Feature Focus: The New Statusbrew Publish

Sep 5, 2017 4 min read

Lately, a good number of social networks have captured a significant reputation. This has made the Internet a diverse community to share multiple ideas from technology to lifestyle, earth to stars and what not. With Social Networks acting as filters for content types, every business needs to create and publish appealing content on relevant social channels for their audiences.

But, wouldn’t posting on all Social Networks one by one, be a tedious task? How cool would it be to share your posts on all different Social Networks in a click, schedule posts now and for future?

Statusbrew’s Publish has helped enormous number of businesses to handle this task with ease. All features in the Publish section have been segregated carefully in the new design. In order to provide a clear outline, Publish section is categorized into three sub-sections:

  • Create Post
  • Category
  • Planner
    New Statusbrew Publish

Create post

As the name suggests, this is the section where you can create your content. It also allows you to post in real time and schedule the post for future.

How to create a post?

  1. First, select the profile(s) you want to post from
  2. Share your message in the text box given below that
  3. If you prefer, you can also upload a picture for your post.
  4. You can choose to post at a desired time or set the post live now
  5. To add a desired time, you can add a Custom time or Schedule
  6. If you want to publish the post at the same time, you can just click on Send Now

New Statusbrew Create Post
Note: In order to choose a category from the schedule category, you need to create one from the Category option from the top. Let’s see how to use it, later in this blog

Besides Creating single post and scheduling it, one of the most convincing feature in Statusbrew is the CSV upload, earlier Bulk Publish. It enables you to schedule in bulk just by uploading a CSV file with images. You have the option to select a predefined category or you can also choose to upload a CSV with the date and time mentioned in it. Using CSV for posting is an amazing technique to save time and energy. You can plan your complete publishing schedule for months and set it live in one go.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Select a profile to Publish from
  2. Choose the CSV format that you want to upload, i.e. Pre Selected Category or Date-Time based CSV
  3. Upload the CSV and you will be able to see all your posts in the Planner

New Statusbrew csv upload tool

Note: You can download a sample CSV and you can see the instructions to create one in the application itself.


This feature gives the ability to create custom posting schedules according to the category of the post that you are publishing. Date and time is flexible with any timezone.

Here is how you can create one for yourself:

  1. Click on the Create button in the top right corner
  2. Give the Category a name. Example: Voblr LLC Schedule
  3. Select the Location to assign a Timezone. Eg: Canada
  4. Choose your posting days and times
  5. Click on Save

New Statusbrew Category tool

You can create a list of categories to schedule your posts for different Timezone and Audience.

Choose any category from this list while creating your social posts or uploading your CSV. Now watch your posts get published with ease and without any interruption.

New Statusbrew Category list
Note: When you assign a Category to a post, the first post is schedule for the first available posting time.


The Planner provides you with a complete timeline of all your scheduled and your published content. You will be able to see how your content is planned out over a specific time period and which of your published posts gave you the most engagement.

In the Planner section, you can find all your content.


Once you have created your posts, scheduled them and uploaded your csv then you would be able to view, analyze and track your posts strategically. You can see how your posts are beautifully arranged and posted.


New Statusbrew Scheduled

  • You can view your posts scheduled for different social networks with posting times
  • Choose to see any of your profile by filtering it
  • Perform actions like Edit, Delete and Post Now
  • Recheck your posts and schedule time



  • You can view posts that are successfully published on your social networks
  • Choose to see any of your profile by filtering it
  • You can also go to the post directly by clicking on the open icon beside the Post Time
  • Track your Tweet interaction with respect to Retweet and Favourites readily


New Statusbrew Failed

  • Here you’ll see all the posts that were not Published
  • Analyze your errors and stay aware of them in future

Being able to manage social media efficiently by saving valuable time is necessary in this competitive world. There is more that Statusbrew has to offer with it’s new version. We’re still in Beta so every suggestion and feedback is welcome. If you have anything to say, we’re listening! Drop us a line at support@statusbrew.com or Tweet us @Statusbrew. If you haven’t yet tried the new design yet, try it here.

Mohamed Sikandar G

Content Developer

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