What's New This Month In Statusbrew - November 2019!

Nov 29, 2019 5 min read

At Statusbrew, we're continually trying to make our product better and add new features that bring value to our customers.

The latest update this month focuses on adding depth to our reporting capabilities by providing more valuable analytics for your ad content.

This blog post will cover all the latest updates for the month of November in Statusbrew, including:

Alt Text Support For Twitter

Alt text or Alternative text is the description that is added to non-textual content like pictures, illustrations, diagrams, etc. to make it more accessible to people who are visually impaired and using accessibility software.

While Facebook uses object recognition technology to create a description of a photo automatically, Twitter requires you to add alt texts to images shared on the platform manually.

Statusbrew now gives you the ability to directly add descriptions to the images added in the Compose window. Here's how you can start adding alt texts to your Twitter images:

  • Under the Compose window, click on the Add Media option to upload an image
  • Hover over the image and click on Edit Media
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Edit Alt Text to give your image a description

    Add alt texts to Twitter images in Compose

Note: There is a character limit of 255 words for Twitter alt texts. Alt texts cannot be added to videos and gifs due to Twitter limitations.

Facebook And Instagram Paid Performance Reports

With Statusbrew's Facebook and Instagram Paid Performance reports, brands can now get deeper insights into the performance of their ad campaigns. The paid performance reports contain campaign level data displayed against different metrics and KPIs (Key performance indicators) to help identify the vital aspects of various campaigns.

Head over to the Reports section and click on Facebook and Instagram Paid Performance to get a detailed analysis of your boosted content.

Campaign Selector

Select an activity date range and choose the name of the campaign(s) from the campaign selector to start building your reports.

Campaign selector

Campaign Summary

The summary section gives you a brief analysis of your selected campaigns. You get an overview of the metrics such as:

  • Total Spend: Total amount spent on the selected campaigns
  • Impressions: The average cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) received across selected campaigns along with the total number of times the ads from selected campaigns were viewed by audiences
  • Engagement: The average cost for a single engagement (CPE) received across campaigns chosen and the total engagement driven by those campaigns
  • Clicks: The average cost for a click (CPC) across campaigns chosen and the total number of clicks driven by selected campaigns

    Facebook and Instagram Paid Performance

You get a detailed analysis of all the metrics mentioned above along with some other metrics like:

  • Video Views: The average cost of a single video view (CPV) and the total number of video views driven by selected campaigns
  • Mobile App Installs: Total number of app installs received across selected campaigns along with average cost per action (CPA) such as installs, downloads, signups, etc
  • Conversions: The average cost per conversion (CPC) and the total number of conversions driven by selected campaigns

You can customize the data according to your visual preference and even compare the change in the performance of a campaign in the current period versus the previous period.

Additionally, you can also get a breakdown of your ad content by:

  • Ad Account
  • Campaign
  • Channel

All New Tag Insights

We're excited to present all-new Tag Insights that will help you better analyze the performance across your tagged content, making it easier to measure campaign success and understand the sentiment around your brand.

Check out this blog on Tag Insights to get all the details about content tagging system in Statusbrew

The Tag Insights provides a comprehensive breakdown of each tag and allows social media managers to better understand message volume, performance
patterns, and campaign effectiveness.

Now that you're tagging and organizing your inbound messages and published posts, you can get a summary of content tagged from Compose and Engage Inbox.

Tagged Content Performance

Head over to the reports section and click on Tag insights in the left side nav bar to get a complete analysis of your tagged content.

If you're using tags to categorize your published content (Outbound Posts), you'll get a detailed analysis of engagement metrics such as:

a. Outbound Impressions
b. Outbound Engagement
c. Outbound Clicks

Tag Insights

If your team uses tags to organize incoming messages in the Engage Inbox, Tag insights also give you a breakdown of these metrics:

  • Inbound Messages: Pinpoint the surges in tagged messages by getting a broader view of all the incoming message volume
  • Inbound Sentiment Analysis: Get a complete sentiment analysis across incoming messages following a campaign or product launch

Post Performance By Tag

Tag Performance Reports gives you a quick comparison of tags by displaying post count and average data of metrics (clicks, comments, engagement, impressions, likes, reach, shares, video view) with a specific tag on a particular profile.

Post Performance By Tag Reports

Click to expand each tag to find more details like Tag Stats, Usage Frequency (showing the number of times this tag was used), and each post listed under this tag.

Post Performance By Tag Reports

Tag Insights for Statusbrew is bound to make your life simpler.

Here's What's In The Pipeline

For the coming month, we aim to improve the accessibility and make content planning easier within Statusbrew.

  • All new Dashboard
  • Improvements to Publishing

We are also launching a new plan that brings everything that you need to get started with social media management at an affordable price.

To learn more, check out our pricing page.

Want us to build something for you, or have any suggestions? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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Shivam is a content and marketing strategist at Statusbrew and loves to write content that tells a story. When he's not on his laptop you can find him working out and jamming to pop music.

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