Introducing Slack Integration

May 4, 2018 4 min read

Today we're happy to introduce Slack integration for our Business users! ?
Now this will change the way Brands, and Agencies can bring in their teams to collaborate in Social Publishing and Brand Monitoring right from their workspace. When you connect your Statusbrew with one or more Slack channels or workplaces, you would receive instant Slack notifications for all the activities you choose are necessary for your Business. ?

Over last 2 months, we privately tested Slack for Statusbrew with 100 Brands and Agencies of Team sizes from 2 to 50. On an average Teams had to spend over 30% lesser time on their Publishing workflow and time to reply to their Social DMs & Mentions was reduced by about 60% for some brands. ?

Slack for Statusbrew

The first step to getting the best out of your Slack integration is creating Groups. Groups are a must for Agencies to keep all the profiles of one client together and separate from the rest of the clients, assuring complete privacy for each client. ?

With your groups set up, you'll be able to set up Alerts for various events and direct them to Slack for your team to take action in real time. You would be able to control the alerts at the granular level. An alert can be sent to a particular channel or simultaneously to different channels in the same Slack workspace or even to multiple workspaces depending upon your requirements. ?

This would depend upon where the concerned team members or clients are available or if the client is added to your Slack or you're a part of client's Slack workspace.

Connecting to Slack

Slack integration is available to users on the New Business Plan and above. To connect your Statusbrew groups to a Slack channel:

  • Head to 'App Settings' in the Admin section
  • Find Slack from the new 'Manage Apps' tab in left side-nav under Integrations
  • Click on Integrate and follow the steps as you see

Let's see some examples of how it helps you cut down your workflow time to half.

Slack for Statusbrew Engage

We offered some early brands who did not have a dedicated Social Support team to try out our Slack integration. With all of their brand DMs, Comments and Mentions being pushed to respective Slack channels, they were surprised to see over 60% faster response time. ⚡️

With the whole team on Slack, depending upon the type of query, everyone from Designers to Developers was able to leave their comments below the Slack Alerts for the Support Staff to provide the best solutions in their answers, all within a few minutes. ?

Anyone who picked up a conversation would mark '?' on the Slack alert for the team to know who's working on it and the ones solved were marked with a '✅.'

Most of them enjoyed this true Transparency, which encouraged the 'Team Knows It All' key value.
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Facebook Comment

Slack for Statusbrew Publish

With innumerable possibilities this brings in for running your social campaigns better, here are a few we'd like to share:

  • Instant Post Approval notifications from moderators to editors ✔️
  • Instant Alerts for Failed Posts ?
  • Sharing Drafts from content to design team to help them work on design assets ?
  • Warning alerts before the publishing queues are about to run out ⚠️
  • Post Suggestions/Reminders for the upcoming events in your industry ?

With your brand's Published Posts being instantly shared on Slack, the teams who used our integration able to run 'Employee Advocacy Programme' within their Slack. As soon as an important post published, the teammates used to be the first ones to share or retweet the brand posts to promote it. Once retweeted, they marked the alerts with a '✅.' The possibilities as we say are innumerable.

Publish Approval Slack Notification

Publish Post Approved Slack Notification

Publish Post Published Slack Notification

Slack for Statusbrew Reports

With Daily and Weekly reports of your social and content performance being pushed to Slack, both your team and the clients will be to quickly able to analyze their campaigns and track their progress. ?

Slack for Success

With all of these Alerts and Notifications for your whole team to take immediate actions, delayed workflows and broken communication are a thing of past. ??

Everything needed to resolve any chances of failure would be immediately pushed in the form of High Priority Alerts, such as the need to Reauthenticate your social profile would be notified to Admins so that nothing comes in the way of your road to social success! ?

Slack integration for Statusbrew is bound to make your life simpler. Today, we've opened a whole new world of Integrations, which again gets us one step closer to providing you with A Truly Unified Solution For Everything Social.
We're working closely with more services to get you the integrations you love! Next in our pipeline is Custom URLs and Zapier integration.

Any integrations you'd like us to include for you? Let us know in the comments down below! ??

Want to try out Slack + Statusbrew for your team? Schedule a demo with us now! ?

Tushar Mahajan

CEO Statusbrew

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