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Statusbrew is a refreshingly fast & beautiful social media management platform. It's full of features you didn’t know you needed but you won’t be able to live without.

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Social Media Scheduling Tools

Reach 2x more people without spending any extra time.

Statusbrew simplifies content planning, helping your team distribute more & better content from one simple dashboard.

  • Schedule & auto publish Reels, Shorts, Stories, and Threads with a single click.
  • Straightforward calendar for internal/external collab and easy approvals on web/mobile.
  • One-click reports for detailed post insights, campaigns’ performance, and more.
Shareable Calendars illustration

Shareable Calendars

Share social media content with users outside Statusbrew. They can view, comment, and suggest edits on scheduled posts.

Approval workflow process illustration

Approval Workflows

One platform for managing all your communications. Collaborate with your team or client directly beside each post.

Bulk scheduling with CSV support illustration

Smart Bulk Scheduling

Create and schedule weeks of social media posts in bulk with CSV uploads. Stay on top of your campaigns and keep clients aligned with our intuitive planner.

BrewLink In Bio illustration

BrewLink in Bio

You can now transform your Instagram bio into a clickable grid mirroring your posts, each with its unique link. Easily add links to past and future posts directly via Statusbrew.

Switching Platforms? Let Us Handle The Burden Of Migration

  • → Import all your reporting, post & conversation data
  • → Move with confidence - Statusbrew is SOC 2 & GDPR compliant
Community Engagement Tools

Engage Inbox, one home for everything social.

Statusbrew's engagement tools drastically reduce your team's response times with smart filtering and quick replies.

  • Reduce the chaos with a unified inbox for all organic/paid social media interactions.
  • Auto-route messages with buying intent & customer complaints to the right team.
  • Auto-moderate negative comments, trolls, bots, imposters across social.
Auto comment moderation illustration

Auto Hide All Comments

You can auto-hide all new comments across your Facebook/Instagram pages with one click. Review hidden comments and unhide only those you want others to see.

Collision detection illustration

Team Collab

Route conversations to the right team members and leave notes to keep everyone updated. See live updates in the inbox when teammates view or reply to messages.

Illustration of Social listening for X (Twitter), Instagram and Reddit

Social Listening

Easily build queries to track conversations around key topics, competitors, and campaigns.

Salesforce and HubSpot integration illustration

CRM Integrations

Consolidate contacts from Salesforce/Hubspot and Statusbrew to give the team a single, integrated view of customer inquiries.

Thumbnail for Social Media  Reports video
Social Media Analytics Tools

Get answers to your biggest social media questions.

Choose from tons of ready-made reporting templates, or build your own with endless customization options. Get 18 months data backfill and lifetime retention.

  • Get multi-dimensional data from 20+ social and reputation channels to understand a single post and the bigger picture.
  • Get fully customized reports and auto-export, or share them with your team, manager, and stakeholders.
  • Understand competition and compare heads-on against each other.
Illustration of Widget builder

Widget Builder

Build your own reports with 230+ Metrics. That's insights on every single like, comment, click, message, and more.

Illustration of SLA reporting widget

Team Reports

Analyze your team’s response time, handling ratio, SLA %age, and other collaboration insights with the Team Report.

Illustration of competitor analysis widget

Competitor analysis

Benchmark against your direct competitors or industry leaders to compare audience growth, engagement and content performance.

Exporting reports illustration

Share With Ease

Automatically delivered on a daily, weekly, monthly, or customized schedule to internal or external recipients. Choose what you want and how you want it to be exported.

Integrated partner ecosystem

Increase team efficiency, make customers happier, and do a lot more by connecting your social and reputation stack with Statusbrew.

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Customer Testimonials

Teams choose Statusbrew to drive impactful social media strategies, engage their audience, and accelerate growth.

One of the things that we've been really happy about Statusbrew is that we can closely work with their team and if there's any feature that we need or any issue, they've always been glad to help us!

Gonçalo Santos

Creator Partnerships Manager

Statusbrew gives us the ability to manage our engagement across multiple markets efficiently. With our diverse range of languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish, this tool helps divide and handle the interactions within each market effectively.

Vladimir Trofimov

Community Manager

We've struggled to handle hundreds of comments per day manually. We've tried lots of platforms, but none of them could handle answering comments on Dynamic Ads...until we found Statusbrew!

Kimberly Shearer

Head Of Marketing

Statusbrew helps keep post quality and consistency high, as well as ensuring that the proper approval process is always followed. It makes social really convenient.

Nathan Upchurch

Head of Operations (Chicago)

Illustration of Statusbrew product evolution

What is Statusbrew?

Statusbrew is a social media management platform focused on speed and simplicity. The platform is geared to help you and your team spend the least time on social/Statusbrew.

  • 7 profitable (bootstraped) & responsible years in business.
  • 99.72% historical uptime, with full transparency.
  • Ridiculously fast & fun customer service.
  • Best price-to-value ratio (Top SMM Tools comparison)
  • 1:1 Alternative to Sprout Social
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