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Deciding how much to spend on promoting social media posts is a real challenge for a marketer. Check out all our recent blogs to know the tips, strategies to optimize social media budget

Top 7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Budget

By now, social media has a firm place in the marketer's toolkit. Social media has proven to be highly effective in spreading brand awareness and building customer relationships. What's more? Social media advertising continues to occupy more substantial and more significant parts of paid media budgets, which demonstrates the power of targeted messaging on these platforms. Indeed, marketers had spent some $28.9 billion on social ads throughout 2018. With the way conversations on social media move at lightning speed, it is crucial to hitting the right note with your content. And if you can feed the algorithms with the correct budgeting and targeting parameters, then you can gain astonishing results in a short period. The challenge, of course, is finding the best way to use your paid social for increasing your organic reach and achieving the maximum ROI. And questions around how to go about unlocking the best returns...

Why you need a Social Media Marketing Budget in 2019

Nowadays, it’s prevalent to see businesses planning a huge social media marketing budget. It’s even more common to see them struggle as they're not sure of how much should they spend on social media or which channels can drive the best ROI for their businesses. Social Media Budget is treated in isolation and many a times executed without a clear strategy. Not the wisest thing to do! What you need to do is zoom out a bit and have an overview of how creating a budget for social media can influence your business. Importance Of Creating A Realistic Social Media Budget Creating a realistic social media budget for your business can truly pay off. Let's dive in to look at how it can benefit your business. A reasonable social media budget can spare you from the risk of making impulse marketing decisions that won’t generate the desired...