The Ultimate Guide To Social Media SWOT Analysis [+Template]

Oct 25, 2022 9 min read

How do you assess the success of your social media marketing initiatives? Do you monitor your social media ROI? Do you watch your A/B and split testing to boost performance? While understanding the average impact of your social media marketing strategies can give you more significant insights into your company, it is crucial to know the amount you spend is worth it.

Doing a social media SWOT analysis is one of the best ways to understand your ROI (Return On Investment) spent on social media. You can view the overall picture and tackle problems head-on by doing a SWOT analysis for your social media marketing initiatives.

Read on to understand more about social media SWOT analysis and the best methods to do it, along with an accessible free template.

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What Is A Social Media SWOT Analysis?

A social media SWOT analysis is a framework for examining and identifying the significant issues affecting your company while considering its opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths. SWOT analysis aims to gain a high-level understanding of the influence of your social media marketing so you can enhance it, not only to track metrics or determine which advertisements perform better.


Nearly half (47%) of marketers say that developing strategies that support corporate goals is their most challenging difficulty, according to a survey conducted by Social Media Today. In other words, they struggle to match social media activities with the business's overarching objectives. They observe a lack of engagement and a discrepancy between how followers engage with social media and the outcomes these interactions should produce from the business perspective.

The manner you gather and keep data will have a significant impact on the analysis you perform. We are discussing analytics information from:

  • Your Meta advertisements
  • The social media accounts' analytics pages
  • The analytics reports produced by platforms for automating social media, such as Statusbrew

You can Create fully tailored reports in a report automation environment to view the most valuable data with Statusbrew.

You can also configure preferences with Statusbrew, including who should receive the report and when it should be delivered. Then, your scheduled reports will automatically arrive in your email at predetermined intervals.


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How Does A Social Media SWOT Analysis Help Your Business?

Businesses can assess their performance using the simple SWOT analysis method, which considers four factors: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).

If you've ever used Google Ads or promoted a Facebook post, you already know how to measure the success of your marketing efforts. To identify the most critical elements affecting your marketing, such as customer satisfaction, competitors driving you out of the market, or ineffective asset promotion, a SWOT analysis looks beyond the conventional metrics like ROI, CPC, and CAC.

And this is precisely why brands should periodically conduct a social media SWOT analysis. They must be aware of the following:

  • What do they do well (and ought to continue doing and enhancing)?
  • What do they struggle with (and need to rework or scrap)?
  • What novel, unforeseen market trends can they take advantage of?
  • Who or what poses a danger to the company's position in the market?

Social Media SWOT Analysis With A Monitoring Tool

Utilizing social networking sites to communicate with clients is known as social listening, sometimes known as Social media monitoring. A company can do this to keep track of its mentions and conversions, analyze the insights, and find lucrative opportunities.

Analyze Your Current Situation

The tendency toward social media listening will be advantageous to businesses that maintain a sufficient online presence as the digital world supports online presence more.

To advance your plan, it is critical first to understand how the general public views your brand or your essential items. You'll appreciate consumers' emotions about or against your brand and the distinctive qualities and features that catch their interest. This may force you to reconsider your presumptions, resulting in more focused marketing.

Using social listening tools like Statusbrew for your business, you can quickly share these insights with the rest of your team and learn about popular consumer inquiries, comments, complaints, demographics, and attitudes regarding your brand.


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How To Do A Social Media SWOT Analysis?

Finding every social media presence for your company on all social media platforms is the first step in your social media SWOT analysis. The social media accounts you still use should be reasonably simple to recall and write down, but don't stop there. Include any profiles you've created but have since deleted or never used, and look for any made by staff members using your company's name.

Understand Your Social Strength

Your strong suit is the company objective that is successfully attained on a specific social media platform and through a particular kind of social media marketing. Given that you are achieving the outcomes you require, this is where you should continue to devote your whole attention, resources, and budget.

Some of the best ways to understand your social media strengths are to find answers to the questions like the following:

  • What do you excel at?
  • Where do you see the best outcomes?
  • Do you consistently achieve and surpass the goals of Meta ad campaigns?
  • Do your Instagram postings draw the proper kind of followers?

Take A Look Into Your Social Platforms

Making your online presence customer-friendly is one of the finest strategies to get leads because clients depend more on how a company approaches them (online) amicably. Do this by discovering the following:

  • Understand the analytics to choose the best platforms. It is up to you to determine which platforms your target audience uses frequently and whether they can display your company's profile fully.
  • What is your best-performing content, and how do you engage your audience?

Analyze Your Content

Starting with your quantitative information. By looking at your native analytics, you can determine which of your communities are the most engaged and produce the most acceptable content (or a customized report with the help of a tool like Statusbrew). Knowing these figures at your disposal will enable you to decide on which platforms and types of content to concentrate your efforts on.


Identify Your Social Weaknesses

SWOT analysis, the strategic planning tool that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, requires bravery to accomplish. Weaknesses are, without a doubt, the most difficult to evaluate. You can recognize the flaws in your company if you can be objective and honest.

Weaknesses are those areas where the business falls short of expectations. Typically, it occurs when resources are lacking or the company lacks information due to a lousy ROI. A few examples are weak product distribution, a lackluster web presence, and other similar situations.

This social media SWOT analysis section is unpleasant, but it is necessary. You can find out your company's social weakness by answering the following or similar questions.

Where do you think the outcomes are the least favorable?
What kinds of advertising initiatives don't result in leads?
Alternatively, why do you receive clicks from visitors that never convert to customers or prospects?

Competitor Analysis

Knowing which social media tactics are adequate for your competitors and which are not can help you better understand where you are concerning others in your market. This gives you an invaluable understanding of your sector's social media ecosystem and allows you to look for new opportunities and anticipate potential dangers.

The following are the results of an efficient competitor analysis on social media:

  • Determine your leading rivals.
  • Give you a sense of the primary social media platforms other people in your business use.
  • Describe the social strategy of your rival and explain what works and what doesn't
  • Give your brand a standard against which your competitors can compare their performance.
  • Check your own social media plan for any potholes.
  • Offer advice, knowledge, and lessons learned regarding how to change up or enhance your marketing initiatives.

Find Your Social Media Opportunities

Have you gathered leads from improbable audiences or sources? For instance, did your social media posts, which were intended for working women, receive the most interaction from young, active professionals who are not yet ready to start families?

An underserved audience niche like this one presents an opportunity that you should start pursuing with relevant content and advertisements. And you'll discover a lot more like that once you start poring through your analytics data.

Emerging Trends

You can utilize a few social media monitoring tools and advice to stay updated with new trends. Keeping up with the most recent social media trends can be challenging. This could be one of the enormous opportunities on social media. Understanding and creating your marketing plan accordingly will benefit your company.

You could feel like you're constantly playing catch-up to stay afloat because of new platforms, algorithmic adjustments, and ever-evolving marketing tactics. You can also find the emerging trends across social media by utilizing the following.

  • Utilize the TikTok For You Page
  • Observe Influencers in Your Sector
  • View Twitter's Trending Topics
  • Visit Google Trends
  • Utilize explosive topics
  • Join Facebook social networking groups
  • View YouTube's Trending Content
  • View Popular Instagram Posts

Know Your Social Threats

Regarding social media investment, your competitors may raise their Facebook, and Instagram ad spending while your budget remains the same as the previous year.

Some of the major social media threats may include:

  • Daily emerging new trends
  • Receiving a lot of negative comments and feedback on social media
  • Negative comments on posts
  • Lack of interaction and engagement
  • Mass unfollows
  • Constantly evolving social media algorithms
  • Competitors marketing initiatives
  • New competitors

Lastly, while conducting the subsequent SWOT analysis for social media, be careful to assess if you have addressed the risks and weaknesses found in the preliminary analysis and have taken advantage of the chances.

Finally, what after the SWOT analysis? Read on to find out!

Set SMART Goals And Objectives

Set goals and objectives for your social media initiatives based on your social media SWOT analysis results.

The SMART goal structure, which you may already be aware of, is intended to help you focus your efforts and clarify your thoughts to use your time and resources more effectively to achieve a specific objective. The letters in the acronym are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. Using the broad objectives we created earlier as a foundation, the following are some examples of SMART goals:

Create new leads: By Nov10th, 2022, generate extra leads by 15% through Facebook Ads advertising.

Concentrate on brand image: Gain 3000 new Twitter followers by December 20th, 2022, to raise brand awareness.

Drive website traffic: Increase social media website traffic referral by 25% by November 30th, 2022, to increase website traffic.

Community engagement: Increase the average number of views across all YouTube videos by 25% by the end of 2022.

Improve customer service: By November 15th, 2022, reduce the average first reply time on social media from 10 to 5 hours.

Example Of Social Media SWOT Analysis

Check out Coca-Cola's social media SWOT analysis in the below infographic.


Social Media SWOT Analysis Free Template

Download our FREE social media SWOT analysis template and create your SWOT analysis in minutes.

Final Thoughts On Social Media SWOT Analysis

Remember that you can and should use social media SWOT analysis for all essential elements of your organization, not just your social media campaigns and tactics. Once the SWOT analysis is finished, you'll be startled by what you find. After you've completed your analysis, don't forget to take action. Instead of sitting around and analyzing your strengths and faults, get moving because you can bet that your rivals are.

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