Top 10 Must Have eCommerce Marketing Tools

Jun 10, 2021 13 min read

9 out of 10 marketers use more than one form of marketing tool to automate workflow.

As an eCommerce store owner, you can’t do everything under the sun to scale your business. You need to automate several marketing tasks that would free up time to devise an effective marketing strategy.

Automating several functions will make the marketing processes run smoothly and improve the quality of your services.

eCommerce marketing is an ongoing quest. If there’s no marketing, there would be no sales. eCommerce marketing tools assist you with business growth by streamlining the processes and scaling revenue. These tools will allow you to take control over marketing strategy without manually checking on every aspect.

The eCommerce marketing tools will also provide you with data to create marketing campaigns that are tailored to your audience’s needs. This guide provides you with an exhaustive list of eCommerce marketing tools available that could make a real difference to your business. Most of these eCommerce marketing tools come with free trials, so you can take a dry test run to make better-informed decisions.

Statusbrew - A Social Media Marketing Tool

Social media posting and engagements are essential for eCommerce businesses to build the foundation of their brand. For that, you need to be in regular contact with the audience on social media platforms.

You need to post and regularly engage across all social media platforms. The trouble with posting and engaging regularly is that it is time-consuming. That’s where Statusbrew can assist you efficiently by centralizing all your social media activities.

Key Features

  • Statusbrew allows you to create and schedule multiple posts for different social media networks and profiles with a single click.
  • Statusbrew helps you delegate conversation to teammates based on keywords.
  • It also helps you to get rid of unwanted and spam comments on ads & posts.
  • By deriving extensive performance reports, it assists you in making smarter choices to understand what type of content generates more engagement from your audience.
  • Statusbrew's asset library stores and maintains a repository of your high-quality product images and videos. You can quickly choose product visuals from the stored content for creating posts and schedule it with a single click.



  • Statusbrew provides a free trial for 14 days for marketing & support teams that need better automation and analytics.
  • After a free trial, Statusbrew's pricing starts at $129.00 per month.
  • Details of pricing can be accessed from here.

Zendesk - A Customer Service Software Tool

58 % of people stop doing business with a company owing to poor customer experience.

Not just that, 60% of customers feel that long wait times are the most frustrating parts of a customer experience. Hence, you need a handy tool to manage customer conversations across several platforms and provide support at the earliest.

Learn more How To Provide Great eCommerce Customer Service

Zendesk is your go-to tool for customer service. Using Zendesk, you can set up a 24/7 online service portal, online communities, and FAQ searches. Customers can raise their queries in the form of tickets.

Key Features

  • Easy to integrate with social media apps such as Statusbrew that provides multi-channel support service and seamlessly facilitates communication between you and your customers.
  • Templates can be saved with the client's name and information to be used later in tickets.
  • Using the templates, it becomes easy to answer several tickets at the same time.
  • Messaging features create personalized messages for customers, provides a continuous conversation across different platforms, and allows customers to help themselves using bots and asking for agent support only when required.
  • Monitor trends like which issue is being raised by most of the customers and time taken for resolving different tickets using performance reports.
  • Collects all customer tickets at one place and routes ticket to the best available agent according to their expertise so that each customer has an excellent experience.
  • Automatically queues the tickets based on their sensitivity, so the most essential and urgent tickets are resolved first.


Image Source: Zendesk


  • Zendesk offers a free trial of 30 days.
  • After the free trial, Zendesk charges $49 per agent per month billed annually for a single help center and $79 per agent per month billed annually for multiple help centers.
  • Details of pricing can be accessed from here.

eCommerce Marketing Tools #3: Crazy Egg - A Product Page Optimization Tool

Retailers often remain confused as to why visitors of their website are not converting. Crazy Egg spots the reason for visitors leaving your website and shares information about how to optimize your product pages for a better customer experience.

Key Features

  • The overlay tool shows the number of clicks on all elements of your page. You get to know where on your website customers are most clicking and how they are converting. This will assist you in optimizing your pages without asking your customers directly.
  • You can record the user session on your website to see how your visitors are browsing your website. This will help you identify the obstacles faced by your customers while navigating your website.
  • Heat maps show where users click on a website and scroll maps allow knowing how much of a page a user views/scrolls before leaving the website.
  • These features will pinpoint the specific opportunities of how the product pages can be optimized to produce better outcomes.
  • Based on these challenges, optimize your website design for purchases and subscriptions by using the A/B testing tool without the help of a developer.

Crazy Egg

Image Source: Crazy Egg


  • Crazy Egg offers a free trial of 30 days.
  • After the free trial, Crazy Egg charges $24 per month billed annually for a basic plan and $49 per month billed annually for a basic plan. However, their most popular plan is the plus plan charged at $99 per month billed annually.
  • Details of pricing can be accessed from here.

Prisync - A Pricing Software For eCommerce

Customers want the best products at the least possible rate. Customers check the price of the same product on several platforms before they resort to purchasing. Hence, it becomes essential for your eCommerce brand to track your competitor’s prices to stop your customers from going to them.

Prisync does the automatic tracking of your competitor’s product price. This eCommerce marketing tool assists you in deciding the most optimum pricing that will drive sales and increase your revenue. It also comes with direct Magento and Shopify integrations.

Key Features

  • You need to add your competitor’s URL and the products to get started.
  • Prisync will then do the price research and display everything in an organized dashboard to see where you stand.
  • This eCommerce marketing tool supports about 44 currencies; hence the pricing data will be converted to your currency to avoid the hassle of conversion, thus making it easier for you to compare the prices.
  • It has no limit on the number of competitors to be tracked; neither would your competitors come to know that you are following their pricing strategy.
  • The prices are updated four times a day and it also sends daily reports with price change alerts for you to stay updated with the competitor’s price.
  • This eCommerce marketing tool detects pricing of product variants as well, and you are notified every time your competitors make a price change.
  • It also notifies you when products become out of stock in your competitor’s store so that you can derive more sales by gaining an edge over your competitors during such times.


Image Source: Prisync


  • Prisync offers a free trial of 14 days.
  • After the free trial, Prisync charges $59 per month for a professional plan that allows adding up to 100 products and $129 per month for a professional plan that allows adding up to 1000 products. The platinum plan charged at $229 per month allows adding of up to 5000 products.
  • Details of pricing can be accessed from here.

LoyaltyLion - A Loyalty Programs Tool

One of the most effective ways to build up on sales is by focusing on customer retention. Customer retention allows you to sustain your business growth without having to spend much.

By implementing loyalty programs, eCommerce owners not just benefit their customers but also themselves. The award-winning platform, LoyaltyLion, allows retailers to encourage repeat purchases by rewarding their customers based on several activities.

Key Features

  • LoyaltyLion creates customizable rewards programs that reward your customers for performing specific purchasing actions.
  • Customers can be rewarded when they leave product reviews, when they refer their friends, or points can be awarded for social media mentions and shares.
  • By rewarding your customers, you create a purchase cycle and encourage your customers to continue returning to your store.
  • This eCommerce marketing tool provides you with statistics that let you know how you rank against your competitors for loyalty programs.
  • It also provides details of your customer's purchase activity such as their purchase frequency, and their total amount spent that ascertains if you are investing in the correct loyalty program.
  • When implementing a new loyalty program, you also get to know which of your loyal customers are at the risk of not returning, which helps you make informed decisions.
  • You can target specific areas of customer engagements, and LoyaltyLion can recommend how you can increase customer engagements.
  • Your customers can be notified of available rewards with an on-site loyalty notification.


Image Source: LoyaltyLion


  • LoyaltyLion offers a free trial of 14 days.
  • After the free trial, LoyaltyLion charges $399 per month for a classic plan, $699 per month for an advanced plan, and $1500 per month for a plus plan.
  • Details of pricing can be accessed from here.

Triberr - A Content Marketing Tool

Several eCommerce brands have great content on their social media page, but it doesn’t reach the correct audience. Triberr ensures that your content reaches wider social networks. The reach is achieved with the help of professional influencers and bloggers who are experts in a tribe and whose recommendations are looked upon by their tribe.

They have the potential to increase social shares by engaging with a more prominent social presence. The main idea of Triberr is to integrate influencers who form a solid team to expand their social presence to ensure a wider reach.

Key Features

  • This eCommerce marketing tool lets your content reach more people and drive traffic to it by getting it shared and recommended by influencers and bloggers.
  • Leverage other influencer’s social audience and grow your social following by getting your content shared by other bloggers and influencers in their tribe.
  • Build a network of like-minded people as a tribe to leverage each other's influence.
  • Discover what kind of content your tribe wants to see from you and curate relevant content around it.
  • Measure the social reach of your content by monitoring the number of clicks on your post and by tracking which tribe mate has shared your content.
  • Be socially active by distributing content across several platforms. Set a sharing frequency, assign the social accounts to be used for sharing, and fill up your queue with content to publish on different social accounts.


Image Source: Triberr


  • Triberr offers most of its features free for everyone.
  • However, if you want to form a total of 7 tribes, each allowing up to 50 members, you need to choose the lite plan billed at $20 monthly, and if you want a total of 21 tribes, each allowing up to 75 members, you need to select the prime plan billed at $50 monthly.
  • Details of pricing can be accessed from here.

Nutshell - A Customer Relationship Management Tool

The ultimate goal of eCommerce marketing remains to convert leads into your customers. However, this process is very complex and hard to handle. Nutshell is designed to simplify the journey to convert leads into customers quickly as a customer relationship management tool.

Key Features

  • Prepare a perfect sales process to auto-assign leads to your teammates that will minimize the chances of losing essential leads.
  • Manage your pipeline by three different views that are the board, list, or map view to monitor different stages of pipelines and see what next has to be done.
  • As soon as you add a lead, it extracts several lead data to reduce your manual processing time.
  • Prepares customizable reports that give you an insight into your business for easy measurement of performance and pinpoint improvement.
  • Tracks your sales performance, team’s productivity, and forecast sales, and download charts for analysis within the click of a button.
  • Stores customer interaction and team communication in a nutshell to make team collaborations hassle-free.
  • Based on your CRM data, creates a custom audience, sends marketing emails to thousands of leads at once, and instantly tracks the results of your message and instantly track the impact of your messages.


Image Source: Nutshell


  • Nutshell offers a free trial for 14 days.
  • After the free trial Nutshell charges, $19 per user per month billed annually for a starter plan and $35 per user per month billed annually for a pro plan.
  • Details of pricing can be accessed from here.

Segmentify - A Customer Experience Personalization Tool

Your customers won’t be interested in purchasing from your eCommerce store if you just show them the available products in your store. You need to show them the products of their interest to convert them into your paying customers. Today’s eCommerce store owners struggle to increase their conversion rate, which remains at 2.27% (Average conversion rate as of January 2021).

Segmentify creates a personalized shopping experience for each of your website visitors, thus increasing your conversion rate. Using machine learning technology, they craft a tailor-made customer experience using which your customers can't resist leaving your site without shopping. Segmentify has helped its clients to boost their average order value by almost 30%.

Key Features

  • Personalized email notifies customers of updates in their interested products and push notifications updates them about the availability of products that were earlier out of stock.
  • Predicts the customer's product preferences when they visit your website and shows the products of their interest, thus boosting instant sales.
  • Creates personalized product recommendations according to individual customer preferences by analyzing your site to combine personal interests, top-performing products, and buyer behavior.
  • Creates cross-sell opportunities as whenever a customer puts one product in their cart, it immediately recommends another one.
  • Performs conversion analysis by identifying the products which your customers most purchase to allocate more budget to them.
  • Decreases bounce rates by showing similar products to customers according to their past purchases.


Image Source: Segmentify


  • Segmentify offers a free trial for 14 days.
  • After the free trial, Segmentify’s charges for the entry plan start at £749 per month.
  • Details of pricing can be accessed from here.

AuthentiPix - An Instagram Marketing Tool

People like to talk and share on social media about the products they are shopping for and their experience with them. eCommerce brands encourage this initiative of their customers by preparing a brand hashtag and putting out user-generated content.

Word of mouth marketing still remains one of the most trusted marketing techniques. If your best customers share on Instagram how they are using your products, add it to your website to encourage your leads.

AuthentiPix brings Instagram content where your customers are talking about your product. You get to choose which customer's image/carousel of your product would be displayed on your website. When your customers become your brand advocates, it encourages potential customers to buy from your website.

Key Features

  • Creates a new campaign for you to start approving images for a widget linked to the Instagram account or the hashtag selected.
  • You can create three kinds of widgets: carousel widgets, full-page and grid widget, and a single random image widget.
  • Carousel widgets are used mainly by eCommerce store owners to display content in a single row that slides horizontally.
  • As the name indicates, the full-page and grid widget view displays several Instagram content spread in a grid format over the entire page.
  • To highlight a single image from a campaign over individual product pages, a single random image widget can be used.
  • The full-page Instagram widget can also be added to your main navigation.
  • This eCommerce marketing tool works excellent for visual brands such as lifestyle brands and fashion retailers.


Image Source: AuthentiPix


  • AuthentiPix offers a free trial for 7 days.
  • After the free trial, AuthentiPix charges $10 per user per month.

ConvertedIn - An Ad Automation Platform

A huge chunk of traffic on your website comes from paid ads. Running a cold campaign will increase your cost per click and thus decrease your ROI. Here ConvertedIn as an ad automation platform can segment your audience profile to create an audience base for targeting.

Key Features

  • The intelligent AI algorithm collects customer data from several touchpoints.
  • Creates segments of customers like high value, people likely to purchase based on customer’s purchase behavior.
  • The innovative AI-based tool creates specific ad campaigns based on the behavior of customer segments created.
  • Such ad campaigns have more probability of generating high ROI as they are customized according to customer purchase behavior.
  • These campaigns have the possibility to increase brand awareness as they are data-driven, avoiding any kind of guesswork.
  • This eCommerce marketing tool manages enormous ad campaign data flow, minimizing the chances of human error and increasing the profits gained from the campaign.


Image Source: Convertedin


  • ConvertedIn offers a free trial for 14 days.
  • After the free trial, ConvertedIn charges $99 per month for the starter plan and $499 per month for the medium plan. The medium plan also provides premium data source support and monthly ad consultation from experts.
  • Details of pricing can be accessed from here.

Let's Wrap Up

By incorporating these tools within your eCommerce marketing strategy, the mundane tasks can keep operating smoothly without much of your involvement for driving effective results. Thus, as a business owner, you can devote more time to grow your company and increase revenue by formulating the correct eCommerce marketing strategy. Not just that, these tools provide you with several analytical data that can be useful to make informed decisions.

Statusbrew is a social media management platform that integrates all your social media efforts to help you run seamless social media campaigns, track engagement, and derive analytical reports.

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