80+ Best AI Marketing Tools For 2024: Complete Directory

Nov 29, 2023 20 min read

From the days of Speak & Spell to the era of ChatGPT, it's clear we're living in the high-tech future we once only imagined. Nowadays, AI marketing tools have become as common as pens and screwdrivers to help us with our daily tasks.

The marketing industries have started using AI not only to automate mundane tasks but also to perform accurate marketing ROI optimization and improve sales.

In this article, we will look at the top AI marketing tools that will help you achieve better results more quickly than ever before.

80+ Best AI Marketing Tools For 2024

AI Social Media Marketing Tools


Statusbrew's AI-Powered Engage Inbox
Statusbrew's AI-Powered Engage Inbox

Statusbrew provides personalized AI recommendations to create social media inboxes by analyzing your customer conversations. Our AI Inbox will assist your customer team in prioritizing the conversations and guide suitable actions to reduce your team workload by 50%. On top of it, you can find AI sentiment analysis, which automatically assigns sentiment to all your incoming conversations so that you understand how your customers feel about your brand.

Contact us to learn how AI can help you transform your customer experience and social media strategy.


Lately AI

Lately an AI content generator and social management content platform. It helps in repurposing long-form content into social media posts, transcribing podcasts, scheduling and publishing content, and analyzing social media performance.


Emplifi AI

Emplifi is an AI-fueled social media publishing and scheduling tool. It helps to identify the best times to post, which posts to promote, monitor post-performance, or create publish-ready social media posts.

AI Content Creation Tools



Narrato.io is an AI-powered content creation platform that helps you write high-quality articles, blog posts, website copy, product descriptions, and other content marketing content in any language, and to any length. It also offers a number of advanced features, such as custom write styles, image generation, and social media post creation.



Copy.ai is an AI writing tool that helps you create high-quality content, such as blog posts, social media posts, and ad copy. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate written content based on prompts you write. It supports various types of copy, including social media posts, blog intros, product descriptions, ad headlines, and more.



Jasper.ai is an AI writing assistant that allows you to create high-quality content, such as blog posts, social media posts, and marketing copy. Jasper.ai generates text that is both informative and engaging, catering to any topic, language, or length. A remarkable feature of Jasper.ai is its ability to produce content that not only attracts readers but also aligns with SEO principles.



SEOwind allows you to create AI-powered articles based on comprehensive content and keyword research, along with detailed outlines. You can either fully rely on the provided AI outline, enrich it with your own ideas, or create it based on competitor analysis. For optimal results, you can provide detailed input to the tool.



ChatGPT is your virtual companion who can have conversations with you just like a real person and even adapt to your unique style and preferences. It can have meaningful conversations with you and even provide personalized responses that align with your specific needs.



QuillBot is an AI content writing tool that helps in shortening articles into key sentences or short paragraphs, keeping to character limits, translating text, and checking for plagiarism.

AI Caption Generator Tools



Submagic is a cloud-based AI caption generator that generates captions for videos in over 100 languages. Its main USP is its ability to generate accurate captions even for complex and noisy audio. This is helpful for businesses and organizations that need to create captions for educational videos, webinars, and other types of content.



VEED is a video editing platform that includes a built-in AI caption generator. Its main USP is its ease of use. You can simply upload your video to VEED; its AI algorithm will automatically generate captions. You can then edit and customize the captions as needed. This is helpful for people who need to create captions for their videos quickly and easily.


AI Caption Generator Tools

Kapwing is a free online video editing platform with a built-in AI caption generator. Its main USP is its wide range of features, including the ability to create social media videos, video presentations, and other types of content. This is helpful for people who need to create captions for different types of videos.

AI Hashtag Generator Tools

Ahrefs Hashtag Generator

AI Hashtag Generator Tools

Ahrefs Hashtag Generator is a comprehensive tool that provides insights into hashtag popularity and competition. Its main USP is its ability to filter hashtags by search volume, difficulty, and other factors. This is helpful for social media marketers who want to create a targeted hashtag strategy.

Inflact Hashtag Generator


Inflact Hashtag Generator is a real-time hashtag generator that provides updated suggestions based on trending topics. Its main USP is its ability to help users stay ahead of the curve when it comes to hashtag trends. This is helpful for social media marketers and creators who want to create timely content.

Sistrix Hashtag Generator


Sistrix Hashtag Generator gives data on hashtag performance and competition. Its main USP is its ability to track hashtag performance over time and identify the best-performing hashtags for a given niche. This is helpful for social media marketers who want to optimize their hashtag strategy for long-term success.



Predis.ai helps you generate a large number of hashtags, including niche hashtags, based on a single keyword. This is helpful for social media marketers and creators who want to reach a wider audience and increase engagement.

AI Username Idea Generator Tools


AI Username Idea Generator Tools

SpinXO generates a large number of unique and creative usernames, based on a single keyword or phrase. This is helpful for people who are struggling to come up with a good username for their social media accounts, online gaming profiles, or other online platforms.



Namify is an AI-powered username generator that generates usernames based on your personality, interests, and other factors. Its main USP is its ability to generate usernames that are unique and personal to you. This is helpful for people who want a username that reflects their individuality.

AI About/Bio Writer Tools

Hypotenuse AI

AI About/Bio Writer Tools

Hypotenuse AI is an AI writing tool that generates different creative content, including bios. Its main USP is its ability to generate bios in different styles, such as professional, personal, or humorous. This makes it a versatile tool for a variety of different users.

Shortly AI


Shortly AI is an AI writing tool that creates different short-form content, such as bios, product descriptions, and social media posts. Its main USP is its ability to generate content that is concise, informative, and engaging. This makes it a valuable tool for businesses and individuals who need to create high-quality content but don't have a lot of time.

AI Image Generator Tools


AI Image Generator Tools

DALL-E and DALL-E 2 are image generators from Open AI. They use deep-learning models to turn text into digital images. Designers, artists, and AI enthusiasts love them for their precise image control. You can create different versions, use your sketches, or build complete artwork.



Midjourney is a rising star among AI image generators. It stands out with unique features that produce digital art resembling hand-drawn illustrations more than realistic images. It's especially valuable for game developers, concept artists, and teachers creating visual aids.

AppyPie’s AI Image Generator

Appy Pie's AI Image Generator is a versatile solution for creating visually appealing images tailored to your needs. With this powerful AI Design tool, you can transform written prompts into visually stunning images that capture the essence of your message. Whether you want to enhance your social media presence, design eye-catching website banners, or create engaging marketing materials, this image generator is adaptable to meet your diverse visual content needs.

AI Video Creation Tools



Descript stands out as the top AI video generator for effortless video editing through script modification. It simplifies the process by transcribing your spoken words into a text document so that you can edit your video just like editing a text document. This is a huge time-saver, especially for those who find traditional video editing tedious.


AI Video Creation Tools

Runway is the go-to AI video enhancer for those looking to experiment with generative AI. While it has a learning curve, its advanced AI tools offer unique and impressive results. Not only does Runway provide features for video editing, but it also includes a suite of generative AI tools for text-to-video, image-to-image, object removal, and more. It may require some tinkering, but the creative possibilities and high-quality results make Runway a standout choice for those willing to explore the potential of AI in video editing.



FlexClip is a cloud-based AI video editing tool with AI Text-to-Video, AI Auto Subtitles, AI Text-to-Speech, and AI Image Generator. It helps you to create professional-looking videos with minimal effort, even if you have no prior video editing experience.



Synthesia is an AI video creation platform. It helps in creating social media videos without a cast or prior video editing experience, selecting from customizable video templates and AI avatars, typing in a script, and letting the AI voice over, supporting over 120 languages and accents.



Renderforest stands out as the greatest creative tool for video editing. It allows you to capture moments or use templates to create videos that are tailored to your specific needs. With Renderforest, you can easily create professional-grade videos, whether you're shooting intimate moments or using attractive templates. This platform is intended to make video creation simple and accessible, allowing you to produce compelling videos on the go with no prior skill or experience.

AI Animation Tools


Steve.ai excels in speedy 2D animation and live-action video creation. It simplifies the process by turning text or blog posts into animations without the need for special skills. Users can collaborate using auto-generated or pasted scripts, customize videos with design options, and even add AI voice-overs.

AI Animation Tools



Blender offers both 2D and 3D animation capabilities. Its grease pencil tool enhances 2D animations in a 3D space. Known for 3D features like modeling, sculpting, and motion capture, Blender simplifies the animation process. The software's ability to simulate movements complying with physics laws ensures smooth and realistic animations.



Cascadeur is a user-friendly 3D animation software that stands out for its advanced rigging tools and AutoPhysics feature. This tool quickly creates complex character rigs and adds natural, realistic motions through AI.



Deepmotion simplifies online animation, using AI to turn videos into 3D animations. Its real-time animation generation, coupled with features like Face and Hand tracking, provides creators with greater control. AI-powered physics simulations ensure realistic movements, which allows easy adjustments of character motions.

Autodesk Maya


Autodesk Maya, an industry-standard 3D software, uses AI technology for precise 3D modeling, animation, and rendering. It offers a plethora of video editing tools, including the Bifrost tool for detailed simulations. While Maya's features are extensive, it might pose a learning curve for beginners.

Animated Drawings


Animated Drawings add a fun twist, turning children's artwork into animations. The tool separates characters and brings them to life with various animation options. While it lacks editing options, this free platform provides a delightful way for kids and parents to see drawings come alive through the magic of AI.



Krikey.ai offers an easy way to create 3D animations from videos or text by featuring a 3D animation editor with diverse options. Users can control hand gestures, camera angles, and facial expressions.

AI Affiliate Marketing Tools



Scaleo is an affiliate marketing software that helps you track, analyze, and optimize your campaigns in real-time. It uses AI technology to identify the best times to run your campaigns and to focus on quality traffic by cutting out fraud.



Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tools available. Email marketing is a key part of affiliate marketing, and Mailchimp makes it easy to automate your email campaigns.

Referral AI


Referral AI analyzes your company's network to generate high-quality referrals to important accounts, partners, investors, and prospects. It does this by using sophisticated analysis and machine learning technology to scan the internet for strong connections continuously.



LinkFire is an AI smart link tool for affiliate marketing campaigns. It redirects users to specific destinations based on their country or device. This is a great way to target your traffic easily.



Convertbot is a chatbot builder that you can use to create chatbots for your website. Chatbots help you engage visitors, boost conversions, and answer questions 24/7.

AI Email Marketing Tools



Campaigner helps you drive sales and revenue by automating your marketing tasks, giving data into your campaign performance, and personalizing your messages to reach the right audience.



Brevo helps you create professional-looking emails, personalize your messages, and segment your contacts so you can send targeted campaigns. It also offers A/B testing and send time optimization so you can get the most out of your email marketing efforts.


AI Email Marketing Tools

SMTP’s superior email delivery services facilitate the sending and tracking of high-volume emails with the help of AI. SMTP helps you ensure that your emails are delivered to the right inboxes by boosting your IP reputation, optimizing inbox placement rates, and providing reliable backend support.



Omnisend is an easy-to-use eCommerce email marketing, SMS, and automation platform. Omnisend helps you engage your shoppers wherever they are with integrated email and SMS campaigns. It also offers a library of templates, eCommerce integrations, and pre-built workflows to make it easy to get started.



EmailOctopus is a low-cost email marketing platform that helps businesses grow their mailing list and engage their audiences. EmailOctopus offers a simple platform with a variety of features to help you create effective email campaigns, including landing page and form creation, drip campaigns, and segmentation.



ConvertKit is an AI-powered email marketing platform expertly crafted for creators. ConvertKit helps creators streamline their email marketing process with its AI features, such as email design, deliverability, landing page and form creation, subscriber organization, and automated content delivery.

Postcards Email Builder


Postcards Email Builder is a user-friendly email design builder with an AI assistant that crafts HTML email templates from your descriptions. It helps in creating modern, responsive email newsletters that are customized to your brand's specific needs and style.



Snov.io's AI Email Writer tailors your email content based on recipient data, increasing the chances of engagement. Save time on crafting emails with snov.io's AI-driven suggestions for subject lines, body content, and calls to action. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting, Snov.io AI Email Writer empowers you to create compelling, personalized email campaigns that drive results.

Gain valuable insights into your campaign performance through snov.io's analytics, allowing for informed decisions and continuous optimization.

AI Logo Maker

Super Logo by AI

Super Logo by AI is an AI logo maker that generates remarkable brand logos in just a few clicks. It helps in creating a professional logo for your business without the need for a graphic designer.

AI Analytics & Reporting Tools



Customfit.ai is a smart marketing platform that helps you create unique customer journeys and optimize your campaigns, even if you don't know how to code.



Mutiny is an AI marketing tool that helps you target and convert B2B buyers. It uses pre-built data integrations to identify visitors based on important factors like industry, company size, and website activity. This helps you deliver highly personalized and targeted experiences to boost your conversion rates.



Peak.ai is a cloud-based AI company that helps B2B marketers analyze data and make better decisions. It simplifies customer segmentation, so you can target your audience more precisely. Peak.ai also integrates with your existing communication channels and platforms, making your workflow more streamlined and efficient.



Outranking is an AI tool that helps you outrank your competitors in search engine results pages (SERPs). It analyzes multiple ranking factors and provides actionable insights to improve your website's visibility and rankings. Outranking.io also quickly generates on-page content audit reports so you can optimize your web pages accordingly.


Linkfluence is an AI-enabled consumer insights platform that helps in measuring social media campaign performance, measuring brand reputation, identifying subtopics, and highlighting user-generated content (UGC).

AI Ad Campaign Tools

Adobe Advertising Cloud


Adobe Advertising Cloud is an AI platform that helps advertisers buy, place, manage, and improve their ads for all types of media, including display, video, native, mobile, audio, search, and connected TV.


AI Ad Campaign Tools

StackAdapt is another tool for buying and placing ads across multiple channels. StackAdapt gives users all the data they need to improve their campaigns. And because it uses AI technology, it can sift through more data more efficiently and quickly than a human can.



GumGum's tools use AI and machine learning to analyze data about the behavior of your target audience. From there, it can give you actionable insights into which websites, apps, or social media platforms would get the highest engagement for your ads. GumGum has all the features you would expect from a programmatic advertising tool and will help you get your ad in front of the right people.

AI Influencer Marketing Tools


AI Influencer Marketing Tools

NeoReach is a sophisticated influencer marketing platform with a large database of influencers and powerful AI-based fraud detection capabilities.



Affable.ai is a highly effective influencer marketing platform with a unified, AI-driven system that indexes all public social media users. It helps brands and agencies discover authentic and credible influencers, measure the impact of influencer campaigns, and obtain integrated insights and data.



HypeAuditor is an influencer marketing platform with AI-based fraud detection and influencer analytics capabilities. It helps businesses find trustworthy influencers to collaborate with and identify suitable influencers for their target audience.

AI Presentation Tools


AI Presentation Tools

Beautiful.ai is an innovative AI presentation maker that redefines the way you create presentations. Its standout feature is its ability to offer smart design recommendations through an intuitive interface. When using Beautiful.ai, you can focus on your content while the AI tool handles the aesthetics. It provides customizable templates, intelligent chart creation for data visualization, and insightful analytics to track audience engagement with individual slides.

Simplified’s AI Presentation Maker

Simplified’s AI Presentation Maker is designed to help you effortlessly create on-brand presentations. Its primary advantage lies in its ability to generate presentations quickly. You can simply tell the AI your presentation topic, and it will generate a tailored presentation in seconds. It also integrates with popular platforms like Google Drive and Shopify.


Slidebean is an AI presentation software that specializes in assisting founders and startups in creating pitch decks. Its main strength lies in streamlining the pitching process and ensuring your pitch aligns with your company's stage of development.


Designs.ai offers a comprehensive suite of AI creation tools, including AI writing assistance, a logo maker, a video presentation maker, and natural-sound AI voiceovers. Its standout feature is Designmaker, which swiftly creates visually appealing presentations. You can choose from an extensive library of templates and let the AI handle the design process. It also offers a one-click resize feature and an intuitive design editor.


Presentations.ai aims to streamline presentation creation and enhance design quality. Its most compelling feature is its ability to generate presentations within seconds from a single prompt. It offers personalized design options and robust branding features for a polished look.

AI Funnel Builder Tools


GoHighLevel is an AI-powered all-in-one marketing platform for agencies. It helps to build professional, optimized pages in minutes with the website/funnel builder and AI-generated headlines, copy, and CTAs. It can automate tedious marketing tasks with the AI blogging tool and AI social media planner. It also delivers more personalized messaging across channels like email and text with its AI CRM. You can even resell GoHighLevel's tools, like the AI funnel builder, as white-label services to your own clients with the SaaS Mode.

AI Voice Generator Tools

Murf AI

AI Voice Generator Tools

Murf.ai also allows you to further edit these audio recordings by adding in music, videos, and images. Enhance your content creation experience with Murf AI, the advanced AI voice generator.


Another great AI voice generator tool is Podcastle.ai. With its Revoice feature, you can create a digital voice clone of your voice, which you can use to turn any text into audio that sounds just like you with only a couple of clicks. Podcastle also offers other AI content creation tools like one-click background remover, automatic transcriber, and more. Overall, it is the best AI tool for anything audio-related. You can also create and edit videos with it!

AI Customer Service Tools


Knowmax is an AI-powered CX-first Knowledge Management Platform that delivers guided knowledge across assisted and digital channels. It provides guided and contextual knowledge to support representatives and allows them to resolve customer issues quickly.


Abbot integrates with Slack to provide customer support reminders. It helps set reminders to respond to customers, prevent customer tickets from being overlooked, summarize customer conversations, suggest next steps, provide accurate answers to questions based on customer support documentation, customize automations, and track conversation volume and overdue tickets.


BrightBot is an easy-to-use AI chatbot that can be trained with company information to provide informative and accurate answers to customer questions. It answers routine customer questions on your website and provides effortless training for support agents and teams.


AI Customer Service Tools

Zigpoll is an AI customer feedback and survey platform that provides actionable insights from customer data. It collects customer feedback, gains insights into customer attitudes, uses AI to analyze response data, and leverages customer data for strategic planning.

AI SEO Tools

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an AI tool that helps website owners, marketers, and SEO professionals optimize their content to improve search engine rankings and organic traffic. It uses AI to help you identify semitic keywords for your target keyword based on search engine algorithms and tells you the optimal times you should insert these keywords. It also offers a free AI article outline generator.

Alli AI

Alli AI is an AI SEO tool for automating SEO efforts. It customizes automation, automates meta tags, link descriptions, alt for images, and more, and has a live editor for modifying and optimizing page content, a link-building tool for providing link recommendations, and AI reports for providing SEO insights.


RankIQ is an AI SEO tool for suggesting titles and content for posts. It helps to create blog post outlines quickly, generates content briefs based on topics you should cover, produces high-quality content capable of ranking on the first page of Google, finds the best results on Google for keywords, and prepares detailed AI SEO reports.


Frase is an AI SEO tool for making SEO content research and optimization easy. It helps in creating thorough content briefs in minutes, researching keywords, headings, and concepts used by competitors, customizing brief templates, comparing your content to those of your competitors, publishing Google-friendly content, analyzing content opportunities and categorizing them, and spotting pages that are losing rank and need to be updated.


AI SEO Tools

Clearscope is an AI-powered content optimization platform that helps you write SEO-optimized content. It analyzes your content against the top-ranking pages for your target keywords and provides feedback on how to improve your content’s SEO score. It also helps you identify and fix content quality issues, such as grammar and spelling errors and repetitive or irrelevant content.

AI Music Generator Tools


Mubert is an AI music generator that blends technology and creativity. It helps in generating unique soundscapes, creating personalized music and soundtrack experiences, selling AI-generated tracks, and curating music into optimized playlists.

AI Music Generator Tools


Soundful is an AI music generator with a unique blend of simplicity and customization. It helps in creating royalty-free background music for videos, streams, and podcasts. You can choose from over 50 templates across different genres and customize beats per minute (BPM) and base notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) in major or minor keys.


AIVA is an AI music generator that has been creating music since its inception in 2016. It composes soundtracks for various media, including ads, video games, and movies, creates music from scratch or produces variations of existing songs, edits soundtracks, and modifies existing tracks.

AI Chatbot Builder Tools


BotSonic is a no-code AI chatbot builder with flexible branding options. It helps create custom AI chatbots without coding skills, customizes chatbots to match your business's unique vibe, integrates chatbots into your website in minutes, offers 24/7 customer support, and supports 24+ languages.

AI Chatbot Builder Tools


Chatbase is an easy-to-use AI chatbot builder that allows you to upload a document or share a link to your site to create a chatbot. It creates AI-powered chatbots without coding, trains ChatGPT using your own data, customs chatbots, and sets up chatbots in minutes


Chatfuel is a no-code AI chatbot builder powered by GPT-4 that builds super-smart chatbots. It helps boost sales and amp up customer support by creating intelligent and personalized chatbots that truly understand your customers' needs.


Fini is a no-code AI chatbot builder that transforms your knowledge base into an interactive chatbot. It provides instant answers to customer questions, customizes the tone of chatbots to fit your brand's vibe, and even integrates chatbots with Slack, Discord, and more.


IngestAI is an AI chatbot builder that creates custom AI chatbots that keep your team in the loop and help them make smarter choices. It helps in making top-notch decisions, automates tasks, and creates custom ChatGPT-trained AI chatbots.

Which AI Marketing Tools Will You Use In 2024?

Growth is becoming more difficult due to intense competition and market saturation. Digital marketers are constantly looking for ways to keep businesses afloat and moving forward. In such a scenario, AI tools and machine learning help them do their jobs faster and achieve their goals.

Even if you are skeptical of AI and its capabilities due to its limitations and challenges, it is still a good idea to try out some AI marketing tools to automate tasks, compute solutions, and improve efficiencies. Start small by introducing one or two AI tools and machine learning services into your routine. Always remember that human intervention is necessary to achieve the best results.

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