What’s New This Month In Statusbrew - October 2019!

Nov 1, 2019 5 min read

The latest updates this month in our desktop app provides a smoother, faster experience for all.

We majorly worked on making our Engage solution by far the most powerful and convenient tool for teams. Some notable changes include the introduction of support for YouTube comment moderation, improved Tags and Filters, and the ability to add variables to Saved Replies in Engage and share them with your team.

Besides, we added Keyboard Shortcuts support in the Planner list to help you navigate it easily.

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YouTube Support For Comment Moderation

Statusbrew’s Engage solution has made it easier to weed out irrelevant, inappropriate, or offensive comments on your brand’s YouTube channel so you can spend time engaging with the people who matter most.

With Statusbrew’s moderation tools for YouTube, you can:

  • Set up moderation rules based on a list of words and phrases (like “sucks,” or “doesn’t work”) in your incoming comments to hide or delete the comments that devalue your YouTube posts. This allows you to catch unhappy viewers in addition to trolls.
    YouTube Comment Moderation Rules

  • Provide tickets to automatically close, mark as spam, or assign a conversation to a team member based on the conditions you specify while adding a rule.

  • Monitor your fans’ hearts and minds by instantly reviewing new comments. Also, look for trends in comments from specific users across all of your YouTube videos.
    YouTube Comment Moderation

  • Quickly reply to trolls to prevent them from ruining your reputation, particularly when they’re making claims about your brand or customer service.

  • Use Saved Replies to quickly respond to frequently asked questions or address common complaints that you may confront, which can keep the trolls under control, so they don’t jump on you for being unresponsive.

Improved Filters In Statusbrew's Engage

Accessing the right messages in Statusbrew Engage Inbox is key to working smarter, faster, and more productively. You can now Filter conversations based on the language and Facebook campaigns and sort each metric to find the relevant messages.

Filters in Statusbrew Engage

Choose To Share The Newly Created Saved Reply With Your Team Members

Saved Replies are pre-crafted responses that you set up around your frequently asked questions to avoid having to type the same response over and over again. Common topics often relate to your business pricing information, refund policy, and answers to complex questions.

While the ability to create new Saved Replies is limited to team members with complete access to Engage solutions, they can still be shared with the other team members at the time of their creation.

Share saved replies with team

Using Saved Replies not only reduces response times but also helps your team stay consistent in their responses to queries and manage your brand voice when communicating with your audience.

Support For First Name And Last Name Liquid Templating In Saved Reply

You can add variables like first, and last name to the Saved Replies to make them far more engaging and effective. Just click on the three-dot menu at the right of the Create New Reply window and add the first name and the last name of the user to appear in your common reply.

First Name And Last Name Liquid Templating In Saved Reply

You are more likely to gain a response to a personal message sent to a selected number of users than an impersonal message sent to everyone.

Get Notified On Slack Whenever A Moderation Rule Is Applied To A Conversation

When you set Moderation Rules based on keywords in your incoming comments or messages, you can select to receive a Slack notification.

Slack Notifications

Immediately direct the moderated comments and messages to your specific Slack channels, to be sure,

  • The right feedback is available to the right people in your company
  • You’re moderating the right incoming comments
  • If you’re not hiding or deleting non-spam or important information

These notifications keep you and your team informed about conversations that need your attention.

Add Tags To Each Message Received, And A Reply Sent Out

Adding Tags to a range of messages you deal with - from bugs to customer queries and concerns, to product feedback, to feature requests - helps you form a repository of valuable information that your customers share with you. And all this information will be easily searchable later.

Statusbrew now allows you to add Tags to every incoming message or a reply sent out. Members in an organization can further Filter the conversations by Tag to see all the conversations listed under a specific Tag.

Add Tags in Engage

By tagging your messages and sharing your findings, you can make sure the right feedback is available to the right people in your company.

Translate All The Messages In The Conversation In One Click

In case you receive a comment or DM in a foreign language that you or your team do not speak, Statusbrew integrates a translation system that allows you to translate these conversations in a single click.

Additionally, instead of going through the hassle of translating each comment or message in a conversation individually, teams can translate them all at once. Just click on the three-dot menu at the top of the conversation thread, and select Translate All Messages option.

Translate all the messages in engage

Enhanced Emoji Support In Engage

Emojis offer us all a more extensive breadth of expression and some of the emotional nuance that is often lost over text-based communication. Considering this, we’ve come up with the enhanced emoji support in Engage for our beloved audience to help them improve their ability to communicate.

Enhanced Emoji Support in Engage

Keyboard shortcut support in Planner list

To protect the very best parts of Statusbrew navigation experience, this month, we have expanded our keyboard shortcuts from Engage Inbox to Statusbrew Planner to help you get around each post in Planner with least efforts. You can see a quick list of shortcuts by pressing (Shift + ?) or take a look at the detailed list below.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Planner List

Here's What's In The Pipeline

  • Support for Tag based report in Engage
  • Support for carousel posts for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Canva integration which will make it ridiculously easy to design anything without leaving Statusbrew dashboard

Want us to build something for you, or you have any suggestions? Please let us know in the comments section below. We need unbiased feedback.

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