobile, desktop, or Slack for any negative comments, mentions, and reviews. Also, these conversations can be automatically routed to your community manager or CS team via rules to mitigate brand identity damage.

Statusbrew also lets you listen beyond your feed on X (Twitter) by setting up a dedicated inbox for keywords or phrases relevant to your brand.


Furthermore, you gain access to detailed metrics of your brand listening performance, including:

  • Number of mentions received for your brand
  • Mentions over time
  • Share of volume
  • Sentiment of the mentions
  • Breakdown of sentiment (Positive, Negative, Neutral, or Mixed)

In addition, you have multi-network overviews, tag reporting, engagement reporting, competitor analysis, and 20 more templates to meet your data needs.

Our Standard plan starts at $129/month. Or

Try a 14-day FREE trial to understand how we can help!

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the easy to setup brand monitoring tools and it's free. This is one of the biggest pros for businesses looking to monitor the web for brand mentions in a simple way and doesn't require comprehensive analytics.

google alerts

To operate, you just have to log in with your email address, set up your desired alert, and choose the language, location, and source. You'll receive an email every time someone uses the keyword online.

However, if you require advanced analytics sections, this tool might not be able to serve your purpose as it cannot set up dedicated notifications or generate detailed reports.


Brandwatch is famous for its brand monitoring features and lets businesses scan different conversations on any topic across every digital touchpoint. Its key monitoring features include keyword tracking, social measurement, sentiment analysis, and competitor analysis, which lets you collect data to build customer personas and more.


With its reporting feature, you can get the most comprehensive reports and real-time displays to help you monitor key trends around your business and industry.

Brandwatch has no free trial and doesn’t mention any prices. It's available upon request.

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With Determ, you can go beyond just getting notified when someone talks about you online and get real-time insights to shape your brand reputation.


Ideal for PR teams, this tool will help monitor brand mentions, identify brand advocates, and measure sentiment for a comprehensive PR strategy. You will never miss a single mention and stay on top of every conversation, positive or negative. By keeping track of changing audience sentiment and support, you can measure your brand visibility and position yourself as an industry leader.

Determ has no free trial and gatekeeps its price. You need to book a personalized demo to get your quote.


Primarily an SEO platform, Ahrefs lets you keep tabs on your brand's performance in search results. It helps you see how specific keywords and backlinks affect your brand's visibility and website authority in searches.


With Ahrefs, businesses can do a lot, including setting up alerts for brand mentions in various languages, targeting specific domains, finding the most effective keywords, monitoring the website's Google ranking, identifying sources driving traffic to your site, tracking backlinks and more.

It can be a useful tool for businesses wanting to track and strategize their current content marketing efforts.

Ahrefs has no free trial and offers a Lite plan starting at $129 per month.

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As a brand monitoring tool, BuzzSumo has several features that allow you to track your brand’s presence across several digital touchpoints. These include domain and link alerts, real-time web mention notifications, and customizable dashboards.


You can create your personalized dashboard and set up alerts to monitor. Filters like the year, sort, backlink analyzer, and report type will help you fetch data on total engagement and the number of links and shares across different social platforms.

It can be a suitable tool for businesses seeking industry relevance and updates.

BuzzSumo has a free trial and starts at $159 /month.


Keyhole lets you track any brand-related hashtag and keyword in real time. You can even add your brand profiles and track their performance with metrics like impression, follower growth, engagement rate, and more.

Keyhole Brand Monitoring on Social media

The same can be replicated for competitors' profiles and measuring their presence to benchmark your performance.

But that's not it! Its comprehensive social listening features, Keyhole offers unlimited post scheduling for free. That way, you can find your best time to post as well. There's also QuickTrends which will help you track any social trend for free.

The individual plan starts at $89/month and goes up to $549/month for the Advanced plan.


Mostly chosen by agencies and big players, Semrush isn't a typical brand monitoring tool. While it's more focused on search engine optimization and keyword research, it also includes monitoring brand mentions and backlinks, keyword rankings, and performance tracking on search engines.


With Semrush, you can monitor competitors' brands and set up detailed queries for brands, social media, keywords, authors, or backlinks. Additionally, you can receive email notifications and custom alerts for sudden mention spikes.

Brand monitoring is included in the Guru and Business plans, starting at $59 per month within Semrush's content marketing platform. It has a free trial.


Hootsuite can help you streamline your brand monitoring process by finding out what people are saying about your brand, your competitors, and your industry—not to mention what your audience thinks, feels, and wants.

Using Hootsuite Streams, you can monitor mentions, keywords, and hashtags to understand perceptions, prioritize customer needs, and drive sales.


Besides, with its recent acquisition of Talkwalker, you get to hop into relevant conversations around your brand, products, or services, and learn more about what people are saying, annotate customer profiles, get access to AI-powered social listening that gives you consumer intelligence to fuel your social strategy and boost social presence.

Hootsuite's dashboard consolidates social media management, making it a convenient choice for overseeing all social messages in one location.

Hootsuite has a free trial, and subscriptions start at $99 per month.

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Brand24's monitoring platform tracks brand mentions across the web and social media, analyzing sentiment and overall brand perception. It will give you plenty of information about audience opinions and conversations about your brand.


With its user-friendly dashboard, you get detailed monitoring data, including mention volume, interaction types, social media reach estimates, top locations, influential authors, and customizable PDF reports.

It's suitable for businesses seeking comprehensive monitoring tools.

Brand24 has a free trial, and subscriptions start at $79 per month.


You can use Mention as a social media monitoring solution to discover everything that is being said about your brand online, your competitors, any keyword, and much more across web and social platforms.

This tool will be great for agencies and businesses that want to cut through the noise to focus on the most relevant data, insights, and conversations. You can monitor over a billion sources in real-time, including social media, forums, and blogs. Users can create separate projects for each keyword, customize sources, and receive email notifications for brand-related updates.

Mention has a free trial, and the subscription starts at $41 /month.

Did You Find The Right Tool?

Each of the tools listed above has its own set of functionalities, so which one you choose or decide to skip will completely depend on your business purpose.

But I would still recommend you test out each platform's free trial and evaluate, based on your needs, which brand monitoring serves you best.

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