Facebook's 'Audio-Only' Rooms May Hook The Social Audio Trend

Mar 29, 2021 2 min read

Facebook's Clubhouse copy is coming, and it could be launching very quickly.
As per the social audio trend, Facebook has also been working to reside audio assembly rooms characteristic, allowing Facebook customers to create audio broadcasts that customers can tune into and participate in the app.

This means the users will no longer need to switch to Messenger to join the room.

Although it is not a significant extension for Facebook to create audio rooms, it already has its video rooms characteristic, allowing customers to create personal video chats that others can drop into. Constructing a public, the audio-only model is technically one way of lowering the information load by shutting off video and making them open to all customers.

As you can see in the screenshot below, posted by developer, tipster, Alessandro Paluzzi. Facebook is working on new feature of audio-only options for rooms, which would enable hosts to create public or private team audio group chats. That would essentially facilitate the use-case of a Clubhouse, and Twitter's Spaces, by allowing Facebook users to make public audio meetings that anyone interested can drop into real-time.


This could turn up the heat on Clubhouse, which is yet an invite-only app. Earlier this month, Twitter hinted at its intention to open up 'Spaces' to all users by April, enabling broadcasters to reach a much broader audience in the app. Twitter is also working on various discovery tools and options to enhance the 'Spaces' look and feel.

In case those efforts work out well, you can expect Facebook to accelerate its plans, and if Facebook can provide these public rooms discovery along with enabling people and business pages to reach their followers and friends, Facebook's audio rooms could become a significant attracting factor for creators looking for maximizing their reach and engagement.

It'll be interesting to see when Facebook opts to go live with its audio rooms feature. Either way, it could be an excellent option to consider, especially for brand pages looking to build community, maximize engagement and to drive more referral traffic.

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