10 Useful Statusbrew Features You Might Not Know About

Sep 5, 2019 6 min read

At Statusbrew, we’re always on the lookout for ways to remove friction from your workday. We keep introducing a handful of features that can quickly add up to make a big difference when you’re trying to get your work done.

However, these updates that can help you save time and gain greater insight into your social performance can sometimes go without being noticed.

To help you make the most of Statusbrew, we created a list of 10 great features from — Publishing to Reporting — you maybe didn’t know existed so far.


1. Create posts tailored to each social channel

Scheduling to multiple channels in one go is certainly a time-saver, but you may want to change the content to resonate with the different audience on different platforms. Tone down the emojis on LinkedIn, add more hashtags on Instagram and include links to your website on Facebook and Twitter, all that to squeeze out the most of every post you publish.

However, having to create individual posts from scratch each time, is time-consuming and introduces room for error. To help you be efficient, we've developed the most powerful omnichannel Content Editor on Statusbrew, which allows you to create customized posts for key social media networks while being able to see the preview in real-time.

While creating link posts for your social media platforms, you may want to add UTM parameters to your links to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and identify the best ways to drive more visitors to your website.

Add custom UTM parameters to the links in your social posts right with one easy click in the Composer without the need to use a separate tool. You can either select dynamic variables, which auto-populate parameters as per each social network or create your own!

Campaign URL Builder

Pro-tip: After adding UTM parameters to the links, you can opt to shorten links to keep your posts looking tidy, and to save characters. All Statusbrew users have access to the brew.social link shortener.

You can also consider adding tags to every post in the campaign. This tag will appear as a choice in the Composer for all organization members to select when publishing content. Members in an organization can likewise filter the Content Planner by tag to see all content scheduled for the campaign.

Filter By Tags

3. Amplify existing engagement efforts by scheduling and monitoring ads for Facebook

Statusbrew's Boost Post gives users a simple way to schedule ads for Facebook directly, and boost published Facebook Page posts to ensure their content reaches its full potential in just a few clicks.

To get started with boosting, you need to add a Facebook ad account to Statusbrew.

Boost Post Statusbrew

4. Dark posts (Facebook)

The last thing you want to do is alienate or annoy your audience by improper targetting and seem like a spammy organization on Facebook. Instead, you can enable the Dark Post option using Statusbrew to hide your Facebook posts or ads from your timeline.

Unpublished or 'dark' Facebook posts do not appear on a page’s Timeline or in fans’ News Feeds and are created by businesses specifically for advertising purposes.

Dark Post Statusbrew

Using dark posts to promote content to a wide audience should lead to more conversations around the content you’re highlighting.

Fortunately, with Statusbrew’s Engage Inbox and the ability to reply directly to threaded comments—is an effective method to facilitate the management of these conversations and ensure you never miss a message.


5. Moderation rules for social support in Engage Inbox

If you are a business with a decent following on your social media accounts, you most likely deal with spam daily.

Thus, to help you combat spam and trolls before they have a chance to ruin your reputation, we came up with totally customizable moderation rules for your social media accounts that help you save time.

With these in Engage Inbox, you can update your tickets automatically based on the conditions you specify, including:

  • Close tickets
  • Mark tickets as Spam
  • Assign tickets to right team members
  • Automatically Hide or Delete Facebook and Instagram comments on posts and ads

These moderation rules handle the obvious offenders automatically. To set up moderations rules,

  • Go to the Engage section
  • Choose Moderations Rules from the left side nav
  • Click on Add Rule

Moderation rules statusbrew

6. Slack integration for Statusbrew

Using Statusbrew's Slack integration agencies and brands can bring in their teams to collaborate in Social Publishing and Brand Monitoring right from their workspace.

Connect Statusbrew with one or more Slack channels or workplaces to receive:

  • Instant social media post approval notifications from moderators to editors
  • Instant alerts for scheduled, published, failed Posts
  • Warning alerts before the publishing queues are about to run out
  • Post suggestions/reminders for the upcoming events in your industry
  • Instant notifications about brand DMs, comments and mentions

With all these notifications being pushed to respective Slack channels, on an average Teams saved 30% of their time on their publishing workflow and time to reply to their social DMs & mentions was reduced by about 60% for some brands.

7. Manage and publish your team's social images

Seasoned social managers trying to build a brand's presence on Social Media, know how time-consuming it could be to find a media that relates to the idea that they want to convey. They have to search multiple websites and go through so many searches to select the one media that they want.

That sounded like a hot mess. So we sought out ways to help you search for the image or the GIF that you want to post.

Statusbrew gives its users a bevy of seamless image integration tools like Unsplash, Pixabay, Giphy, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box to add the best quality, license-free images to their posts directly from the Compose window.

Add Media Statusbrew

8. Drive strategic decision-making across the business

Data-driven social media analytics tools from Statusbrew provides you with:

Group Reports: This report provides a high-level overview and aggregated analytics of all the profiles in a group, giving you the overall social performance and health of your brand

Social Network-Specific Report: This report will provide you the same stats of group reports but with further breakdown along with some additional stats such as top-performing posts, demographics, and more.

Team Report: This report will provide you the stats of team engagements, number of conversations, response time, and more.

Cut through the noise on social with meaningful insights obtained from the reports mentioned above. Customize these reports and easily export them in a PDF or CSV format to share with your teams. The reports can be white-labeled before exporting for representation to your clients with your company logo on it. It’s yours to shape as you wish.

9. Better mobile and desktop experience

You can stay abreast when you’re on-the-go without being in the Statusbrew app. Statusbrew's real-time notifications for mobile, email and desktop tend to simplify your day by providing you with updates of what’s happening in your social channels and the Statusbrew app. You can easily stay informed and involved, regardless of where you are.

Statusbrew Notifications

10. Work together on a whole new level

Social media teams and agencies often trip over each other’s toes when dealing with multiple people handling multiple accounts on the same dashboard.

If you face the same problem, we sought out ways to help you manage each aspect of your brand on Social Media in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface.

Using Statusbrew, you can equip your entire team with the tools for collaborative workflow without the need of sharing the passwords of your social media accounts. You can further specify what role each person has on your social media accounts and breathe easy. Grant each team member access to only the profiles, groups, and features they need and avoid any possible errors.

Not only this, Statusbrew lets you manage all your brands in one place. You can add relevant social profiles, and varied team members access to each Group to easily distinguish between different brands or businesses.


Between scheduling content, engaging with followers, and reporting on your brand’s social progress, we know you have a busy day. These Statusbrew features can help you do it all!

Do you have a favorite Statusbrew feature to optimize your workflow? Let us know on Twitter at Statusbrew

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Ritika is a digital marketing specialist and a writer who works on putting together creative and useful content for Statusbrew. Other than this she's an adventure seeker and a photography enthusiast.

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