Managing and Sharing Visual Content Made Easier with Statusbrew's Content Pool

Apr 22, 2019 3 min read

For anyone trying to build a strong presence on social media, compelling visuals are an absolute necessity. But how do you ensure efficient management of your brand's visual content and enable your team to organize, find and share your brand's approved content?

The sheer quantities of images, infographics, videos, and other creative content bring into play the need for a cohesive strategy for keeping it all organized. So where’s the rescue?

Well, we call it 'Content Pool'. The Content Pool is a simplified & collaborative in-app asset repository that helps your team store the high-quality, engaging content in text, image, link or video format to make your campaign management more efficient. Anyone subscribed to the Statusbrew Business Professional and Enterprise plan can find Content Pool on the left side navigation pane within the Publish feature. ?

Or here's a video you can follow to get started with it.

Set custom permissions

To start accessing Content Pool, you will have to get your Content Pool settings configured by your account admin. These settings would control the way you could view and access this section. You can upload or download the images or send them to compose for publishing depending on your access level.

Once your Content Pool settings are defined, you’re ready to get started. Use Content Pool to:

Save time and stress

By using one centralized location to store high-quality visual content you and your team have immediate access to everything that is required for creating the perfect social media posts. That’s right, no more wasting time on downloading images from different sources and multiple email exchange for getting reviews.

Just upload your brand assets in the form of videos, images, or links and add the label which will make your content related to a specific topic, theme or campaign easier to find in Content Pool. Then, include a title or description for the assets and finally leave a note to describe how and when your team members can use it.

Ensure post consistency

To slice through the noise and to position your brand positively in the consumer’s mind, you need brand consistency across all social channels. One well-established industry fact is that brand inconsistency leads to the poor brand experience.

With Content Pool, you can ensure no days or weeks go without a single piece of content being published without an engaging, high-quality brand relevant image, video or link. This will create a consistent flow of activity on your company’s social media profiles and help your brand develop a robust online presence and brand voice.

Emphasize consistent branding

Maintain your brand's visual identity in all the content posted online. Instead of manually recreating the post structure for each new webinar, blog post or announcement, save the frequently used posts and links associated using a specific label within the Content Pool. Additionally, assign a title to the template, for instance - you can add a title “Monthly Webinar" to your webinar asset, to help your team understand when and how they could best utilize a specific piece of content.

Content Pool - Statusbrew

Stay organized with your marketing campaigns

For an effective marketing campaign, you require an extensive collection of brand approved promotional posts and visual assets. However, it could be a challenging task to quickly access the assets and data associated with them from among such a vast range of content.

Content Pool lets you efficiently manage assets for your next marketing campaign by assigning labels and enable you to quickly find a related asset when it's most needed using filters. Filters are the basic building blocks for narrowing down the type of visuals thereby eliminating the unwanted ones. Using appropriate filters promote efficiency and productivity. Different filters can be activated depending upon one's need and requirement. They can be categorized as - Filter by Tag, Filter by Asset and Filter by Team Member.

Content Pool with filter - Statusbrew

Encourage team collaboration

If you’re working on your company’s social media strategy with a team of people, cataloging your brand’s inventory of visuals at one centralized location is a great way to collaborate. Your entire team can jump into the Content Pool together to share ideas, make edits, and plan future content.

Previously, finding the right picture and downloading them alone used to take about a great deal of time. But with custom permissions, logical organization and seamless integration with Statusbrew's Compose section, Content Pool empower your team to stay agile and work smarter, not harder. Content Pool for Statusbrew is bound to make your life simpler.

Statusbrew would love to hear from you! How do you plan on using the Content Pool in your social strategy? Schedule a demo with us and try it out for yourself and if you like it, go ahead and share it with the world. ?

Ritika Sharma

Ritika is a digital marketing specialist and a writer who works on putting together creative and useful content for Statusbrew. Other than this she's an adventure seeker and a photography enthusiast.

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