5 Ways To Boost Sales With Social Media Listening

Oct 22, 2022 9 min read

Monitoring social media completely changes your social media presence. Particularly now that people prefer purchasing online to offline, pushing e-commerce to the top of the retail food chain. Brands and online enterprises concentrate more and more on perfecting their online presence globally.

People are talking about their experiences with products they've tried, offering advice, compliments, and criticism, expressing dissatisfaction, and sharing needs that your product can meet among the countless conversations on social media.

If you only knew where, when, and how to look, you could use these customer conversations to find potential consumers. When they knock, be there to greet them, show them around, and engage in conversation.

By continuously listening and engaging, dissatisfied customers may try your product again. This will increases your client retention rate and, of course, boost your sales. Read on to learn how to grow your sales using social media listening.

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What Is Social Media Listening?

Social media monitoring is often known as social media listening or active social listening. You'll miss many discussions about your brand and industry if you only pay attention to app notifications. It also consists of listening to conversations about your brand/product and keeping tabs on the state of your sector.

By answering the queries that your clients pose to you, you may provide them with an exceptional level of customer service. Social media monitoring enables you to discover everything on social media that is pertinent to you and provides greater insight into the conversations taking place about you and your company.

Customers feel good about your brand when you provide them with a positive response, irrespective of whether they tag you or not. Social media listening includes:

  • Studying social data and consumer input
  • Recognizing marketing trends
  • Putting the findings into practice in your social media

How Can Social Media Listening Help Boost Sales?


Consider it this way: For instance, listening to social media lets you learn about the types of ready-to-eat food people enjoy and how and when they buy them. You can gain other information while monitoring social media, like understanding whether your consumers like the food product you sell.

Social media analytics reports based on monitoring determine how many favorable reviews you receive, and social listening reports can determine their causes.

To improve your brand, you must actively search for trends and social media commentary about your competition. Then, you incorporate the results of this social media analysis into your business strategies, which helps you perform better on social media and boost your sales.

Too many social media marketers and agencies today ignore the importance of social listening and concentrate mostly only on their social media presence, costing them money. Most marketers focus on customer acquisition, ignoring customer retention value. However, studies demonstrate that the cost of keeping clients is much lower than the expense of luring in new ones.

5 Best Ways To Boost Sales With Social Media Listening

Monitoring social media is easy to learn about recent changes in your sector. It assists in identifying trends and forecasting potential peaks in demand for your company. Knowing the anticipated demand allows you to plan your strategy and take action right to boost your sales 2x higher than usual.

You can identify your main rivals through social media monitoring, keep up with their strategies, and appropriately assess their behavior. By doing this, you may both improve the areas where your competitors excel and fix the faults they are making.


Focus On Brand Awareness

Listening to product reviews, queries, and complaints on social media is part of providing good customer service and focusing on brand reputation. According to studies, when a brand responds to a user's post, the person tends to feel better about the brand. When they have a positive experience and feel adequately taken care of, they are more likely to purchase a product.

Brands may quickly learn more about their customers with the help of social listening. This makes it possible for brands to recognize customers' requirements and satisfy them. Additionally, it can warn a company of potential issues to take appropriate action to increase client satisfaction and retention.

Brands must continually engage in social listening for all these reasons, automatically boosting sales. Customers are more likely to remain loyal and refer the company to others when they feel that the brand is genuinely interested in what they have to say.

If complaints or inquiries are ignored, it could affect how customers feel about the product. Users expect a reaction even if they don't tag you in their postings or aren't aware that they may contact your brand through their social media network.

Concentrate On Producing The Best Working Content

Social media enables firms to contact their target audiences more widely. Not only do your customers follow your brand for your products and services, but also for your engaging content, which holds your customers' attention.

Using social listening, you may learn more about the content your potential customers are interested in and want to see on your platforms. Content marketing based on your client's expectations tend to perform 10x better than the usual ones.

Let's imagine you work in the food and beverage sector and want to develop and market products for which your clients will clamor. You may design and mold your product offerings by using social listening to determine exactly what the copy must be across social platforms. This will enable you to target better and boost sales.

People use social media to rejoice, express themselves, and vent their frustrations. More than 31%of consumers who have had a negative customer experience turn to social media to vent, and more than 21% of those concerns go unanswered by firms.

Identifying your customers' pain spots will help you improve your product and customer service experiences. Remember to respond thoughtfully to their complaints.

Creating content in the context of giving solutions to the pain points would be a great way to conquer your competitor's market. All you need is social media software like Statusbrew, which provides multiple solutions. Statusbrew serves as a one-point solution providing tools like social media monitoring/listening, engaging, scheduling, publishing, sentiment analysis, and many more.


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Collaborate With The Best Influencers

Your industry influencers are those whose views are respected in the same niche as yours. Most customers claim to believe in recommendations made by people they know. When referrals from others are valued so highly, having the backing of those who are thought of as influencers in your field is a huge advantage.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost sales and increase your revenue.

Since they have a significant following, you'll have access to a broader audience. A sense of trust in your products/services is developed when people tweet or post about your brand. If you are unsure where to start, you can look for the best social media influencers to get an idea of how it works.

It would help if you kept tabs on customers promoting your business. Customers that frequently share your posts or suggest your services on social media are known as brand advocates. Create a strong connection with these users and stay active with them.

A solid social media presence through the best influencers and brand advocates is one of the simplest ways to boost your brand and sales. You can quickly identify the influencers in your niche while listening to social media and establish connections with them.

Because their audience is interested in similar products and services that your company provides and believes that the particular influencer would only endorse reputable businesses, influencers can increase your conversion rates in a better way.

Provide The Best Customer Service

People no longer have the patience to wait for responses on social media in the age of immediate gratification. When people post a question on a social media platform, they want replies right away. Because of this, firms must use social media monitoring to provide consumers with the quick answers they need.

This strategy enables a company to always be aware of when a response or resolution is required and to take immediate action. Any new customer who has decided to buy your product will also see your responses while researching it. Providing the best social media customer service helps in increasing your brand credibility.

Giving people a prompt reaction helps them feel the brand's appreciation and promotes their involvement. Additionally, since everyone who interacts with the business will be able to see it, this will significantly enhance the company's reputation, bringing in new customers and retaining existing ones.

You can acquire suggestions for improving your product by checking social media conversations. Learn about potential new features, identify problems that need to be fixed, and see how customers respond to rival products or services.

Negative reviews may present a chance to enhance your product or service. Keep an eye out for any problems your clients may have so you can swiftly offer a solution or inform them if it's on your company's terms and conditions.

Keep Up With The Trends

Give consumers compelling reasons to adore your brand by providing rewards for their loyalty. Customers are more likely to continue giving you business when you thank them for it. Additionally, continuous social monitoring and listening keep firms abreast of recent audience trends that can be applied to product development.

Try providing special discounts and deals, awarding unique reward points, emphasizing to customers how important they are to the company based on recent trends, or just sharing time-limited offers with a select group of your most loyal customers. Offers are a great way to boost your sales.

These incentives can all be quite convincing and potent. And one of the most well-liked strategies is telling people to like, like, or follow you on social media so they can enter a fun competition. However, none of these incentives will work until a firm uses social listening to determine what its customers want.

Form A Social Media Plan Based On The Results

Robust social media tools should support social media marketing strategy. Using these tools, you can learn what your target market wants and cater to those needs. This is similar to collecting input from your audience without asking for it. Incorporating your audience's thoughts into your marketing strategy opens up opportunities.

In a nutshell, social media monitoring tools can assist you with the following:

  • Obtain priceless suggestions from the audience
  • Make your voice more relatable on social media networks
  • Reduce unneeded social media activity

Statusbrew assists businesses in analyzing social media marketing trends, consumer interactions across various digital marketing channels, and the success of company communications via its social media presence with its social media monitoring tool.

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Boost Your Sales Using Statusbrew

They are discussing your business. Someone posts about your brand, product, or service on social media. Do you want to hear what they have to say? Is it a favorable or unfavorable mention? You only require a top-notch social media monitoring tool.

Tracking social interactions and mentions in one location is made possible by social media management solutions like Statusbrew. It helps you learn more about social media in-depth thanks to its specific social media listening functions. With Statusbrew, you can look outside your newsfeed, engage with new audiences, and find fresh postings through social listening.


Statusbrew's Sentiment Analysis

With the sentiment analysis feature of Statusbrew, you can filter all your social discussions based on their emotional content. Statusbrew's advanced features instantly categorize each chat as good, harmful, or neutral.

The emotion analysis tool supports numerous languages, including German, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, and French. You can use insightful reporting, which offers perceptions of the talks' mood.


The listening features in Statusbrew can be a dependable ally in developing strategies. It helps you uncover new target audiences, find relevant themes, and drive new prospects or industries to surpass your rivals.

You may easily target more focused chats, build complicated search queries, and keep tabs on your competition. You may combine Statusbrew with your current workflows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a social media monitoring tool safe and useful?

Yes, it's safe to use social media monitoring tools. It is common practice to listen to others. It should be a key component of your marketing plan, and you should keep track of it depending on your company's objectives. The strategy takes advantage of every trend and helps your brand gain up-to-date knowledge of all the talks around your brand or industry.

Are social media listening and social media monitoring the same?

While social media listening takes place globally to understand how people are talking about your brand, services, and industry, social media monitoring identifies brand mentions on a trim level. But both social media listening and monitoring help to better understand the company and competitors.

Is social media listening helpful for business?

Social listening enables businesses to comprehend the discourse surrounding their brand name, products, and services. It offers valuable consumer information that companies can utilize to assess customer awareness of their brands and enhance their goods and services.

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