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Get started faster.

Start exploring insights with one click with use-case & industry-specific templates and automated reports that flatten the learning curve.

  • Templates that cover all data from meta business suite, creator studio, and your current platform.
  • From a single post to the bigger picture, get aggregated data from 20+ social and reputation channels.
  • Fully customizable, keep the things you need, not everything we have.
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"It makes us look good in front of decision makers"

And share with confidence.

All the reports can be easily shared or exported as presentation-ready files to share with your stakeholders.

  • Automatically delivered on daily, weekly, monthly, or on a customized schedule to internal or external recipients.
  • Extract only the most relevant metrics and data as CSVs or bring them into your organization’s databases.
  • Create & share an interactive live link for any of your reporting dashboards.
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For Marketers

Measure content performance across channels to gain a clear picture of what’s working, and what isn’t.

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Gonçalo Santos

We can bring all of the insights on a page together and remove the non-important ones. So, what we have now is one big report that is easy to read and gives us all the key performances that we need to look at daily or weekly.

Gonçalo Santos
Creator Partnerships Manager
"It gave me the tools I needed to uncover the why "

Turn questions into answers.

Choose from tons of ready-made reporting templates, or build your own with endless customization options using widgets. Export or share them live with team members & clients.

  • 230+ Metrics. That's insights on every single like, comment, click, message, and more.
  • Break data down on the basis of networks, channels, labels, type, geography, sentiment and more.
  • Define target lines and formatting options for clear goal tracking.
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For Community Managers

Analyze the entire landscape of your social messages using presentation-ready reports.


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