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Himanshu Rauthan is an entrepreneur and co-founder at MakeWebBetter. He is a programmer, researcher, writer, and strategist. He is passionate about building and scaling eCommerce development.

Guide To Instagram And Facebook Ad Image Sizes + [Infographic]

After the first digital ad hit in 1994, very few had the idea that advertising would completely change to a whole new concept. Now ads are not limited to search engines, they have spread their wings to almost every social media platform you could think of such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, Quora and many more. Amongst the aforementioned social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram stand out from others. They are the perfect platforms for running an advertising campaign because of the more significant number of active users. According to eMarketer forecasts, brands and companies will spend $32.6 billion on Facebook ads by 2020. Instagram is also a good choice for advertisers due to its density of 1 billion active users. A successful ad campaign is not limited to the ad platform you choose. It also depends on how engaging and attractive your ads appear whenever they are...

How To Utilize Social Media Platforms For Sales?

Social media has probably become an essential cog in the digital marketing mechanism. With its extensive reach and enormous user base, social media is apt for businesses and marketers who want to reach out to their audiences. With the technology advancements over the past several years, social media has exploded to its real potential, delivering every single time. This intensified people's interest in using social media marketing as their main marketing strategy, and the move is paying off. With the rise of social media platforms, it's imperative to understand their contribution to our business. Like, analyze which of these platforms are working best for us, and what strategies need to be implemented to extract the maximum results. In our age, the ways to connect with our audiences and consumer behavior are continually changing. Business owners and marketers are always on the lookout to drive in user engagement and encourage user-generated...