7 Incredible LinkedIn Automation Tools In 2024

Feb 8, 2023 9 min read

LinkedIn is a social media platform with a focus on businesses.

While it adheres to all the principles of a social platform, such as the struggle for increased reach and precise audience targeting, every social media aspect of LinkedIn has to be taken a degree more seriously than other social platforms. So, for a successful LinkedIn presence, you must be sharp, professional, approachable, receptive, and present 24/7.

But wait, how is any organization supposed to be present on LinkedIn around the clock and still have time to run their business?

Allow us to introduce you to the 7 best LinkedIn automation tools in this article that will give you the presence you need on the platform without making you sacrifice time that should rightfully belong to the important task of your business.

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7 Incredible LinkedIn Automation Tools In 2024

Statusbrew: Best LinkedIn Post Automation Tool


Statusbrew is a prominent Hootsuite alternative with a variety of features that enable hassle-free posting, posting with approval workflows, managing your following in real-time, and many more that will surely make your LinkedIn life easier. Its suite of features ensures that your LinkedIn content is seamlessly published and keeps your audience engaged by managing your engagement from the same dashboard.

Statusbrew's scheduling features give you an effortless experience managing multiple LinkedIn accounts and analytics of every account in a single dashboard. You can manage your LinkedIn marketing efforts along with your team members and clients from a central place.

Key Features

  • Create and schedule your LinkedIn posts way ahead of time, and that too for multiple accounts.
  • Establish an error-proof approval workflow within your team for LinkedIn posts so that no content gets published without approvals.
  • The custom content tagging feature allows for easily classifying outbound and inbound content from Statusbrew's Inbox.
  • Once you schedule your LinkedIn posts, you can still make changes and updates, like publishing the posts immediately, rescheduling them, deleting them, or assigning different approvers or tags.
  • Ability to create and schedule LinkedIn posts for multiple accounts at once while also customizing the post from an account by selecting the appropriate one.
  • Get a cumulative performance report to compare the performance of all your LinkedIn accounts at a glance.

Customer Ratings

G2 Capterra
4.7/5 4.8/5


"I've been using Statusbrew for scheduling all my posts and analyzing the performance. It has been really great so far. The audience targeting options for LinkedIn are a Godsend."

"It's a complete solution. I've done a lot of social media marketing, and this tool covers all the big bases: schedule and analyze. Also, good for LinkedIn targeting."


Plan Pricing
Lite $69/month
Standard $129/month/license
Premium $229/month/license
Enterprise Custom pricing

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Phantombuster: Best To Create Complex Lead-Generation Workflows


Phantombuster has a variety of workflows that can help to ease your LinkedIn lead-generation efforts. These features include auto-follow, auto-sending messages, automatically liking posts, and auto-connecting with a list of accounts.

Your workflows can run 24/7. You can even set limits on how many tasks should run simultaneously to avoid your profile activity generating suspicion.

Phantombuster makes extracting the data required to power your lead generation strategies easy and efficient. Phantombuster is a no-code LinkedIn automation and data extraction tool that uses 'phantoms.' Phantoms are automation sequences that scrape data and automate LinkedIn actions.

Key Features

  • The data extraction feature can help you build comprehensive prospecting profiles
  • Plenty of automated features for LinkedIn, such as profile scraping and automated connections
  • Code-free automation makes it easy for anyone to set up
  • Automated LinkedIn messaging

LinkedIn Helper: Best LinkedIn Recruiter Automation Tool

Linkedin Helper

LinkedIn Helper is a smart and automated talent acquisition tool that helps recruiters find the right employees on LinkedIn. The tool offers different innovative features that make the recruiting process easier and more efficient.

Key Features

  • Smart keyword search for target employees
  • Ability to send invitations to up to 700 candidates per week
  • Personalization of messages with custom variables
  • Built-in CRM to sort and categorize candidates by tags
  • Analytics dashboard to analyze recruitment results
  • The simple and streamlined automated hiring process

Octopus CRM: Best To Send Automated Connection Requests On LinkedIn

Octopost CRM

Octopus CRM is a simple and powerful LinkedIn lead generation tool with a user-friendly interface. The tool lets you connect easily with people and professionals on LinkedIn using the most straightforward commands.

Find the users you want to interact with and send them to Octopus CRM. The tool will ensure appropriate actions are taken to convert those users into potential customers.

Businesses can also track their efforts and bring in more sales opportunities. Octopus CRM can send follow-up emails, manage leads, and track conversations. The main focus of Octopus CRM is on sales, as it's a sales engagement platform.

Key Features

  • Automate messaging and connection requests
  • Create complex workflows by linking sequences
  • Connects with Zapier to export data
  • Safety features to help you identify when you are overdoing messaging and endorsing
  • Send over 500+ invites to your potential customers in just one click
  • Personalize your messages by adding good-quality images and hyper-customized GIFs
  • Save LinkedIn profiles of leads and track them whenever required
  • Create a custom list of leads
  • Track all the lead data

Dripify: Best LinkedIn Messaging Automation Tool


Dripify's value proposition is the Drip Campaign builder. The builder assists you with generating leads and performing LinkedIn activities on autopilot. This cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool lets you define an execution workflow based on input data.

It allows you to add leads to your campaign by filtering out your target audience from the LinkedIn search bar and importing their profile URLs. You can generate a sequence of triggers and actions to operate on your leads and launch your campaign to run automatically.

Key Features

  • Respond to messages from your leads easily and quickly.
  • Create drip campaigns to build a sales funnel using a variety of LinkedIn actions.
  • Analyze, track, and evaluate LinkedIn campaign performance and conversion rates.
  • Extra safety algorithm to implement for your LinkedIn account security.

LeadFuze: Best-Selling Tool For LinkedIn Automation


LeadFuze helps businesses engage those qualified prospects that are most likely to be interested in your services or products. LeadFuze also serves as a great tool to engage with the prospects in the middle of your sales funnel, along with the top-of-the-funnel prospects. LeadFuze can help you get a hold of who you are targeting through your marketing campaign.

Key Features

  • Segment LinkedIn marketing campaigns through different filters to get the best quality prospects, such as industry, technologies, ad budget, keywords, role, hiring intent, double verified emails, location company news, and employee size.
  • Option to select only the roles you want to target for your campaign and include a cap on the number of prospects belonging to that role.
  • LeadFuze can perform its automation and creates a list for you. FuzeBot, an innovative AI-powered feature, fetches the most relevant contacts from any list.
  • Scans the entire web to look for potential leads. As and when it finds leads valuable to your business, it gets added to your list automatically.
  • Integrates with a host of CRM solutions, including Salesforce, Zapier, GSuite, HubSpot, and many more

Reply: Best To Automate Bulk Outreach On LinkedIn


Reply is a powerful communication tool that helps streamline your LinkedIn outreach efforts. Reply is the ultimate solution for automating bulk outreach on LinkedIn by making the process easier and more efficient for businesses to connect with their target audience on LinkedIn. With Reply, you can send personalized messages to hundreds and thousands of your LinkedIn connections at once.

Reply allows you to target your outreach based on specific criteria like location, industry, job title, and more so you connect with the right people for your business. The tool automatically follows up with your connections to ensure maximum engagement and response rates, thus making it easier for you to keep track of all your outreach efforts.

Key Features

  • Ability to add LinkedIn actions to sequences as separate steps
  • Four step types to choose from: Connect, Message, InMail, and View Profile
    Improved Task page layout with semi-automated mode for LinkedIn task execution
  • Option to execute tasks in just a few clicks
  • Text-only format with character limit support for LinkedIn messages
  • Filters for all LinkedIn tasks or specific task types
  • Redesigned setup flow for the Reply Chrome Extension with improved first-time use experience
  • In-depth LinkedIn analytics to help you track your success and make informed decisions about your LinkedIn outreach strategy

How To Choose A LinkedIn Automation Tool?

LinkedIn automation tools offer automated activities such as connection requests, sending messages to connections, and many more, based on which you can select the one that best suits your needs and requirements. Let's discuss them in detail:

Ability To Schedule Posts

LinkedIn automation tools should offer to schedule your posts and publish them at the best time. It can even help you increase LinkedIn outreach in less time as well as capture immediate attention from your audience.

Helps Grow Personal Connections

LinkedIn automation tools widely help in establishing personalized connections for customer interaction. When you send any message to a LinkedIn user, they mostly communicate through LinkedIn messages. But, 24/7 human interaction is not possible. Hence, LinkedIn automation tools help interact in such situations with the automated context in a hyper-personalized way.

Offers Lead Generation And Marketing Tools

LinkedIn is one of the best networks to generate leads for businesses to drive their marketing efforts. You can find leads, engage with them, and even convert them into customers successfully with the help of these tools.

Provides Detailed Insights And Reports

LinkedIn automation tools can generate reports for your outreach campaigns and share insights into your specific posts and overall audience engagement. They provide a detailed insight into your LinkedIn account activities as you can see and analyze every aspect of your LinkedIn profile activity.

Capability To Run Personalized Campaigns

LinkedIn automation tools help in running personalized campaigns without making them sound robotic. Businesses should automate their campaigns with a tool that says all human-like. You can personalize your LinkedIn campaign messages with high-quality automation tools and get good results.

Helps To Save Your Resources

LinkedIn automation tools can save the time of business stakeholders that can be used for performing other essential tasks of the business.

Ability To Perform A/B Testing

With LinkedIn automation tools, you can efficiently perform A/B testing to know which version of your strategy works the best.

Parting Words

LinkedIn is undoubtedly a powerful platform for generating leads and closing deals for many businesses. But the efforts needed to succeed can be time-consuming. That's where a LinkedIn automation tool comes as a helping hand to do all the hard work for you without breaking a sweat.

However, choosing these tools wisely is essential as sometimes they can do more harm than good to your business, so select the proper LinkedIn automation tool that will do only good for your business.

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Statusbrew is an all-in-one social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about LinkedIn Automation Tools:

What are LinkedIn automation tools?

LinkedIn automation tools help to automate your LinkedIn activity and generate new quality leads for your business. It allows you to schedule messages, track your responses, import your contacts into a system, and do much more.

What are the LinkedIn automation best practices?

Here are the top LinkedIn automation best practices:

  • Don't use automation on a new LinkedIn account.
  • Prepare your account for bulk activity with email warm-up.
  • Build 100+ first-degree connections before starting to use LinkedIn automation.
  • Start using automation tools on a small scale first and then scale up slowly.

Are LinkedIn automation tools safe?

Generally, LinkedIn automation tools are safe to use. However, it is advised to use a LinkedIn automation tool that follows all the guidelines provided by LinkedIn.

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