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Oct 7, 2018 2 min read

The brands and the consumers have got exceptional access to each other with the rapid growth of social media. While this growth fuels terrific experiences, it likewise puts an extra obligation on the brands. The brands have to pay special attention to their social media presence!

They need to be more smart and careful when it comes to:

  • Streamlining their social publishing,
  • Engaging withtheir target audience, and
  • Discover new connections and opportunities

It’s not a surprise that sometimes, the pressure to maintain each aspect of social media management results in neglecting one or more tasks associated with strengthening your brand’s social media presence.

Thus, to make sure your time is evenly distributed while managing your social media, last week we came up with a webinar on - How to Build Social Media Presence In 30 Minutes a Day!! In the webinar, we talked about why is social media presence important and how much time you should be spending over each aspect of social management.

Infographic: 30-minutes routine to build social presence

How to Build Social Media Presence In 30 Minutes a Day!

Seeing the success of the webinar, we'd decided to come up with one more webinar this week where we'd discussed about how you could execute your marketing plan or social media strategy in less than 30-minutes using Statubrew without compromising on results.

Statusbrew is a social media marketing platform for you. Whether you are small or medium business, fast-growing digital marketing agency, a solopreneur or an enterprise, we offer a solution for everybody!

We provide extensive solutions for:

  • Social Media Publishing
  • Community Building
  • Social Reporting
  • Engagement and Social Listening

In the webinar we extensively discussed about “How you can scale your Publishing, Engagement and Analyze all your results" from one place that too in just 30 minutes a day!

If in case you missed our webinar, don’t worry! You can now access the full webinar recording here.

Is there something in particular that you'd like us to talk about next week? Let us know in the comments down below! ??

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