6 Invaluable Slack Communities for Social Media Marketing

Apr 17, 2018 5 min read

Slack has surprised the tech world in the course of recent years. Now, pretty much everyone realizes what Slack is. If in case you don't,

Slack is now the fastest-growing workplace software ever

A huge number of individuals across nearly every industry — from the Fortune 100 companies to the flourishing neighborhood restaurants — are swinging to transparent, unified communication (be it chatting, office-wide announcements, document sharing, polls, or anything) and bringing the majority of their work into one place on Slack.

Slack has emerged to be WhatsApp for teams. Goodbye long emails that seem to take forever to appear in the mailbox!

The Opportunity

I can’t live without Slack. Seriously.

We use it everyday here at Statusbrew and I genuinely can’t imagine life without it! It not only helps us be more productive but also helps us collaborate and share ideas faster.

Moreover, beside the spotless interface, ease of use and endless integrations, Slack offers one additional opportunity for its users – being active in open slack communities. Many professionals, freelancers have been establishing Slack communities to connect like-minded people together to share a common interest and passion.

Go for Slack Community

If you are reading this, there are chances that you might be part of at least one such Slack community. But for those of you who haven’t joined it yet, Let’s have a better understanding of WHY A SLACK COMMUNITY? ?

Why do you need to join another community when there already exist a huge number of communities everywhere: on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media marketing platforms.

Here's why you should join Slack community

  • Cool Factor: Slack is a modern tool with integrations to dozens of services, like Zapier, Mailchimp, Trello, and many others. It is considered to be a productivity booster. ?

  • No Distractions: What usually happens on Facebook is, on your path to reach the desired community, you get distracted by multiple memes and mentions on the posts. Unlike Facebook and any other social media, Slack is a platform with Low-Noise and High-quality that help you straight away become part of the community of your interest. Slack is a platform Where Work Happens!?

  • Search-Friendly: Everything within Slack is searchable—files, links, conversations, hashtags, keywords. You no more have to scroll down those long conversations in the communities. ?

  • Customizable Notifications: This is one of my personal favorite features. Slack involves no unnecessary emails filled with discussions that are not of interest. Members can be notified when and how they need to be informed about a group's action. This acts as a savior in public communities. You will easily come to know when someone mentioned you in the long conversations.?

Apart from this, Slack also provide unlimited direct messaging between members in a Slack community.

Who can better understand the importance of communities than marketers. I myself follow a huge number of Slack communities as a marketer. Therefore, understanding its importance I decided to share with you my personal favourite list.

Let's dive in!

6 Invaluable Slack Communities for Social Media Marketing

Important Slack Community

If you’re a digital marketer using Slack, we have curated this list for you from among the immense pool of Slack communities.

These communities will help to ensure that you have ultimate flexibility and individuality as a marketer.

  1. Brew Marketers Community
  2. Online Geniuses
  3. Buffer
  4. Creative Tribes
  5. Backlinks
  6. Profit Society

1. Brew Marketers Community

It focuses on organic growth strategies and is a right place to ignite your "Twitter Marketing Strategy", talk about trends and effectively network with knowledgeable, super-active Twitter power users.

Brew Marketers Community help you conduct high-value discussions with all the team members and is a supportive social media marketing specific community which helps the marketers and the enthusiasts to meaningfully connect on a deeper level with any of the team members.

(Application Process: Yes, Activity: Responsive)

BONUS: It is free to join and it provides free Statusbrew membership for 1 month to its new users ?

2. Online Geniuses

Online Geniuses is one of the fastest growing Slack channels for marketers. Best of all, you can seek real-time advice from experts on various channels it provides.

This community manages a highly active Slack group and is an appropriate community for you to build your "Snapchat Marketing Strategy". #socialmediamarketing and #seo are the must follow channels of this community.

(Application Process: Yes, Activity: Highly Responsive)

3. Buffer

If you work mostly with social media marketing platforms and campaigns then it is a community made for you. It is a good community with active users where you can get genuine and honest feedback to refine your work.

Buffer also promote location-centered channels, like the stretch-London or stretch-Singapore for its local members.

(Application Process: Yes, Activity: Responsive)

4. Creative Tribes

Creative Tribes community has a cordial atmosphere and here you can “Find, connect with, and grow your tribe – no matter your particular niche, profession or creative endeavor.”

If you are part of this community then you should follow the channels #content_marketing and #socialmedia_marketing for a better social media marketing experience.

(Application Process: Yes, Activity: Highly Responsive)

Backlinks community on Slack consists of a team of online marketers who discuss trade secrets and share backlink opportunities. It can immensely help you to grow as a blogger by growing backlink profiles in an effective way.

This community provides the users with the easiest way to get backlinks to their site without spamming! You can have healthy discussions with the members of this community related to your business growth.

(Application Process: Yes, Activity: Slow Response)

6. Profit Society

Profit Society focuses on taking a business to the next level. In this community, you can discuss all the topics related to online business & marketing.

If your main purpose is to sell third-party products & services for a commission of profits then you can follow #affiliate_marketing, one of its leading channel.

(Application Process: Yes, Activity: Responsive)

Remember, if you're curious, certifiable, and if your plan is genuine, there will always be individuals who will bolster you in your voyage. And, as of now, when you have become familiar with these Slack communities, these will set you up for a lifetime of success in social media marketing.

Where can you find communities other than social media marketing communities?

If you are looking for a community other than social media marketing communities, here are some resources to expand your search and keep you updated:

  1. Slack List - A handpicked selection of top Slack communities
  2. Slofile - A public Slack community database

You can even check out this github page that includes a large number of regional Slack channels organized by city or country.

Did you miss to follow any of these communities?

If yes, click on the links provided on the blog and follow these amazing Slack communities.

Don't forget to share with us, your experience of using these social media marketing communities. Please share the joy with us!

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