Should You Create A Facebook Group For Your Business

Jan 14, 2021 3 min read

While it becomes increasingly difficult to organically reach your target audience via Pages, there is still one channel available to have a maximized reach for your posts - Facebook Groups.

Groups are usually made up of participants who share a common interest. The interest can be vast, like around sports, or significantly targeted, as a regional hackers group.

As Facebook algorithms focus more on how to show you posts that encourage interactions and community building, posts from the Facebook group users frequently interact with tend to reach them the most.

However, it is strongly recommended not to create a group focusing on your brand or products. Instead, create a group around a common purpose.

E.g., A sports event company would be better off creating a group surrounding Running, or a Food Blog creating a group on the topic Food & Travel, or a tech company building a group around business networking.

Creating a group for your business page is easy; follow the official manual for that.

Here are some more things to consider when you are creating a group:

1. Group Privacy

You can choose from 2 types of privacy options - Public and Private.

You are sure to get maximum exposure from setting up a Public group. However, if your group is catering to a closed network or you would like to keep the conversations limited to those you have allowed in the group, you may want to consider keeping it Private.

Note: Private groups can't change to Public.

Refer to the official Facebook document to learn more about privacy options for Facebook Groups.

2. Name and Description

As always, your group’s name is going to be vital for its reach and visibility. We recommend not to use your business name in the group name, although an exception will be if your business page is a community.

A clear description describing the group’s purpose, who should join and why, targeted topics, regular event details, etc., will help allure your targeted audience hit the join button.

As an example, Amritsar Startups’ description has been quite apt. After we changed it to a detailed one, we saw an increase in the number of members by 5X and an additional increase in the number of active members. It also helped us to recruit talented people to our team.

3. A Catchy Group Cover

A nice looking group cover image can help attract more users to join your group. Since Facebook doesn’t allow setting up a group profile image, a cover image is the only available brand-defining tool available.

Facebook Cover by Singapore Home Cooks

Learn more about Facebook Images Sizes and Best Practice for creating your group cover.

4. Ground Rules

It is highly advised to formulate ground rules on publishing, engaging, and generally behaving in the group. On the other hand, having set these rules can help set the tone and nuance for your group.

Group Rules at Amritsar Startups

You can find some of the standard rules set by Facebook Groups here.

And that’s it, well, for now!

Remember to be courteous and respectful, and don’t be afraid to enforce this in your group too.

We have had great success in hiring for our team and generating interest in our company amongst the local community with our Facebook Group. Still, we believe the value of having a group complementing your business’ interest is immense.

We would love to hear from you on your journey to building an engaging group. Share with us your thoughts in the comments.

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