What's New This Month In Statusbrew - December 2019!

Dec 27, 2019 4 min read

December has been yet another month full of new features and product updates for us.

We started our month with the launch of our new Voyager II Plan, which brings everything that you need to get started with social media management at an affordable price.

And while the focus last month was to enhance our reporting capabilities and introduce in-depth analytics for boosted content. This month we've introduced some major changes to our web-app, including the launch of all-new Statusbrew Home.

This blog post covers all the latest updates for the month of December in Statusbrew, including:

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Statusbrew Home

The all-new Home is your one-stop to everything at Statusbrew. Click on the Statusbrew logo Statubrew logo in the top-left corner and welcome the new home with an easy to locate feature search.

Statusbrew Home


The Core section contains the crux of Statusbrew. You get all the main features, such as - Publish, Engage, Reports, and more.


The Add-on section contains some additional features depending on your subscription plan within Statusbrew that enhance your social capabilities. You get features such as Team Activity Logs, Tags, Asset Manager, and more. Learn more about different plans and features here.


The Settings section provides you with everything that you need to manage your Statusbrew account. You get options such as Billing, Account Settings, and more.

Team Inboxes

Statusbrew's Engage is the one inbox for all your messages across social.
With new updates to Engage, Team Inboxes allow your social media teams to quickly review and filter all the interactions from all your social profiles added to that team (group), enabling you to take action on the most important comments, tweets, and messages in a more effective way.

All New Permission Model

Statusbrew allows brands to streamline the complex publish and engagement workflows by providing additional layers and permissions, so only trusted employees can send messages.

We've tried to improve on that and have introduced an all-new permission model that binds the permissions at the profile level.

Now each team member in a Statusbrew Group needs to be given individual Publish and Engage permission for each profile in a particular group.

We've also added a few new permissions as well:

  • Manage Brand Keywords - Permission to manage Listening Keywords
  • Manage Rule Engine - Permission to manage Moderation Rules
  • Manage Publish Plans - Permission to manage Publish Categories
  • Manage Content Sources - Permission to manage RSS Feeds
  • Manage Conversation Status - Permission to perform actions on conversations (like close, open, mark as spam, snooze)

Some other notable updates that took place in December were:

Group Selector and Facebook Native Scheduling in Compose

Statusbrew's powerful Compose now gets a Group selector. Easily switch between different Statusbrew Groups while creating content for your social.

Group Switch

Along with the option of sending out Dark Posts, Compose now gets the option of Native Post Scheduling for Facebook.


Native Scheduling for Facebook lets you publish the post via native Facebook scheduler. All you need to do is schedule the post using Statusbrew Compose and activate the option of Native Scheduling.

CSV Export For Reports

Continuing our efforts to improve our reporting capabilities, we've added the support for exporting Hashtag, Category and Tag Reports (Post Performance By Tag) as CSV (Excel).

Export as CSV

Export the performance of your Hashtags, Categories, or Tags by clicking on the vertical three-dot menu beside the Performance widgets and selecting Export as CSV.

Profile Level Alerts For Slack

Statusbrew's Slack integration allows brands to get notified of the team's publishing and engagement activities. With profile level alerts now available for Slack, you have the option to set your alerts for a particular social profile in a Statusbrew group.

Facebook and Instagram Paid Performance

Planner Gets A New Filter

Statusbrew's Planner enables you to visualize a complete timeline of all your scheduled or published content. Using our inbuilt filters, you can quickly sort your content based on its type, status, category, or more.

Facebook and Instagram Paid Performance

We have now added a new filter "Approver" using which social media managers can now filter posts based on the team member who has been assigned as an approver.

Here's What's In The Pipeline

Moving forward, we'll be continuing on our aim of bringing features and updates that bring value to our customers. Here's what in the pipeline for January:

  • Engage support in our Android and iOS apps
  • Support for managing conversations from Retweets, Quoted Retweets, and Google My Business Q&A in Engage

Want us to build something for you, or you have any suggestions? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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Shivam Devgan

Shivam is a content and marketing strategist at Statusbrew and loves to write content that tells a story. When he's not on his laptop you can find him working out and jamming to pop music.

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