What’s New This Month In Statusbrew - September 2019!

Oct 7, 2019 5 min read

To protect the very best parts of Statusbrew experience, this month, we have introduced new features and product enhancements that provide social media teams with better social governance, enhanced workflows, and improved mobile experience.

Besides, we worked on improving Statusbrew reports by introducing Engage Inbound Messages report with export CSV support as well as support for Twitter mentions in reports.

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1. Team activity logs w/ support for opening the specific post or conversation

Team Activity Logs is a centralized location where all team activities are recorded. Admins of an organization can use activity logs to check for any unusual or suspicious activity and can mitigate organizational risks that arise from social media usage at scale.

Team Activity Logs Statusbrew

When members are connected to and actively using Statusbrew, Team Activity Logs are updated in real-time, which admins of an organization can easily monitor. New entries are generated when members do any of the following:

  • Login or Logout of Statusbrew
  • Add or Remove a profile
  • Create or Archive a group
  • Add, Activate or Archive a team member
  • Create, edit, delete, approve or reject a post
  • Add comment to a post
  • Reply or add a note to a conversation

Admins can also filter team activities based on the type of activity or who performed them.

2. A smoother, faster Statusbrew publishing experience

The latest updations in our web app provide a smoother, faster publishing experience for all. Some notable changes include:

Upgraded two-pane Planner list experience

Statusbrew’s Upgraded two-pane Planner list experience enables large teams to collaborate more effectively by letting them visualize and manage each individual post directly from the planner.

The posts are listed in the main pane. Click any post to load its details (scheduled times, social media profile, media preview, post content) in the right pane.

Content Planner Statusbrew

This timeline view is best when you want a good sense of the order in which your posts will be released.

Post activity logs in post detail view

Post activity logs in the post detail view will give a fair idea of whether a post is scheduled, failed, published, or needs approval. Additionally, it will
clearly display details like:

  • Who created, approved or rejected the post
  • Reasons for the post rejection
  • Reasons for the post-failure

Post Activity Logs Statusbrew

Post actions in post detail view

As a part of faster publishing experience, we additionally provided the support for directly approving, rejecting, deleting, and editing the post content from within the post detail view.

  • Make edits to the scheduled posts, by clicking the pencil icon (which will direct you to the compose window) or using the inline post editor.

    Inline post editor Statusbrew

  • Reject the post, by clicking on the Reject button and choose the reasons for rejecting the post from the list of predefined rejection reasons that appear in the dropdown. Besides, you can also add/manage the reasons for rejecting the post, depending on your type of business.

  • More to that! The report insights for the rejected posts can help the teams eliminate the reasons for repetitive mistakes while forming social media posts and improve the efficiency of the team.

  • Publish social content with confidence. Click the eye icon to display a preview of your post on the corresponding social network while approving it.

  • For published posts, besides the preview of your post on the corresponding social network, the post insights also appear.

    Post insights in planner Statusbrew

Head to your workspace’s Publish section to make the most out of this powerful planning tool! ?

3. Improved Slack notification messages

With improved slack integration, you get notified directly on Slack about the publishing workflow of your team and the advent of any new messages on the created posts in a dedicated thread.

Threads allow you to preserve meaningful context on a particular social media post. It helps you clearly tie your feedback which encourages open discussion without disturbing others because it will remain connected to its original message, and new replies/messages (regarding whether the post is published, failed, rejected or even if a note is left on a post) will be updated only to those who have contributed to it or are following it. Moreover, it enhances the visualization of messages and published posts that help you with posting follow-ups without opening the app.

Slack in thread messages Statusbrew

4. Released a new version of Android and iOS applications

The updated app provides users with a more seamless Statusbrew experience across iOS and Android mobile devices. With new capabilities to improve publishing, team collaboration and social governance, users can work fluidly between their mobile device and desktop to manage social effectively anywhere and at any time.

The updated app for iOS and Android include:

Improved notification system

Never miss an important update or conversation again. Statusbrew will notify you of all messages directed at you during any publishing activities even when you're in the mobile app. By default, here’s when you’ll receive notifications:

  • Whenever your post is rejected or fails to get published
  • A note is left on your post
  • There is a new post to be approved
  • There are no more posts to be pushed on your social profiles
  • When you have been added as a watcher to a post

These notifications will help content creators stay on top of their outgoing communication, quickly reposting content that’s failed or confirming the delivery of important and time-sensitive messages.

2FA login support

Organization admins can require all members who access Statusbrew from an unmanaged mobile device to use secondary authentication like Two-Factor Authentication. This setting requires members to confirm the login credentials with an additional 6-digit code.

Once Two-Step Verification is configured, any time you try to log in to Statusbrew on mobile, you will be prompted for verification code after you type in your password. Adding one more step to the login process makes it harder for any malicious attacker to access your data.

5. Improved Reports

Support for Twitter Impressions

In Statusbrew's Twitter Reports, you can now see how your Tweets performed over time. Hovering over each day gives you data on impressions for that period.

Support for Twitter Impressions Statusbrew

Engage Inbound Messages report with export CSV support

Besides, Twitter impressions report, we also added reports for Engage inbound messages. These reports show the list of first 200 conversations and messages at any point of time. If you want to access all the conversations, just hit on the Export Report button on the top right side of their detail view.

The Engage Inbound Messages report can be exported in the form of PDF or CSV.

Engage Inbound Messages Report Statusbrew

Here's what's in the pipeline

  • Support for YouTube video comments will begin rolling out very soon
  • Improved support of tags and filters in engage

Want us to build something for you, or you have any suggestions? Please let us know in the comments section below. We need unbiased feedback.

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