What’s New In Statusbrew - April 2024

May 7, 2024 4 min read

This past April, we released many features such as Member Online Status, Space switcher, Draft and approval support for CSV uploads and more.

Here is the detailed breakdown:

Member Online Status

Introducing the Member Online Status ,with this feature, your team members will have the access to real-time visibility into each member's availability—be it online, offline, or away—enabling better work assignment and efficient collaboration. For instance -

Checking Online Members:

You can check all your online team members in just a click from Online members menu present in Engage inbox. Letting you collaborate and delegate work efficiently. For example, if you have remote team members working from different regions and time-zones, you can always check their availability from Online members menu.

Moreover, the team members can also set Status to show their occupancy and if they are not actively responding they can set themselves as Away.


This feature is now available for Premium and Enterprise plans.

For more details, Member Online Status For Effective Collaboration

Space Switcher Pane & Marking Favorite Spaces

Your space logo, which was previously not in your line of sight, now sits prominently below the Statusbrew logo, giving you clear visibility of your current space. Clicking on this logo opens the Space Switcher pane, displaying all your spaces for quick switching.

This new feature is designed for fast transitions between spaces and offers some handy functionalities:

  • Quick Search: In a hurry? Use the search bar to find your desired space quickly. The searched space pops up at the top of the list for immediate access
  • Favorites: Mark your frequently used spaces as favorites for easy and quick access

This enhancement improves navigation and simplifies space transitions.

Space Switcher Pane & Marking Favorite Spaces

Drafts and Approval Support For CSV Uploads

We have made two significant updates to the Bulk Scheduling feature. Now, when uploading CSV files for bulk scheduling from the dashboard, users can save their posts as drafts by simply checking the "Save as draft" checkbox, providing more flexibility and control over content before publishing. Additionally, now you have the ability to choose approval methods for bulk posts directly within the Bulk Schedule interface.


Reposting Queued Posts

Previously, you could only repost published content. Now, you can also repost content scheduled for future publication. This feature works for Facebook, LinkedIn, and X(Twitter), allowing you to Schedule repost for strategic publishing.

Additionally, you can use this feature to Schedule repost for Retweet, Reply, and Quote actions on X(Twitter).

This update allows for more efficient reposting across different social media platforms.

Reposting Queued Posts

Updates in Engage Inbox

Sentiment Score

In our latest update to Engage Inbox, we've introduced a new feature that shows a sentiment score in incoming messages, reflecting the confidence level of the sentiment ranging from 0 to 1. Confidence closer to 1 indicates strong sentiment, while those closer to zero suggest weaker sentiment. These confidence scores are provided to give insight into how our language model identifies the sentiments. Moreover, you can still update the sentiments as per necessity using our detailed analysis.


Keyboard shortcuts for conversation management

To enhance your experience in managing conversations, we have added new keyboard shortcuts in Engage inbox:

Press "i" to add conversation to Inbox

Press "a" to assign conversation to a team member

Note: To see all inbox keyboard shortcuts press Shift+? in Engage inbox.

Section Level Filtering In Reports

We’ve introduced section-level filter options, allowing you to segregate data within each section of your report. These filters mirror the filter options available at the report level, ensuring consistency in data analysis. Here are the key improvements:

  • Combined Filtering Logic: Section level filters now work alongside report level filters using an AND logic condition. This means that the filtered data in a selected section will meet the combined filter conditions of both section-level and report-level filters.
  • Isolated Filtering: Applying a section level filter does not impact or alter the data in other sections of the report, maintaining data clarity throughout your analysis.

These enhancements empower you to extract more accurate insights from your reports, enabling better decision-making.


Improved Visualization In PDF Reports

As per the feedbacks from our users, our team has developed a new Grid view PDF. Unlike the previous format, this one can contain multiple report widgets within each page of the report. This makes your reports shorter and easier to read. This is an additional option you now have when downloading your PDF report, alongside the Stack View PDF option where you would find one widget per page.

While this feature is an experiment, you may find more updated versions of reports formats in future.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and enhance your capabilities with Statusbrew!

Aquib J Khan

I have been creating instructional content for SaaS products for past three years.

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