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Sep 18, 2020 3 min read

Social media reports have become an industry standard. Social metrics such as engagement, growth, impressions, and more have become a symbol of increasing brand recognition. These metrics provide a clear picture of the brand's social scene, and marketers have been seen boasting about them in the media and in board meetings.

Yet there is a gap! A gap between social media metrics and the business numbers in general. There is no link, or there used to be no link between an increase in reach and an increase in revenue. Understanding the relationship between social growth and sales growth has been so blurry that many businesses have shied away from thinking about it.

Statusbrew Shopify reporting

Is there a way to answer how much sales were generated from a particular social media post? To answer this question, we integrated Shopify sales reports with Statusbrew’s social media reporting system to build a simple, unified, and all-around reporting. The aim is to have a tool that helps Shopify merchants visualize customer journeys from a social media post to making the final sale.

Always Look At The Full Picture

Currently, for Shopify based businesses, social media marketing has been perceived as an isolated accessory. Although you may know that social media holds value for your business, it has been very difficult to quantify the value. Social media managers can only report on engagement, likes, shares, and followers at the end of the week. Well, not anymore!

With Shopify reports integrated into Statusbrew, you can visualize eCommerce brand's full potential on social media. With social metrics and sales data combined, you can have a big picture of the impact your social media efforts are making on your business.

Visual reports on social metrics and Shopify data combined can help you:

  • Tune your social sales funnel
  • Drive and share deeper insights
  • Create better strategies for your business

Why Shopify? Social + Actual Sales

A recent study has shown that about 82% of direct to customer eCommerce brands use Shopify to run their operations online. Shopify has a competitive advantage and offers a detailed analysis of sales data of any business that runs on their platform.

Statusbrew Shopify reporting

Combining sales data from Shopify with social media metrics empowers your Shopify business. Being able to attach a monitory value to your social media efforts is a great insight for any business no matter what scale they are on.

Many of our customers were found to be cross-referencing Statubsrew and Shopify reports and building custom ones themselves. Hence, combining the two major platforms into a single reporting solution seemed the logical thing to do.

Statusbrew With Shopify! Our Most Powerful Integration Yet

Our integrated Shopify reporting will help you answer the following questions for your eCommerce business:

  • Which social network drives the most sales?
  • Which social network drives the highest revenue?
  • What are the top-selling products on each social network?

In addition to these, you’ll be also able to see your revenue reporting directly in Statusbrew. So you never need to crossreference your social & sales reports and guess the connection between them.

Shopify sales report

In our first release (of many), we have tried to nail the basics providing simple yet effective and useful integration of Shopify data with Statusbrew reporting. Here are some of the meaningful ways we have envisioned this for Shopify merchants.

  • Post Level Sales - Drill down to see the sales numbers generated by each social media post.
  • Campaign Level Revenue - Running a social media campaign? Directly see the revenue generated.
  • Audience & Customer Analysis - Understand your customer with various dimensions. Insights about engagement and sales unified.
  • Network-Based Customer Value - Get deep insights into brand and sales performance from each social media profile.
  • Product & Brand Listening - Know audience's sentiments for your products, campaigns, and brand in general. Stay on top of social conversations.

With Statusbrew already helping Shopify based businesses in hiding and moderating comments on social media, and providing social support, integrating Shopify data is the next step. Statusbrew aims at building products that make eCommerce business more interactive, integrated, and connected on social media. Please let us know your feedback on this.

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