Instagram To Roll-Out 'Story Draft' Feature Soon

Mar 27, 2021 2 min read

Instagram users will soon be able to draft their unfinished Instagram Stories.
The photo and video-sharing social networking app announced the arrival of this feature via its official Twitter handle.

This feature is going to be almost similar to how story drafts work on Twitter.
So, if you are willing to come back to your stories and complete them later, you will be able to do that sometime soon. The exact date of the release is not revealed by the social media giant.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, asserted that the new feature is "coming soon." He also said that this had been one of the most requested features by Instagram users over time.
The rest of the details are currently unclear. While the part of the draft is still under development phase, the screenshots of this feature have leaked online.

Some screenshots are leaked by tipster Alessandro Paluzzi. They suggest that when you abandon an unfinished story, a small window will pop-up on the screen asking you to save stories as drafts or discard them and start with a new story. When you toss a story, Instagram will display a message saying all your previous edits will be erased, and the user won't recover them.

Instagram-story-draftSource: Twitter

Tapping on the 'Save Draft' option will save your story in Instagram's drafts section. The drafted story will not go live until you chose to set it live, and you will be able to access it later. There will also be an option to cancel the story draft, remove the dialog box, and let users go back to story creation.

If someone accidentally taps on the back button while working on a story, this feature will help offer relief as the content won't get deleted. It is currently not known if there will be any limit to save story drafts on Instagram.
Currently, there are only two options available in Instagram stories when you press the back button – Discard and Cancel. The proposal is to add the 'Save Draft' option soon.

Saving stories as drafts will be plenty of use for Instagrammers. For an instance, if they have something amazing to post, but need to hold off on publishing it until a specific date, they could prepare their story, then save it as draft until the time calls for the content to be published. Overall, the ability to save stories as drafts will have a positive impact on all kinds of Instagram profiles whenever it is eventually brought to the masses.

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