What's New In Statusbrew - March 2024

Apr 18, 2024 5 min read

We are back with another monthly update!

From Salesforce integration to an improved activity log, we have constantly been developing Statusbrew to make the working lives of our customers easier on socials. Here are (almost) all the ways we improved Statusbrew in March 2024.

Facebook Story Publishing

Right now, Stories are the biggest opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers on social media, so we want to give you an easy way to create and share Stories on Facebook.

That’s why we launched Facebook Stories publishing in Statusbrew’s Story Composer with images and videos.

Now, you can plan your Facebook Stories in advance, ensure a steady flow of Stories content, even on busy days, effortlessly schedule and publish Stories for all your clients' Facebook accounts from a single hub, and create Stories collaboratively within your team.

Facebook Story Publishing

Statusbrew offers additional features such as:

  • Fine-tune Facebook Stories directly in Statusbrew with aspect ratio adjustments and editing tools.
  • Rearrange your story sequence using drag-and-drop to perfect your narrative flow.
  • Save unfinished Stories as drafts for easy revision before scheduling.
  • Visualize your final masterpiece with live previews to ensure your story looks polished before publishing.

LinkedIn Document Upload

Documents/PDFs have become very popular on LinkedIn and have proven to be the most engaging post type.

We are happy to share with you that you can now schedule or post documents on LinkedIn using Statusbrew’s Compose. This new feature will boost your audience engagement on LinkedIn.

You can share PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPTX, and PPT document types.

Now, you can share in-depth reports or white papers as PDFs to showcase your expertise and attract potential clients, create downloadable guides, ebooks, or case studies as lead magnets to capture leads and build an audience, and share the slide decks or handouts from your webinars on LinkedIn to extend their reach.

LinkedIn Document Upload

Read/Unread Message Indicators

Now, you can easily identify messages that require your attention and ensure that no message gets lost in the shuffle. Unread messages will appear highlighted, drawing your immediate attention to new conversations and urgent inquiries.

The subtle distinction between read and unread messages will allow for a quick visual scan of your inbox and help you prioritize conversations and respond quickly.

Read/Unread Message Indicators

This way, it becomes easy for you to stay on top of your social media conversations, keep yourself organized and focused, and deliver exceptional customer service, even if you receive a high volume of customer inquiries.

We at Statusbrew respect your preferences. That’s why the visual indicator aligns with Statusbrew's existing UI, but you can also personalize your experience with future customization options (coming soon!).

A simple click or tap on the unread message will mark it as read, and there’s also a dedicated "Mark as Read/Unread" option to manage your inbox with ease.

If you want to focus on specific conversations, we have added new filtering options to view all messages, only unread messages, or only read messages so you can tailor your inbox based on your current needs.

Create a Inbox View with the filter of Waiting Since if you wish to see all the unread messages in your Inbox in a specified time period.

Unread Message Inbox

Login & Logout Events In Activity Logs Along With IP Address

Statusbrew takes user security seriously, and we're thrilled to announce a new addition to our activity logs: detailed login and logout events with IP addresses! This enhancement allows you to monitor user activity within your Statusbrew account and maintain the highest level of security for your social media presence.


This way, you can track login attempts, identify suspicious activity, monitor user activity, and investigate potential issues in the event of any suspicious activity or data breaches.

Assigned Conversation Updates & Conversation Moved to Inbox Notifications

You will receive immediate notifications whenever there's a new activity within a conversation assigned to you. This could include notes added by colleagues, new client replies, ticket closures, or any other relevant update.

You can also get notified anytime a new conversation is added to a team inbox you're part of. This ensures everyone is aware of new conversations requiring attention. It also eliminates the possibility of a conversation getting lost in a team inbox. Notifications ensure all new conversations receive prompt attention, leading to improved response times.

You can update your notification settings from your account settings.

Assigned Conversation Updates & Conversation Moved to Inbox Notifications Settings

Upload Media By URL In Compose

You can directly include images and videos from their URL within your social media posts. You don't need to download and upload media files anymore.

With Upload media by URL, simply paste the image or video URL directly into your Compose window. Statusbrew will integrate the media into your post, saving you clicks and time.

Upload Media By URL In Compose

Depicting and/or Connectors In Rule Filters

We now provide you with a clear visual representation of "and/or" connectors when adding actions to your automation rules. When you add a second action to your automation rule, the "and" connector automatically appears, visually indicating the logical relationship between your defined actions. You can change the logic to "or" by clicking on the "and" connector and selecting "or" from the dropdown menu.

Depicting and/or Connectors In Rule Filters

This improved visibility ensures your automation rules are clear and easy to understand, both for yourself and your team members collaborating on social media workflows. You are also eliminating the risk of accidentally creating automation rules with the wrong logic. And spend less time deciphering complex automation rules.

Salesforce Integration

After receiving multiple customer requests, we added support for Salesforce Integration to maximize your lead generation efforts from socials.

How To Create & Link Contacts & Leads?

With this integration, you can:

  • Manage contacts and leads
  • Prioritized case management
  • See a list of all the cases and the details of a particular case
  • Manage Salesforce fields
  • Add new text comments directly within the case details page

Take a look at our detailed guide to understand how Statusbrew's integration with Salesforce will make social selling easier for you!

Support For Multiple Private Messages

This feature addition tackles the issue of repetitive messaging, which affects your ad performance. So now, you can craft multiple auto-private replies for Facebook and Instagram, and our automation will randomly send out those private messages when triggered.

Support For Multiple Private Messages

This way, you can prevent your automated responses from becoming monotonous, avoid overwhelming customers with the same exact response every time, and create a more human-like experience.

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