What Is White Label Social Media Marketing [+Best Tools]

Mar 10, 2023 8 min read

Are you looking to expand your agency's service offerings by offering social media marketing services to your clients? Then, white label social media marketing might is your answer.

White label social media marketing refers to outsourcing a business's social media marketing to an agency or software and executing it under their name. This allows businesses to take advantage of the benefits of social media marketing without having to invest in building an in-house team.

In this blog, we will dive deeper into what white label social media marketing is and share some of the best tools to help you offer this service to your clients.

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What Is White Label Social Media Marketing?

White label social media marketing is a service or tool that agencies get from other providers and provide to their clients under their brand name. This implies that you, as an agency, can provide social media marketing services to your customers and increase your revenue without engaging more staff members and developing effective delivery methods.

Here are the top reasons why most agencies use white label social media marketing services:

  • Save time and resources
  • Take advantage of the industry experts' knowledge
  • Increase your revenue
  • Get access to innovations

8 White Label Social Media Marketing Tools For Agencies



Statusbrew is a social media management tool to post and manage social content, manage engagement and interactions and analyze content and engagement performance on multiple accounts. Statusbrew offers several features that make client management easy for agencies.

The platform provides effective posting and scheduling options.

You can incorporate customized approval workflows within your agency to ensure content is being published only after the required approvals.

In fact, Statusbrew allows you to dedicate one space to each client to avoid confusion. Each space is like a white box that keeps all the activities of that space confined to itself.

Statusbrew's engage inbox helps you to collaborate with your team members to manage interactions on your client's social accounts to never miss out on any conversation and respond to their queries faster.

Statusbrew provides a neat and organized content calendar. You can choose to reschedule content by simply dragging and dropping posts from within your calendar.

Statusbrew even allows you to generate white-label analytics reports for various social platforms. Social media managers can customize reports with their brand's logo using Statusbrew's custom branding feature. They can easily share them across the team by exporting them in PDF or CSV format.

Customer Reviews

Statusbrew helps my social media efforts - especially to channelize efforts in the right direction: whether it is scheduling posts on multiple social platforms, collaborating with my team, or generating custom reports for my social media efforts.

I run a social media agency and i have several clients for whom I need to share posts regularly on Social Media. However, it is tedious to manage so many accounts but Statusbrew helps me a lot. I can easily schedule all my clients post using this tool. This makes our job so easy. Moreover, the Social media reporting and customer service feature of this tool is amazing as it helps me to response all comments and messages from the Tool so I need not to switch between multiple tools. It is an amazing tool for social media agencies.

Customer Ratings

G2 Capterra
4.7/5 4.8/5

Pricing (Annually)

Plan Pricing
Lite $69/month
Standard $129/month/license
Premium $229/month/license
Enterprise Custom pricing

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If you work in the email marketing industry, you might know about Sendinblue. It is one of the most popular white-label services for email customization.

Sendinblue has a drag-and-drop email editor with a vast library of templates. With ready-to-use blocks, you can create a new email design from scratch. Sendinblue even allows you to launch A/B testing of your emails and define the best send time.

Sendinblue is primarily a white-label email editor tool. But the tool has features for creating chatbots, managing customer messages, and launching SMS campaigns. Sendinblue even helps to automate many of these routine tasks.

The platform helps to create signup forms, landing pages, and ad Facebook posts.



The PromoRepublic is a white-label tool for agencies managing social media marketing projects for various clients. It provides all the necessary social media management tools braided under your brand's name, style, and domain.

This white-label platform provides a workspace for your clients and team to have a discussion over ideas.

PromoRepublic provides one of the leading white-label services for social media management. It is worth taking a look at for marketing agencies with a lot of SMM projects.

It provides features that help agencies to manage tons of social profiles. Besides, it also provides solutions for enterprises and small businesses.

PromoRepublic provides content management and distribution features on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can create, schedule, and promote posts. Features for engaging with users and results analysis are also available.

PromoRepublic provides a photo editor for branded content creation, an ad manager, a social media calendar, and a PDF reports generator.

The platform can be a workspace for your whole team where you can get approvals from clients, save drafts and templates, and discuss your current tasks.



Mention is a white-labeled tool for marketing agencies to grow their client's brand awareness and engagement. It gathers all your clients' brand mentions online.

It helps to track a competitor, industry, or brand topic. You can compare and analyze online conversations and even create content based on important web and social insights.

Using this data, you can present your clients with detailed results of your team's performance.

Marketing agencies like Mention for the opportunity it helps to create using competitors' analysis. Agencies can even send this analysis to their clients automatically in a branded report.



Vendasta is an all-in-one platform used by over 60,000 agencies, service providers, and media companies to sell their services to local businesses under their brand. The platform offers a white-label marketplace, enabling businesses to expand their offerings and discover new products and services while providing a fully on-brand experience for their customers.

For social media management, Vendasta provides businesses with a significant advantage over their competitors in the social marketing space with its wide set of tools and resources. The platform's white-label social media solution features an automated workflow that makes scaling businesses easier.

Their freemium solution, Social Marketing, provides clients with a "new level of social media fulfillment" under their brand, with the option to upgrade to a paid version for added value and scalability. This enables business outsourcing companies to expand their business and achieve excellent results while operating under their own identity.



MixBloom specializes in producing high-quality custom social media content that effectively engages various audiences. Their team of social media managers handles every aspect of the process for their clients, and their service is scalable, allowing clients to add or remove brands as necessary.

MixBloom's services fully adapt to its client's specific needs and goals. They provide an easy content review and approval process and the ability to exchange feedback and request edits. Their solution is entirely white-label, allowing marketing agencies to brand MixBloom's dashboard with their own logo, colors, and domain and share it with clients for direct content approval.

MixBloom's offering includes high-quality social media content, such as original images, professionally written copy, and well-researched hashtags. Unlimited revisions are included in their core offering, as well as scheduling and publishing content according to an agreed-upon schedule.



Lumen5 is a video creation platform offering agencies white-label tools to create stunning social media videos for clients. With Lumen5, creating creative and professional videos becomes easy without spending hours in front of a computer. Lumen5 even turns text into social media videos in minutes.

This tool automatically allows you to create white-label social videos from a text by analyzing the text through AI and putting images, animation, and video together.Read more: The Complete Guide To Social Media Manager Salary



AgencyPlatform offers a range of white-label social media solutions. Each solution includes a complimentary dashboard, a review widget for enhancing positive reviews, automated weekly and monthly reporting, and customer support via email, phone, and chat. They help clients establish their social profiles on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

They create a brief bio summary and design visually appealing graphics consistent with the client's brand. They specialize in boosting social presence, enhancing organic reach, and providing prompt notifications for leads. They also offer a flexible month-to-month contract with no binding periods. Weekly and monthly reports are provided to track progress.

Final Recommendation

One of the most profitable services to outsource is those involving social media. This is why most digital agencies include social media marketing as one of their offerings.

With social media marketing services being one efficient strategy for agencies to increase their recurring revenue, white-label social media management solutions can be helpful in this situation.

Your agency can grow by outsourcing social media marketing services to a white-label partner or tool without expanding the internal staff or limiting your team's bandwidth.

By using white label social media marketing tools outlined in this article, you can provide your clients access to powerful marketing technologies under your agency's branding. It will allow your agency to maintain the appearance of being a one-stop shop for your client's social media marketing needs.

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Statusbrew is an all-in-one social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about white label social media marketing:

What is a white label in marketing?

When one company sells marketing services from another company by rebranding it as its own, it is known as white labeling in the field of marketing.

What is white-label Instagram content?

The process of obtaining access to a creator's Instagram content to promote it as an ad is known as Instagram whitelisting. These ads can be run through the brand's account (whitelist ads) or the creator's account (branded content ads).

What are white-label social networks?

White-label social networks are a type of "members only" social network with limited membership.

Which are the best white label social media marketing tools?

The top 3 best white label social media marketing tools are:

  1. Statusbrew
  2. Mention
  3. Sendinblue

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