What’s New At Statusbrew? (May 2024)

Jun 5, 2024 2 min read

Here is a quick summary of all the major updates we released in the month of May 2024:

  1. Product tagging support on Instagram
  2. Improved Facebook Post Preview Layout
  3. Time Zone Support in Post Scheduling
  4. Reddit Integration
  5. Facebook API deprecations 2024

Product Tagging Support For Instagram Posts

You can now tag products from your Meta shop catalog directly on images or videos within Statusbrew when composing posts on Instagram. This option is available for Meta shop owners with Instagram check-out enabled in Meta commerce manager. You don’t need to enable Instagram check-out if your location is listed in Meta among the currently supported countries for tagging products on Instagram.

Learn more about Product Tagging Support for Instagram.


Improved Facebook Post Preview Layout

We have improved the post previews for Facebook to help you to better visualize your Facebook posts within Statusbrew. Now you can preview links with vertical orientation as it should appear. Image and video previews is also improved and you can preview up to 5 images and videos in a grid that will adapt as per the aspect ratio of the media.

The text preview will also support up to 480 characters. To see the full text you can always click see more in the preview.

Facebook Post Preview Layout in Statusbrew

Time Zone Support in Post Scheduling

You asked, and we've answered. No more hassle with calculating or converting time zones when scheduling posts for clients or audiences across different time zones.

Simply choose the desired time zone from the drop-down menu, and you'll see the converted time displayed in your local time zone within the post schedules.

Your local time zone will be set as the default, and the selected time zone from the drop-down will be saved locally for that specific space. It will be automatically applied as the last selected time zone when scheduling future posts.


Reddit Integration

We're thrilled to announce Reddit integration in Statusbrew!

Now you can connect your Reddit account to seamlessly monitor brand Keywords, reply to messages, and gain valuable insights from Reddit conversations all within Statusbrew. This empowers you to leverage the power of Reddit to stay on top of your brand reputation and engage with your audience effectively.

Adding profiles in Statusbrew

Facebook API deprecations 2024

Facebook recently deprecated several Page-level API metrics as they migrate from Classic Pages to the new Page experience. Because of this, you will notice significant changes in Facebook page-based reports.

  • The breakdown of Facebook fans or audiences by age and gender will no longer be available.
  • Additionally, the calculation of Page shares and comments has changed; these metrics will now be recorded through daily snapshots of all Facebook page posts instead of being fetched natively via the Facebook API.

All other previously available metrics will remain unaffected.

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