Introducing Tag Reports: Analyze The Performance Of Tagged Content

Nov 6, 2019 5 min read

With the high volume of information flowing through your social feeds, it becomes difficult for organizations to provide context around that content. Categorizing and organizing the content using Tags can be helpful to put it all together when it comes to attributing your team efforts, aligning your marketing strategies, and meeting your overall business objectives.

Statusbrew provides its Business users - Professional and Enterprise plan users - with a robust set of custom content tagging tools for categorizing the outbound and inbound content from Statusbrew’s Engage Inbox or Compose.

How To Use The Tags?

We designed this content tagging system to fit numerous use cases ranging from measuring campaigns to understanding the sentiment around a brand, product, or service. How the Tags can complement your social strategy is dependent upon how your team is currently using content tagging.

Your team can use Statusbrew’s content tagging feature to:

  • Ensure a healthy mix of content by quickly categorizing the posts based on content type (promotional, curated or community building)
  • Comprehend how content is resonating with target audiences
  • Make better-informed decisions by tracking the success of your published content with Statusbrew Tag Reports
  • Track the success of marketing campaigns, as well as the messages about campaigns, events, and branded hashtags
  • Align your support processes, share responsibilities, and seamlessly collaborate with your team
  • Categorize feedback and sentiment around a product, service, or initiative

For instance, if you are a product developer, you might use tags to keep track of customer feedback to evolve your product based on customer needs. Or if you're a social channel manager, you could apply tags to keep track of engagement for specific campaigns.

Assigning A Tag To A Post

From Compose:

Start by Applying Tags to outgoing posts from the Composer.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Composer and click on the manage Tag icon
  • Then select the tag(s) to add to your post
  • Click Save

Tags act as internal hashtags which are not visible on your posts, but they assist you categorizing your posts.

From Planner:

If in case, you missed applying the tags while creating the post, you can still add them to your rejected, failed, published, scheduled, queued, or drafted posts through the Statusbrew Planner.

  • Click any post in the Planner to load its detailed view
  • From there click the three-dot icon and tap on Add Tag button
    Add Tag Statusbrew
  • Then select the tag(s) to add to your post, and click Save
  • If you wish to add addtional tags to the posts that already have one, click on the + icon appearing next to the tag
    Add Tag Statusbrew

Tags can be viewed on individual posts making it easier for members in an organization to filter all the posts and their data in Planner and Statusbrew Reports, respectively.

Assigning Tags to Organize Engage Inbox

With a rapid increase in incoming social messages from people looking to communicate with brands on social, it becomes necessary to streamline your message management and facilitate seamless team collaboration for executing a successful engagement strategy as a team.

Statusbrew allows you to add custom Tags to every incoming message or a reply sent out in Engage Inbox. To start tagging:

  • Select a conversation from the stream of messages in Engage Inbox
  • Click on the Tag icon appearing next to every incoming message
    Apply tags to engage conversations
  • You can also add a tag to the comments or replies on your published posts by clicking on the Tag icon appearing next to them

Note: Any member of an organization can apply Tags. However, only admins or members having specific access to manage tags can Create, Archive, or Edit the Tags.

Analyze Performance Across Your Tagged Content

Here's the holy grail!

We’re very excited to introduce the Tag Insights, which rounds out our content tagging toolset and creates an end-to-end tag management system.

Now that you’re tagging and organizing your inbound messages and published posts, you can get a summary of content tagged from Compose and Engage Inbox. The Tag Insights provides a comprehensive breakdown of each tag and enable the social media managers to better understand message volume, performance patterns, and campaign effectiveness.

All reports are exportable in the form of PDF or CSV (Excel) formats, so it’s easy to share them.

Analyze Post Performance By Tag

Tag Performance Reports gives you a quick comparison of tags by displaying post count and average data of metrics (clicks, comments, engagement, impressions, likes, reach, shares, video view) with a specific tag on a particular profile.

Post Performance By Tag Reports

Click to expand each tag to find more details like Tag Stats, Usage Frequency (showing the number of times this tag was used), and each post listed under this tag.

Post Performance By Tag Reports

Analyze Tagged Posts

If you’re applying tags to categorize published content (Outbound Posts), the Tag Insights provides engagement metrics like:

a. Outbound Impressions
b. Outbound Engagement
c. Outbound Clicks

Outbound Clicks

Visualize and filter which tags received the highest engagement; ideal for campaign-specific content.

Analyze Tagged Messages

If your team is primarily applying tags to organize incoming messages in the Engage Inbox, the report provides a breakdown of received metrics.

a. Inbound Messages: View all tags for a broad view of incoming message volume over time. If you run a campaign and experience a PR crisis or technical issue, Tagged Inbound Messages helps you quickly pinpoint surges in tagged messages.

Inbound Messages

b. Inbound Sentiment Analysis: You can also filter to concentrate on a specific combination like sentiment (positive, neutral, or negative) following a campaign or product launch.

Inbound Sentiment Analysis

Continue Working Smarter As A Team

Tag Insights for Statusbrew is bound to make your life simpler.

They enable teams across your organization to organize, categorize, and analyze content on social. Whether you’re using tags to keep track and measure your team publishing efforts, social customer care initiatives, or for campaign management, the Tag Insights empower your team to make better-informed decisions.

Today, we've opened a whole new world of Insights, which again gets us one step closer to providing you with A Truly Unified Solution For Everything Social.

Any new feature you'd like us to include for you? Let us know in the comments down below! ??

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