Tips To Get Benefited By Personalized Reporting

Apr 4, 2021 2 min read

Do you struggle now and then with manually updating reports?

Is your manager asking for numbers that you cannot pull out of your current data tools?

If you dream about combining different parameters to connect the dots and get better and deeper insights, this blog post is for you!

Regular reporting can be tedious. This is where personalized or custom reports come into play to offer you exactly what your brand needs.

Key Benefits Of Personalized Reporting


Having all of your data in one place helps brands make both predictive and prescriptive analytics possible.

When data is fragmented across platforms, there is no way to accurately build any sort of trustworthy predictive model. We need to have data all in one place, with the full business picture, before even attempting to discern what might happen in the future.


Building a customized report allows you to interpret data and make informed decisions out of it quickly. Find graphs, charts, funnels, tables, and other visualization solutions that show the data you want to focus on.

Add design elements to personalize your report's look and provide guidance for the reader to understand your report at a glance.

Risk Mitigation And Brand Consistency

As the reports are auto-generated, this reduces human error risk, as reporting tool will enable brands that only approved content will be sent to clients.

Through centralized control of report styles, your clients will see the consistency in your brand.

Improved Focus

Personalized reporting is a valuable feature for many brands as not every team defines "success" in the same way. Every organization (even every department) has individual goals and strategies to meet.

The personalized report also allows teams to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

Different teams need to customize their analytics reports to find out what success looks like for them in a particular project or campaign.

Check out tips to share effective reports with clients.

White-Labeled Report

Best way to personalise a report is by adding your branding to another company's product so you can present a unified front to your clients. When applied to a reporting tool, this is called white label reporting.

Some of your clients might want to see their branding on the automated reports. You can even have a combination of client and agency branding together.

How Statusbrew's Reporting Tool Helps In Automating Reports

After the initial setup, Statusbrew's reporting tool can streamline and automate reporting as per your need. Since all data put into the report are real-time, any additional required parameter can be done quickly by simply making changes to the existing data.

Statusbrew's reporting tool allows you to integrate all your social media channels in one place easily. You can build custom reports with metrics that matter the most to your business. Even save these reports for easy viewing, or download them in PDF & CSV format. Statusbrew saves your resources with auto-generated reports.

Take a look at the sample report below.

sample report

Use Statusbrew's Report Builder to create reports that can be customized according to your business needs.

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